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Course presentation 1st ESO


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Starting a new course

Published in: Education
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Course presentation 1st ESO

  1. 1. Geography and history 1º ESO Teacher: Begoña Cristellys
  2. 2. Presentation  Respect to the teacher, the classmates, the janitors, etc.  Place in the classroom: by list order.  Behavior: warning and punishment.  Exams: one or two each term, retake exam.  Homework: it will help you over come the exams.  Marks: exams, class notes, notebook, etc.  Projects: voluntary and compulsory ones.  Excursions: if we have enough time.
  3. 3. Notebook  Tidy and clear.  Well presented.  You have to correct the exercises.  Ring binder or traditional notebook?
  4. 4. Important note: signed by your parents.
  5. 5. Important note: signed by your parents.
  6. 6. Presentation
  7. 7. Presentation