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Individual software anytime organizer deluxe 14

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableIndividual Software Anytime Organizer Deluxe 14 List Price : $39.99 Price : $19.86 Average Customer Rating 4.0 out of 5 Product Feature q Software with all the tools you need to organize your personal and professional life q Calendar, to-do list, address book, and notebook combined into a simple, familiar interface q Organize your calendar for work, personal, or other groups and filter to view one at a time q 3,000+ printable layout design combinations; expense reports, password organizer, world clocks and timers q Synchronize with Google, Outlook, and your mobile device; helpful alarms, to-do lists, and more q Read moreProduct DescriptionAll the tools you need to organize your calendar to-do list and address book are bined in a familiar interfacewith hundreds of printable calendars expense reports and the ability to synchronize with Outlook Google andmost mobile devices.Features: IMPROVED! AnySync: Synchronize with Outlook Google and most mobile devices.Simplify Your Life & Save Valuable Time: All the powerful tools you need to organize your personal andprofessional life! With a simple and familiar interface thousands of printable calendars sticky notes andsynchronization with your mobile device you ll have everything you need. Powerful Features for theProfessional in You: Get more printing layouts than any other organizer over 2500 impressive designs! Changestyles instantly with 15 new one-click themes or create your own design. Print to paper organizers or send aPDF to others. Build Your Personal & Business Relationships: Keep your contacts at your fingertips. AnyTimeOrganizer offers you the easiest way to stay organized and in touch with the important people in your businessand personal life. New Ways to Stay Organized & On Time: AnyTime reminds you of important events in newways so you ll never be late again. Set alarms that play your favorite MP3 song add sticky note reminders toyour desktop even send a text message to your phone right before events occur. Easy Complete & Works theWay You Do: Take advantage of the many ways to customize AnyTime to fit your needs. You ll find more waysto personalize your schedule to-do list address book and print layouts than any other organizer. Sticky Notes:Save reminders to your desktop in your favorite colors. Themes: Over 2500 new templates for calendars to-dolists and address books printouts.System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 Vista or XP. Pentium PC or higher.35 MB hard disk space. CD-ROM drive. 800 x 600 16 Bit display or higher. Remended: S Read moreProduct DescriptionAnyTime Organizer Deluxe 14
  2. 2. AnyTime Organizer provides all the tools you need to organize your personal and professional life. Yourcalendar, to-do list, address book, and notebook are combined into a simple and familiar interface with over3,000 printable layout design combinations, expense reports, password organizer, world clocks and timers, andthe ability to synchronize with Google, Outlook, and your mobile device. Color code different areas of yourlife--work, personal, other--then view your appointments, contacts, to-dos, and more for those areas separatelyor at the same time.The user-friendly interface, shown for the DayPlanner.CalendarsGet Organized & Take Control of Your LifeOrganize your calendar for work, personal, or other groups and filter to view one at a time. Schedule events,calls, tasks and appointments, and avoid conflicts.q View your schedule and appointments by day, week, month, and yearq Add recurring events and meetingsq Simply drag-and-drop to rescheduleq Create a PDF of any layout and e-mail your schedule to othersq Organize one or multiple calendars all in one placeCalendar AlarmsSet alarms to remind you of important events--so youll never be late!q Use MP3 music or choose from popular sounds as your alarm ring tonesq Snooze alarms by hours, days, or weeksq Send a text message to your phoneq Send yourself or others an e-mail reminder
