Outsourced Workers: Why Managing Your Non-Strategic Workforce Should Matter [Webinar]


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Outsourced Workers provide services outside of the core competencies of an organization that are generally not time constrained. These services are usually bound by Master Service Agreements (MSAs) between the client and the supplier, and may include lawn maintenance, janitors, security guards, dining services, and more. Does your organization have a simple and streamlined way of tracking its service workers? If asked today to provide a list of all non-FTE workers who have access to your intellectual and physical property, could you provide that? Does your organization have a consistent onboarding and offboarding process for service workers?

Companies have found that they have measures in place to track and manage their full-time and contingent or temporary staff, but due to various and inconsistent tracking methods of their Outsourced Workers, it has created inaccurate headcounts and security risks across their organizations. Because companies are working with more service workers than ever before, Beeline’s Outsourced Workers solution can ensure those service workers are being properly on- and offboarded. This webcast will educate you on Outsourced Workers and what your organization can do to gain visibility while minimizing risk.

Presenter: Teresa Moore, Product Manager – Beeline

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