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Laura Nuhaan gaf voor Beeckestijn Business School een clinic over Social Selling. De beschikbaarheid van de social Media-kanalen heeft ook grote invloed op het verkoopproces en het aantal en soorte contacten dat consumenten hebben met organisaties. Organisaties kunnen echter deze beschikbaarheid en aanwezigheid van informatie via de sociale kanalen ook gebruiken om hun verkoopprocessen succesvoller te maken. Bijgaand ter inzage, de presentatie van deze clinic.

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Clinic Social Selling

  1. 1. Social Selling andthe Importance of Alignment Egbert van Bel Laura Nuhaan April 23, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda
  3. 3. Objectives for This Evening Leverage social media to enable Sales in B to to B Learn how Social media can increase customer intelligence and How to apply Social Selling Other items we will review:  Social media tools  Customer needs  Engage customers  Improve the selling process What are your expectations?
  4. 4. For the Twitters  @ theandetagroup  @beeckestijn  #socialselling
  5. 5. Agenda
  6. 6. The Buyer has Changed, Did You? marketing  60 % of the buying process is gone through without contacting a (sales) person at the company (Sirius Decisions)
  7. 7. Pushing Makes no Sense AnymoreToday’s Buyer: Owns the buying process Leverages the social web Expects immediate valueToday’s Seller:Needs to be better informedProbe, not pushPolite persistence
  8. 8. We Need to Think and Act Differently • Integrated Approach • Low touch- high touch • Funnel Mindness • From Lead to Revenue FFunn • Revenue management
  9. 9. Close the Process Gap Process Lead Gap Sales Generation Process Revenue Lead Scoring & Nurturing Over 50% of sales people do not meet target (CSO Insights) Over 90% of leads never close (Sirius decisions)
  10. 10. (Social Media) Leads Need to be Measured in Revenue UNMEASURED LEADS Only 39 % of marketeers uses sales data to improve their marketing campaigns (Andeta research)
  11. 11. Aligment is Critical • Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing • Policy and Guidelines • Roles and Responsibilities • Process and communication • Measurement • Technology & Tools • Only 30 % of companies have a shared social media plan (Andeta Research)• 50 % of companies have conflicts between marketing and sales (Andeta Research)
  12. 12. Discussion What is the impact of online and social? On Alignment and Models? Who has a social media plan in place and can share best practices? How well aligned are your sales and marketing? • What would you never change? • What would you change right now if you had the change? Main barriers for alignment?
  13. 13. Agenda
  14. 14. Where Sales Goes Wrong Too much contact (person, mail, phone) Lack of knowledge (product) 20% 35% Lack of business/industry knowledge8%8% Sales too aggressive 9% 20% Forgotten or ignored after contract signed Other McKinsey 2009 Research
  15. 15. Cold Calling Is Dead  Social Media enables Sales to connect with the right person, at the right time with the right message!  Customers expect you too!
  16. 16. Welcome Social Selling SOCIAL SELLING is a sales tool that leverages social media to learn about customers, inform customers and engages with customers and their influencers on an ongoing basis
  17. 17. Face to Face Social MediaPhone Video Conference/chat Email Mobile
  18. 18. Social Selling Tools • Focus • Slideshare • Facebook • Forums• Twitter• Linkedin • YouTube • Blogs
  19. 19. Discussion Who applies cold calling ? What is the success rate? How can you make Cold Calling more sucessful? Which social selling tools does your organization use? Experiences? Why would you not use Social Selling tools at all?
  20. 20. Agenda
  21. 21. Social Selling Steps Align & Monitor 1. Identify Sales Marketing 2. Plan 3. Be Visible Customer 4. Listen Service 5. Engage
  22. 22. 1. Identify: Customer @ProfileBuyer Persona Content NeedSearch Social Journey Buying phases Recommendations
  23. 23. Our Customers Are Not Social!!! Meet John Bits One of the main buying persona The Geeky Engineer • 30 years old • Electrical Engineer • 24 Hours on the PC!
  24. 24. Engineers are active on online forums
  25. 25. You can find them on LinkedIN
  26. 26. And on TwitterDeveloped a SocialSellling Plan Find Leads Connect with relevant decission makers (LinkedIn/Twitter Engage @forums, provide content for each buying persona Blog with Design/Engineer experiences
  27. 27. Discussion Are your customers social?
  28. 28. 2. Plan “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” –SenecaHave a social media plan. Lacking a purpose and clearobjectives social media will be a waste of time.What are your main goals (prospecting, relation, deepselling)
  29. 29. 3. Increase Online Visiblity Where do you want to be ? What needs to jump out? Which policy, and guidelines? Expected actions?
  30. 30. Sprint Ninja: Employee Advocacy• Social Media Program to stimulate employees to use social media• Reach out to customers they would otherwise not reach • Suggested tweets, updates, news to share • Work Shops • Social media strategy • Expectations • Increase product • Help knowledge/advocacy
  31. 31. LinkedIn is a Good Starting Point • Profile • Groups • Updates • Search • Follow • Connections • Messages
  32. 32. Discussion Do you have a policy and guidelines in place? What works, what not?
  33. 33. 4. Listen: Needs, Opportunities, Trigger eventsThe three things to look for:1. Hints at ongoing or future product or service evaluation2. Chatter between competitors and their customers3. Personnel changes
  34. 34. The Customer Is Talking! A Twitter Example
  35. 35. Discussion Do you find opportunities online? Is there a structured approach in place?
  36. 36. 5. Engage Prospects and Customers Dont try to build your own right away Find and engage (contribute) to existing communities  Be creative, don’t sell: discuss, provide topics, use #tags, keywords  Suggest platforms (Twitter/LinkedIN)  Provide Sales intelligence
  37. 37. 16 new customer references in 24 hours!
  38. 38. Leverage Groups
  39. 39. Slideshare……etc
  40. 40. IBM’S Succes in Social Selling (Cloud Computing) Required: • Listening and Content • Social Media Frame work Programs: Intelligent Listening –Relevant Content • Social media calendar (pre-written post and bit.luy links) • RSS Feeds and hashtags for sales Personal touch: • Option to customize/edit Linkedin posts and Tweets • Use video chat, social accounts and personal pages (optimized for search) • Share success stories to convince others within IBM
  41. 41.  535 connections to 3500 54 K followers to 1.3 Million Boost engagements, connection and referrals Put a face on the relationship/increased credibility
  42. 42. 6. Sell/Retention
  43. 43. Discussion Do you engage customers/prospects through social media? And how? Same question for customer relation? Ideas how you could do that?  How can you enable sales?
  44. 44. Agenda
  45. 45. • Brainshark • InsideView • GetSatisfaction • Hootsuite • Radian6• Onesource • SocialMention • Tweetdeck • Kloud • TweetFeet • Wildfire • Marketo • ConstantContact • Social CRM (Salesforce) • Eloqua • Silverpop
  46. 46. Tweetdeck
  47. 47. Social CRM
  48. 48. Agenda
  49. 49. The ROI of Social Media in Sales• 95 % of pipeline and 30 % of revenue PAKRAGames tracked to social outreach (Linkedin Invites/tweets)• Adobe Omniture doubled its opportunity-to-call ratio, resulting in more opportunities generated• Network Hardware Resale (NHR) uses social media in conjunction with email and phone to generate meetings with the right prospects-> meeting acceptance rates increased from 15 % to 60 %•• CapGemini receives 4 to 8 leads from Blogs written by employees. First contact with IRS which resulted in a mega milllion deal through a blog.
  50. 50. Think Big Start Small! And Don’t…
  51. 51. Q&A
  52. 52. Find Us Twitter: @theandetagroup LinkedIn Group: Sales and Marketing Innovation 4246803?gid=4246803&trk=hb_side_g Facebook: Google plus: Blog:
  53. 53. Resources: Inside View Social Selling University Andeta Sales and Marketing Alignment Study: alignment-resultaten Marketo Eloqua
  54. 54. Concur Essentials: • Company Size: 1400 • CRM: • Seats of InsideView: 95“We wanted to expand into the SMB market, but to do so, we were • Industry: Computer Softwaregoing to have to significantly decrease our sales cycles and increase • Integrated Travel and Expenseour sales volumes. InsideView has helped our reps doubleproductivity and cut our sales cycle in half.” management solutions • Sell to: CFO/COO/SVP/VPMike D’Onofrio – Vice President, Small & Medium Business How can we build a sales process to target the SMB market – by CHALLENGE increasing the speed of sales cycles and deal volumes? • Minimize account research time • Improve effectiveness in territory creation SOLUTION • Dramatically improve quality of leads and data passed to sales • Increase first call effectiveness and overall account planning • Increase new ramp time IMPACT 10% Doubled 3x increase 2x increase 3x increase 190% increase in improvement Productivity & In # of reps in # of new in new hire Your performance in close rates cut sales surpassing deals productivity Cycle in half quotas | SLIDE :55
  55. 55. Ariba Essentials: • Industry: Computer Software • Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA • Employees: 1800+“The insights we gain from InsideView are pivotal inhelping us foster and close important deals.” • Sell to: CFO/SVP/VP Level • InsideView Users: 106 - Director, North America Sales • CRM: 1. How can we increase sales productivity, especially for Challenge: new hires? 2. How can we make marketing events well attended? Solution: Use InsideView for account research, connecting with prospects and attendees for marketing events Impact: 2x 10x 3x Ramp rate for new Customers Attendance at field reps and territories Contacted marketing events| SLIDE :56