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Laura Nuhaan, kerndocent Beeckestijn Business School, gaf tijdens MARCOM12 een inspirerende sessie over hoe Social Media je kan helpen ook salesdoelstellingen te bereiken!

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  • Andeta” Marketing sales innovation: Demand generation from lead to revenu, adjusting to new behavior: alignment and social selling 10 year sv
  • Pushing makes no sense any more
  • 60 % ONLINE. 60 % DIGITAL C LEVEL, 60 % WILL BECOME 85 % 75 % of inquiries through web MORE INFORMED, OWNS THE BUYING PROCESS 17 % of leads from social media Aberdeen
  • Leads that are not measured in revenu results are useless ACQUISTION, Existing
  • Sales-marketiing –css Unmeasured lead is useless
  • Want value.
  • Identify Digital behavior –Be visiible: you and company
  • IDENTIFY Classical BtoB Decission Making Unit: Electrical Design Engineers CFO Marketeers Procurement
  • Cloud computing Social SalesMaking social media part of sales not only 5 min twittering . Inside sales marketing department. YOU Have to make it easy Social Media Frame Work Programs: Intelligent Listening –Relevant Content Social media calendar (pre-written post and bit.luy links) RSS Feeds and hashtags for sales Personal touch: Option to customize/edit Linkedin posts and Tweets Use video chat, social accounts and personal pages (optimized for search) Share success stories to convince others within IBM
  • Policy but before that
  • Sprint wanted this program to be seen as a competitive advantage for the company; 1700 Employees-online reputation =reach!
  • LISTEN Ross VP of Business Development: Poor experience with Hoovers, tweeted for advise , Insideview was there first!
  • Ross VP of Business Development: Poor experience with Hoovers, tweeted for advise , Insideview was there first!
  • BigCommerce, a company that offers e-commerce shopping cart software, routinely reaches out to its Facebook fan base to identify reference customers and uncover interesting use cases for the media. For example, when the company wanted to promote the success of its recently launched Facebook shopping application, they simply posted a query on their page asking which customers had seen a boost in sales from the application and who would be willing to talk to the media. Within 24 hours, the company had generated fifteen new customer references and were able to immediately turn this information into media coverage.
  • CapGemini receives 4 to 8 leads from Blogs written by employees. First contact with IRS which resulted in a mega milllion deal through a blog.
  • Less expensive
  • Customer Satisfaction : ROI is what do you want to get out of it IBM more cost efficient : measure!
  • Presentatie marcom12 social_selling_laura nuhaan

    1. 1. Social SellingLaura Nuhaan, The Andeta Group @theandetagroup #socialselling June 14, 2012
    2. 2. Topics
    3. 3. Social Media continues to grow
    4. 4. The Buyer has Changed marketing . Marketing is moving further in the sales funnel than ever before
    5. 5.  Owns the buying processSome Facts  Leverages the social web  Expects immediate value 60 % 60 % 75 % 85 % 17 %
    6. 6. The Process Gap Process Lead Gap Sales Revenu Generation Process e Lead Scoring & Nurturing Over 90% of leads never close (Sirius decisions) 40 % of sales time spent in finding & (re)creating content (CMO) 90 % of marketing content goes unused (American Marketing Assoc.)
    7. 7. We Need to Change Traditional Ways • Align 25 % FFunn • Use data 39 % • Leverage Social 30 % media and online
    8. 8. Cold Calling Is Dead  Social Media enables Organizations to connect with the right person, at the right time with the right message!
    9. 9. Leverage your social network/connections Laura Nuhaan
    10. 10. Welcome Social Selling SOCIAL SELLING IS is a sales technique, leveraging social media and tools, to get and maintain a 360 degree picture of the clients and their influencer on an ongoing basis
    11. 11. Face to Face Social MediaPhone Video Conference/chat Email Mobile
    12. 12. Social Selling Tools • Focus • Slideshare • Facebook • Forums• Twitter • YouTube• Linkedin • Channels • Blogs
    13. 13. Social Selling Steps Align & Monitor 1. Identify Sales Marketing 2. Plan 3. Be Visible 4. Listen Customer Service 5. Engage 6. Sell/Retention
    14. 14. Our Customers Are Not Social!!! Meet John Bits One of the main buying persona The Geeky Engineer • 30 years old • Electrical Engineer • 24 Hours on the PC!
    15. 15. Sprint Ninja: Employee Advocacy• Social Media Program to stimulate employees to use social media• Reach out to customers they • Suggested tweets, would otherwise not reach updates, news to share • Work Shops • Social media strategy • Expectations • Increase product • Help knowledge/advocacy
    16. 16. Don’t miss Leads andTrigger eventsThe three things to look for:1. Hints at ongoing or futureproduct or service evaluation2.Chatter between competitorsand their customers3.Personnel changes
    17. 17. The Customer Is Talking!
    18. 18. Engage16 new customer references in 24 hours!
    19. 19. CapGemini receives 4 to 8 leads fromBlogs written by employees. First contactwith IRS which resulted in a mega millliondeal through a blog.
    20. 20. Relations
    21. 21. Find Us Twitter: @theandetagroup LinkedIn Group: Sales and Marketing Innovation Facebook: Google plus: Blog: