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Paris Project


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Research project on Paris. They like to present it as a slide show.

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Paris Project

  1. 1. Paris – Un tour de Paris Année 9 Nom………………………………………….. Classe…………………….. Please deliver a project of a minimum of 800 words in English on the following: Paris 1. Find some information on Paris 2. Settle on one or two aspects of the city. 3. Use pictures to support your written work if you wish, but no more than six. 4. Use diagrams or statistics if you wish but you may not directly copy from anything. 5. Your thoughts, ideas and views need to be very clear. 6. The information needs to be current and up to date. 7. The main purpose of your project is to introduce this city as somewhere we should know or somewhere we should visit. 8. The project may be presented on paper or electronically. 9. Please cite sources and acknowledge pictures Criteria for assessment: Followed instructions French, if used, is correct and accurate English is correct, accurate and suited to task Facts are correct and accurate Presentation is clear and logically sequenced. Capacity to extrapolate information and discuss relevance to self, culture and current world is clear. Presentation counts but is not more important than the personal interpretation and information. Language: 5 MARKS Content: 10 MARKS Resources : 5 MARKS Presentation : 10 MARKS / 30