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Essay English-FNBE


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Essay English-FNBE

  1. 1. English(ENGL0105) Beelly Vun Vui Kiat( 0314654 ) Assignment 01 Now the day, mostly young people in this generation has facing many problem in their life journey, for example: Studies. But is it not just only happen in me or you. In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies. What do you think are the causes and effects of this condition? Every problem that we facing has a causes to cause the problem happen and also the effects after the problem happen. So let us to explore that step by step and I also will further explain about all the topic sentences about this problem and causes in all young people. Firstly, we are going talking about the time given for finish our assignments by lecturers is not enough for us. Because the assignments is giving out to us in the same time, so it cause us hard make decision, don’t know want to starting which subject’s project as well. Or we can say is doing half of this project and another half of another project. And the time giving is very short for one subject. Sometimes, the assignments need to pass up at the same time, that will make us more unconfident and stress. The effect of this causes Schizophrenia occurs at some young people. Meanwhile, it will make the students become stress about their assignments and also will losing their confident. Second, is about the assignments giving by lecturer is too hard and challenge. When we doing assignment, we feel that we need enough time to think about that because it was hard for us to completed our work as well. Meanwhile, some questions or the topic that giving by lecturer is too challenger and difficultly thinking how to do assignments. The effect that we facing from this causes is the students that can’t pass up their work at the time that giving by lecturer. That was causes students will getting a bad result for it. Also, students will become no confidence for doing their next assignments. Third, the assignments giving out by lecturers is too many to complete it. Because too many assignments for us is hard to done it and also we need quite enough time to finish it. Meanwhile, too many assignments giving out to us will make us feel stress and pressure. Otherwise, it was also making us can’t focus doing our work as well and also we will fee that lazy to do it. The effect of it is students will feel their not confident to getting higher grade in their assignments and also their will getting more lazy to doing their work as well. Conclusion for the whole essay is find the way to solve these problems of the younger, teachers and parents should change their attitude. There should be prepare a proper timetable and feedback from the student. We should always give goals and targets which is possible, not with many strain and stress. Mainly we have to consider the likes and dislike of the students and basis we have to approach with our plans and strategies. With this remedies surely we can make students to avoid stress in their studies.