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Social media from paid to earned


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Social media

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Social media from paid to earned

  2. 2. The  Rule  of  the  Game   ENGAGEMENT  
  3. 3. •  Have  a  purpose   •  Use  mul4ple  networks     •  Customize  your  message  to  the   network   •  Humanize  your  message   •  Respond  to  posi4ve  &  nega4ve   publicly   Success  in  Social  Media  
  4. 4. •  Create  a  Social  Media  Plan  &  Integra4on  &  Schedule   Golden  Rule  
  5. 5.     Research  and   analyse  your   company  targets   Define   Social  Media   Strategy   Give  life  to   your  company   in    Social   Networks   Start…  
  6. 6. •  Provide  useful  Content   •  Create  a  Dialog   •  Keep  listening     Listen  &   Understand   Analyze  &   IdenMfy   Engage  &   Interact   Philosophy  
  7. 7. 1.  Social  Media  account  management   • Account  set-­‐up  (blogs,  fun  pages,  forums  etc.)   • Account  management  (CreaMng  Content  and  ConversaMon)   2.  Monitoring   • Monitoring  what  is  said  about  the  company/brand  on  web   • ReporMng  of  the  results   3.  Social  media  markeMng     • Entertainment  markeMng:  gaming,  contest  etc…   • Campaings   • Viral  markeMng:  creaMng  stories  to  be  shared     4.  Digital  PR   • ReacMve:  AcMviMes  due  to  Media  Monitoring  results   • ProacMve:  Online  news  reporMng  to  news  sites  and  bloggers       Split  of  Services  
  8. 8. Select   Content   InformaMon   Entertainment   Select   Medium   Text   Picture   Video   Select   Channel   Social  Networks   CommuniMes   wikis   websites   Blogs   Tool  Set  
  9. 9. acqusa4on   conversion   rela4onship   conversion   permission   conversion   permission   capture   re  -­‐  permission   re  -­‐  permission   winback   winback   s4ckiness   alerts   transac4onal  cross  sell   repurchase   abandon   browse   replenishment   friend  to  friend   reviews   welcome   conversion   segmented   Social  CRM  
  10. 10. Convert  from  Paid  to  Owned  &  Earned   Paid   Owned   Earned   Print,  TV,  Magazine,   Radio,  Cinema,  Outdoor,   Banner,  Direct  mail,  Paid   Search,  in-­‐store  media   Brochure,  retail  stores,   company  websites,   community,  Facebook   fanpage,  Mobile  Apps   etc   Word  of  mouth,   Facebook,  Twi_er,   Youtube,  Istagram,  blogs,   forums   Strangers   Customers   Fans  
  11. 11. TEŞEKKÜRLER