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Conventions of a digipak


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Conventions of a digipak

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Conventions of a digipak

  1. 1. WHAT IS A DIGIPAK? • A digipak is a patented style of CD or DVD packaging. • They normally have a front and back cover with pictures and information about the music or film. • The inner packaging is made from card/paper and the outer packaging is made from plastic. • They are normally used on special editions and albums. • They became popular with artist and record labels in the early 200’s
  2. 2. FRONT • The front of Digipaks tend to have large eye catching pictures on them • The picture illustrated on the front panels tend to have some relation to the song or artist • The song/album title is also found on the front • Through the front cover, Digipaks become easily recognisable • The front cover picture is usually used to promote the album.
  3. 3. BACK The back of the album gives important information such as the: • Artist/album name • Barcode • Record label • Album artwork • Track list • Extra information
  4. 4. INSIDE • Inside a Digipak you can find the plastic holder for the actual CD itself. • A lot of plastic holders now day are see-through with another piece of album artwork behind which goes with the rest of the packaging. • You can also find inside the pack itself more information and possibly more art work to do with the disk • Extra information provided within the packaging would include the lyrics, artist information and personal messages.