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Steak - The Opportunity Ingredient for Foodservice


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The latest Usage and Volumetric Assessment of Beef in Foodservice, conducted by Technomic and funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, shows how operators can benefit by menuing steak as an ingredient. For more information, visit

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Steak - The Opportunity Ingredient for Foodservice

  1. 1. © 2015 Technomic Inc. Source: Volumetric and Usage Assessment of Beef in Foodservice, Technomic,2015© 2016 Technomic Inc.  43% of operators indicated that adding Sirloin Steak drove growth in product usage in 2015  Softening beef prices means there’s now more opportunity to get creative with Steak  Cross-utilize Steak cuts to build appeal across dayparts STEAK The Opportunity Ingredient Sirloin Bavette o A boneless muscle that requires tenderization o Marinate, cut against the grain in strips o Optimal preps: fajitas, French dip, Italian beef and Philly cheese steak sandwiches Tri-Tip o A tender, small cut that qualifies as lean o Profitable and full-flavored cut with minimal waste o Optimal preps: Mexican or barbecued beef, beef sandwiches, stroganoff, kabobs, breakfast dishes Chuck Tail Flap o A cut from the Chuck that lies next to the rib o Requires no tenderization or marination o Optimal preps: sliced thin for Asian specialties, shredded for use in appetizers, wraps, pizza Add Underutilized Beef Cuts to the Menu Underutilized beef cuts can help operators offer guests a satisfying Steak-eating experience at a lower price point.These three up-and-coming Steak cuts should be top-of-mind: Top trend—full-service and limited-service restaurants in multiple categories are using Steak to differentiate the menu in both traditional favorites and ethnic preparations: ON MENUS TODAY TRADITIONAL Bob Evans New Albany, OH Sirloin Steak & Farm Fresh Eggs ETHNIC P.F.Chang’s Scottsdale, AZ Beef a la Sichuan
  2. 2. © 2015 Technomic Inc. VOICE OF THE OPERATOR What’s behind the 9% net volume growth of shreds, cubes, strips and shaved beef? (2015) More than a third of operators added menu items where Steak or Roast was an ingredient © 2016 Technomic Inc. 35% 18% 18% 11% Added product to the menu Overall growth of the operation Increased consumer demand More promotion/marketing Top fast-casual and casual- dining chains are key growth channels for shreds, cubes, strips and shaved beef as premium components in traditional and ethnic offerings… Noodle bowls Tacos Sandwiches Skewers Ingredient Beef Purchases on the Rise Shredded, cubes, strips & shaved beef