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How to do vocabulary cards 1st ESO


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Vocabulary cards

Published in: Education
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How to do vocabulary cards 1st ESO

  1. 1. How to make your vocabulary cards Teacher: Begoña Cristellys
  2. 2. Materials  You have to buy a package of striped cards  Size: 125x200  You will need:  Card  pencil  eraser  scissors  rule
  3. 3. steps 1.Take a card. 2. Measure half of the card and make a mark.
  4. 4. steps 3. Repeat the previous step along the card. Follow the stripes with the ruler. 4. Draw aline following the marks.
  5. 5. steps 5. Cut through the line you've drawn. 6. Now you have two smaller cards. Delete the remains of the line drawn with pencil.
  6. 6. steps 7. Follow this template to create all your vocabulary cards. 8.This is an example.
  7. 7. Tips!!  Only black and blue pens are allowed for words and definitions.  Use colored pencils or markers for your drawing.  The back of the card must be used to a new word.You will have less cards and make better use of your material.  Find a box to save all your vocabulary cards. Order them and keep them together with rubber bands.