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  • Drugs

    1. 1. SHOULD AMERICA LEGALIZE STREET DRUGS? Exploring Persuasive Arguments Just click on underlined words to start the video. (assuming you have an internet connection)
    2. 2. MY SUMMARY I’m not sure if you want me to put the summary in here or if you just want me to present it without the slide.
    3. 3. THE HISTORY OF STREET DRUGS Relieving the past: Heroin in the 1970’s Calling for the Legalization of Cocaine in the 1990’s Who is Winning the War on Drugs? This is where Pinto starts presenting. These are your minor points, Pinto. The not as important ones?
    4. 4. BENEFITS OF ILLEGALITY Pinto, for this slide and the next t wo, I put the bold major point as the title of the slide and broke your major point content into smaller points to help you Less Hard-Drug Addicts remember what to say. More Effective than Drug Abuse Therapy More Difficult to Dissuade Users if it is Legal
    5. 5. THE ALCOHOL PROBLEM ∆ ⎮ - Major Point ⎮ - Major Point Content ∇ Alcohol abuse is much higher than that of cocaine and heroin Legalized drugs may cause more harm then illegal ones, socially Controlling expansion of cocaine and heroin is more so plausible than alcohol
    6. 6. SCIENCE AND ADDICTION Same Thing Maintaining addicts offers controlled testing Why pay for scientific testing on a legal substance?
    7. 7. WILSON’S THESIS What’s Wilson’s first name? Ha...I don’t have my book with me. “No one can know what our society would be like if we changed the law to make access to cocaine, heroin and PCP easier. I believe...that the result would be a sharp increase in use, a more widespread degradation of the human personality, and a greater rate of accidents and violence.” - Wilson
    8. 8. DISCUSSION QUESTION Is drug abuse a “victimless” crime?
    9. 9. DID YOU KNOW? An interesting fact will go here and again everytime an article is finished.
    10. 10. (MIEKE) SUMMARY Again, I don’t know if you want me to actually put the summary in here. If I do, do I need to make it myself or can you give me one?
    11. 11. IS THE WAR ON DRUGS MORE HARMFUL THAN HELPFUL? The use of informers - corruption Filling the prisons Disproportionate imprisonment of African Americans Destruction of inner cities Major points for Meike Compounding the harm to users Ill treatment of chronic pain Harming foreign countries
    12. 12. FRIEDMAN’S THESIS “The government has no right to prevent a responsible adult from becoming an alcoholic, drug addict, or committing suicide.” - Milton Friedman
    13. 13. DISCUSSION QUESTION Does society have to save people from themselves?
    14. 14. DID YOU KNOW? Another Here
    15. 15. RESPONSIBLE USE OF MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL Again, Kyle you gave me the summary, but do you want me to put in here? Also, I was gonna hyperlink the video to a word in the summary that correlates to the drug usage video. Summary (put video here)
    16. 16. POLICE PRIORITY Kyle, you’ll pretty much be presenting from now on. We’ll help, of course. Law enforcement resources should focus on truly serious crimes Destructive impact on lives, careers and families of those arrested
    17. 17. WON’T MARIJUANA BE ABUSED? This is true for all drugs Far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol
    18. 18. THE RESPONSIBLE USE OF MARIJUANA Adults Only No Driving Set and Settings Resist Abuse Respect the Rights of Others
    19. 19. STROUP’S THESIS “We do not suggest that marijuana is totally harmless or that it cannot be abused. That is true for all drugs, including those which are legal. We do believe that moderate marijuana us is relatively harmless -- far less harmful to the user than either tobacco or alcohol.” - Keith Stroup
    20. 20. DISCUSSION QUESTION Is marijuana use worse than that of tobacco or alcohol use?
    21. 21. LIBERALIZING DRUG POLICIES WOULD INCREASE CRIME AND VIOLENCE There needs to be another summary here.
    22. 22. INCARCERATION RATES ARE INCREASING BECAUSE OF DRUG LAWS In the US, 924,700 adults were convicted in 2000 1/3 of these people are drug offenders 1/3 of those people went to probation Later that year, 1,195,714 are imprisoned. 21% of those people are drug offenders
    23. 23. DRUG LAWS ARE NOT HARMFUL Officers claim that 60% to 80% of crime stems from substance abuse. The correlation of misbehavior of youths and substance use is equally high.
    24. 24. STRICT DRUG LAWS ARE NECESSARY 81% of child maltreatment cases were related to substance abuse. The NCASA at Columbia University estimates 7 in 10 cases of child abuse correlate to illegal drug abuse. Drugs drive crime
    25. 25. MCDONOUGH’S THESIS “Looking only at crime and drugs, it is apparent that drugs drive crime.” - James R. McDonough
    26. 26. THINK ABOUT IT “While it is true that no trafficers, dealers or manufacturers of drugs would be arrested if all drugs were legal, the same could be said of drunk drivers if drunken driving were legalized.”
    27. 27. WORKS CITED “Responsible Marijuana Use Should Be Legal”. Keith Stroup. Contemporary Issues Companion: Marijuana. Ed. Louise I. Gerdes. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2002.