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E learning lesson plan


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A generic plan for e-learning

Published in: Education

E learning lesson plan

  1. 1. E-Learning Plan<br />Year:Subject:Prepared By:<br />Overview & PurposeWhat will be learned and why it is useful both at this stage of learning and in terms of skills transfersOutcomes Statements AddressedWhat national/state objectives are satisfied by this lesson.<br />Teacher GuideStudent GuideObjectives(Specify skills/information that will be learned and how it is relevant now and later.)Soft skills – interaction, communication, research,teamwork, leadership, ideas sharing, collaborationSpecific knowledge skillsIdentify learning gaps and needsCommunicate the resources needs Help othersEngage with othersMaterials Neededcomputerinternet accessapplicationsimagesvideosslide presentationswhite boardInformation(Give and/or demonstrate necessary information and create an atmosphere of motivation)Slide showsVideosDocs/ other filesImagesWeb sitesWeb researchImage collationHelp questionsApplicationsVerification(Steps to check for pupil understanding)Help deskShow and tell updatePlagiarism checkAsk questionsNo cutting and pasting from sitesUse an application to gather resources and notesKeep a list of picture and text resourcesOther ResourcesInternet sitesSpecific applications for learningSpecific applications for notetaking and research clipsSpecific applications for work deliverye-booksstreamed contentActivity(Describe the task to reinforce this lesson. Be clear as to where there can be collaboration and where there can’t.)Explain the taskIdentify what is to be learnedExplain where it can be flexible and personalExplain how the marks are allocated and whyClarify the expectationsMake a checklist for researchMake a checklist for completing the taskKeep notes of what you like and dislikeAsk for helpKnow where to get helpSummary(To ensure currency with delivery and approach)Expect students to complete the work and review it either anecdotally or with a feedback formAllow for more or less time with different groups and have strategies to back that upBe clear about what you are learningBe clear about the deadlineBe clear about how to ask for helpBe willing to share your ideasGive honest and fair feedbackAdditional NotesEmailChatDiscussionsMessage boards<br />