  3. 3. Print monthly calendars. Print picturesyourself and add it to the calendar tocreate a perfect gift.Downloadable CalendarsAdd-in your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and NASCAR season schedule to your daily planner. Have funwith the Lunar Calendar, Famous Birthdays, International Holidays, and Word-of-the-Day.Accomplish More in Less TimeTo-Do ListsIncrease your productivity and get ahead. Prioritize and manage your To-Do lists, and accomplish tasks on time.q Check off To-Dos as completedq Record all of the things you have doneq Set deadlines or track untimed To-Dosq Prioritize and sub-prioritize your To-Dosq Keep important notes for each To-Doq Categorize your To-Dos by assigning to different groupsq View your completed vs. non-completed To-DosTo-Do AlarmsAlarms remind you of important To-Dos, tasks, and deadlines--so youll be able to prioritize, manage andaccomplish them on time.q Use MP3 music or choose from popular sounds as your alarm ring tonesq Snooze alarms by hours, days, or weeksq Send a text message to your phoneq Send yourself an e-mail reminder
  4. 4. Add colorful electronic Sticky Notes to yourdesktop!Sticky NotesPerfect for adding quick, colorful reminders to your desktop, electronic Sticky Notes is an easy way to manageimportant information.q One-click to add notes to your desktopq Visible while working in other applicationsq Keep phone numbers or tasks in front of youq Pin to your desktop behind your work or always keep on top of all other open windowsq Create notes in different sizes, colors, and fonts3,000+ Layout Designs to Print or Share With OthersMore layout designs! Over 3,000 impressive design combinations! Change styles instantly with 15 one-clickthemes or create your own design. Print to take on-the-go or share a PDF copy of it with friends, family, andco-workers.Layout DesignerTake advantage of exclusive layouts like Weekend Planner, 3-Day Travel Planner, and Tri-Fold Address Book,even if you use paper-based organizers. Print to popular day-planner sizes including 8.5" x 11", 5.5" x 8.5",3.75" x 6.75", and 3.5" x 6". Or, create a PDF of any layout and e-mail your schedule to others.*Now sync to Google and access your data from a desktop, from the web, and/or from your mobile deviceon-the-go. Google is safe, FREE, and transparent so that any mobile device that syncs with Google can syncwith AnyTime. No need to check the web. Your data is right there on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, orother mobile device!Build Relationships & Get ResultsAddress Book & ContactsKeep a detailed record of every contact. Remember birthdays and anniversaries—even prepare a holiday cardmailing.q Keep a history of meetings, tasks, and notesq Simply drag-and-drop to schedule callsq Date and time stamps are added automaticallyq Add photos for each person as a quick visualBirthdays, Anniversaries, & Special Date Alarmsq Keep track of dates for special events tied to each contact.
  5. 5. q Set alarms for them within your calendar, and youll never forget a special event!NEW! Modern syncing technology toyour desktop, web, and mobile!*Mobile SyncSeamlessly transfer and share contact and calendar information between AnyTime, Google, Microsoft Outlook,and your mobile device. Sync data with Google, Outlook, Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets,Windows Phone 7, Nokia Symbian, Palm Pre, Blackberry Touch/Storm, and other popular mobile devices.*Driving DirectionsGet maps and driving directions for any listing in your address book. Supported mapping programs include:q Mapquest Mapsq Yahoo! Mapsq Google Mapsq Bing MapsImport & ExportEasily and reliably switch from any other program. Imports data seamlessly from Microsoft Outlook, Sidekick,Lotus Organizer, Day-Timer Organizer, previous versions of AnyTime, and other organizers.q Import addresses, phone numbers, and contactsq Sync your calendar, contacts, and to-do listsThe Ultimate Collection of Organizational ToolsNotes, Daily Journal & DiaryJot down miscellaneous notes, keep recipes, lists, and records in one place, and write a daily journal or diary inyour Notebook.q Keep a bulleted list of goals, books to read, restaurants to visit, etc.q Write a daily journal or diary with automatic date and time stampsAnyTime ClocksEnhance your desktop with new interactive clocks and timers. Unlimited number of clocks and timers can beused at once. Popular uses for clocks and timers include:
  6. 6. q World Clock: Quick glance to see what time it is in another time zone so that you dont miss a scheduled appointment. Keep track of the date or time anywhere in the world.q Elapsed Timer: Time important events. Capture billable time. Monitor time spent on the phone or on a specific task.q Countdown Timer: Countdown to important events. Keep meetings on task and on time. Track different cooking times with multiple clocks at once.Read moreYou May Also LikeAnytime Organizer Deluxe 12StatTrak Address ManagerBusiness Plan Pro Complete v 12Living Cookbook 2011Windows 7 Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts - Laminated Card)