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Electric Vehicle Council - Membership Information


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The Electric Vehicle Council is the national body representing the emerging electric vehicle industry in Australia.

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Electric Vehicle Council - Membership Information

  1. 1. Membership
  2. 2. 1.0 Introduction ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 1
  3. 3. About the Electric Vehicle Council The Electric Vehicle Council is the national body representing the electric vehicle industry in Australia. Representing members involved in providing, powering and supporting electric vehicles, our mission is to accelerate the electrification of road transport for a sustainable and properous Australia. By engaging and building coordination across market participants, governments and consumers, our work is aimed at supporting the greater uptake of electric vehicles. As the market is emerging in Australia, our work is particularly aimed at driving initial demand in order to increase model choice and investment in supporting infrastructure. We have brought together a broad coalition of representatives from Australian industry; together our achievements include: • Established as a national body representing major automotive, energy, infrastructure, consumer and research sectors in 2016 -- Launched The Path Forward for Electric Vehicles in Australia with ClimateWorks Australia, in response to the Federal Government’s Vehicle Emissions Discussion paper, calling on government to support a nationally co-ordinated approach to support the move from petrol and diesel, to electric cars. • Releases the inaugural State of Electric Vehicles in Australia report, benchmarking progress on government policies, sales, consumer attitudes and charging infrastructure rollout • Briefing governments on the introduction of infrastructure, incentives and regulation • Raising awareness of industry issues through media and conference profiling • Established ongoing advisory role to government electric vehicle policy and operational initiatives ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 2
  4. 4. Behyad Jafari Chief Executive, Electric Vehicle Council Recognising that the success of electric vehicles in Australia requires a co-ordinated, collaborative and consistent effort across multiple industries, the role of Chief Executive serves to facilitate and advocate on behalf of the electric vehicle industry. Behyad is an experienced industry advocate; having advised Ministers, companies, non-profits on strategic initiatives. As a respected adviser, Behyad has strong networks and insights into the Australian political, industry and media landscape. Board of directors Executive Structure steering committee working group (charging) working group (Fleet) working group (Incentives) working group (Awareness) ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 3
  6. 6. Objectives The Electric Vehicle Council Work Plan is structured around three key project objectives, with the specific deliverables determined through an ongoing partnership process: • Engage stakeholders across the EV ecosystem in Australia and improve industry coordination • Identify and support market facilitation initiatives that promote EV adoption • Raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of EVs with decision makers Our Work Pre-planning - Complete Through research and engagement we have identified the primary market barriers preventing uptake of electric vehicles. Leveraging the success of international jurisdictions, we have developed a plan designed to drive the initial market and ensure the appropriate long-term success of the EV market. Stage 1 – Reaching critical mass Over the next three years: • Aggregating an initial demand of EV sales via fleet deployment initiatives • Seeking short-term policy incentives and emissions standards to encourage uptake • Develop industry standards and policies to ensure a compatible regulatory eco-system • Develop demonstration projects to provide proof-of-concept and incentivise greater investment • Encourage and guide investment in Australia’s EV industry Stage 2 – Maturity Ongoing representation of an established EV industry High cost of purchase lack of model choice tech concerns Lack of awareness Tax incentives Vehicle emissions standards Charging infrastructure incentives Stamp duty and registration cost exemptions Industry co-ordination advocacy ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 5
  7. 7. Agenda What we do Policy Priorities Short-term exemptions and reductions to: • Fringe Benefit Tax • Stamp Duty • Registration Co-ordinate and incentivise charging infrastructure Introduction of strong CO2 emissions standards • Including ‘super credits’ scheme for ultra-low emissions vehicles Awareness Raising Increase awareness and interest by corporate and government decision makers Engaged, connected and informed industry Increased consumer awareness and support Correcting misconceptions Industry collaboration Increasing investment in the Australian EV industry Co-ordinated roll out of new commercial and demonstration projects, including: • Charging infrastructure • Public and shared transport initiatives • Fleet procurement and operations Developing co-ordinated responses on policies and standards Market Facilitation Developing and supporting demonstration projects to provide proof-of-concept for investment Demand and supply aggregation Connecting investment, ideas and opportunities ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 6
