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Church trac church membership software cd rom (up to 100 names)


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Church trac church membership software cd rom (up to 100 names)

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableChurchTrac Church Membership SoftwareCD-ROM (Up to 100 Names) List Price : Price : $9.99 Average Customer Rating out of 5 Product Feature q Keep track of your people (members, prospects, children, etc.) q Keep track of groups and attendance, even print absentee labels and reports q Keep track of your contributions, pledges, budgets and finances q Create user-defined fields to track your own individual and family information q Print maps, reports, roll sheets, SHAPE ministry profiles, and more! q Read moreProduct DescriptionThis edition allows you to enter up to 100 names. Several other editions are also available, or you can purchasean unlock code to enter more names.ChurchTrac is a popular church membership database program for PCs. It allows you to keep track withvirtually every conceivable aspect of your church and ministry--everything from membership to money.ChurchTracs easy-to-use interface is divided into sections so you can quickly access the information yourelooking for.One of the things that makes ChurchTrac unique is that it is priced in tiers based on the number of names youneed to enter, and therefore can easy grow with your ministry. When your church outgrows the 100 nameedition, you can purchase an unlock code and immediately have the ability to enter up to 250, 500, 1000 orunlimited names. And you can quickly step up to the next tier at any time at discounted prices.Some of ChurchTracs features include:* Keep track of people and families within the church;* Assign pictures and print picture directories;* Record important membership-related dates;* Keep a record of guests, prospects, and follow-up efforts;* Print mail labels, letters, reports, and send email;* Keep track of attendance and follow-up on absentees;
  2. 2. * Record contributions and pledges; Keep up with calendar events and scheduling;* Customize the content of fields to fit the needs of each ministry;* Synchronize data between all your computers. With a ChurchTrac data sharing subscription, you can sharebetween all your computers--including computers in multiple locations--using ChurchTracs data sharing service(this is an optional feature that requires an extra subscription). Read more