  8. 8. Program How we do it Policy Priorities Advocacy to key decision makers at Federal and State level regarding key barriers and actions required. Industry policy development through working groups Events, workshops and briefings Awareness Raising Fleetdeploymentdemonstrationprojectstoidentifykeybarriers,sharelessonslearnedandraiseEVprofile Industry networking and promotional events Production of communications materials to inform stakeholders on EV benefits Best practice guidelines for the deployment of infrastructure across domestic, commercial and public use settings. Reporting and analysis on Australian EV industry Industry collaboration Engaging representatives from key stakeholder groups – including industry participants, and corporate and government decision makers Facilitate industry views on EV issues, priorities and actions required Coordinate and support industry initiatives (eg. plug standards, demonstration projects) Support industry input into policy and regulatory decision making Market Facilitation Aggregation EV demand through engagement with government and corporate fleet owners Connect OEMs and infrastructure providers with aggregated demand Guidance, supporting materials and templates for fleet operators to assist in EV procurement and deployment Encourage and connect investment opportunities to industry participants ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 7
  10. 10. Time to Act The electric vehicle industry is poised to achieve massive global uptake. In Australia, the industry can reach critical mass in the next 3-5 years, but is lacking the appropriate support and co-ordination. The Electric Vehicle Council aims to fill this gap, providing the certainty for a sustainable and prosperous road transport industry. Stage 1 – Reaching critical mass Globally, advances in technology coupled with increased investment are producing vehicles that can drive further distances at lower costs. The markets that have successfully encouraged the adoption of EV’s have done so through: • Short-term incentives to encourage initial uptake • Vehicle emissions standards • A co-ordinated roadmap for infrastructure deployment The Electric Vehicle Council’s three year plan seeks to bring these proven solutions to the Australian market through advocacy and industry collaboration. Why EVs matter • The success of the electric vehicle industry matters to Australia’s environment and economy. • Without electric vehicles, by 2030 carbon emissions from road vehicles will account for 92 Mt of CO2. • Our market obstacles are domestic, with solutions based on proven methods from international markets. Global EV industry figures Sales 695,000 12 month growth 55% 2017 projection 962,000 Investment $7.2bn Charging stations 326,000 ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 9
  11. 11. Membership sponsor - $50,000 + GST per year For companies and organisations seeking to display extraordinary leadership in driving the future of the electric vehicle industry in Australia. Sponsors are instrumental to the resourcing and success of initiatives delivered by the Electric Vehicle Council. Benefit from tailored partnership packages; developed to meet the goals and return on investment for your company or organisation’s objectives. Corporate - $15,000 + GST per year TheprimaryavenueformembershiptotheElectricVehicleCouncil.Forcompaniesandorganisationsinterestedin leadingtheefforttoacceleratetheelectrificationofroadtransport,forasustainableandprosperousAustralia. • Drivethepriorities&workoftheElectricVehicleCouncilthroughmembershipoftheSteeringCommittee • Accesstobriefingswithgovernmentandcorporatedecisionmakers • Shapeindustrypolicypositionsandsubmissions • PremiumbrandingplacementonCouncilwebsiteandcommunications • Accesstoleadershipprofilingopportunitiesviamediaandevents • AccesstoallWorkingGroups • SponsororhostCouncilactivities,eventsandprojects(feesmayapply) Membershipratediscountforgrowingcompanies TheElectricVehicleCouncilisproudtosupporttheopportunitiesininnovationandgrowththroughtheemergenceofan electricvehicleindustry.ThefollowingratesareavailabletoensurethevoicesofgrowingcompaniesintheAustralian electricvehicleindustryarerepresented. $2,000 +GSTperyear –Forcompanieswithanannualturnoverbetween$250kand$1m $1,500 +GSTperyear–Forcompanieswithanannualturnoverbelow$250k associate - $5,000 + GST per year Engage representatives from key stakeholder groups – including industry participants, and corporate and government decision makers. • Facilitate industry views on EV issues and actions required • Coordinate and support industry initiatives (eg. standards, demonstration projects) • Support industry input into policy and regulatory decision making Note on membership: The Electric Vehicle Council seeks to represent a broad diversity of voices across the Australian economy. To ensure our ability to carry out our work fairly and successfully, we respectfully require companies in the automotive and energy sectors to participate through the Sponsor or Corporate tiers of membership. ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU 10
  12. 12. Contact E: M: 0431 549 220 @EVCouncil ELECTRICVEHICLECOUNCIL.COM.AU