Menopause a Natural Approach.......


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Information to enlighten you on your path during your menopause journey....
It's easy to understand, gives you some answers that are about a natural side of assisting yourself and a chance to open your mind to a healthier, happier time during this adventure or expedition (well let's call it that :)...

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Menopause a Natural Approach.......

  1. 1. B Abundant check out for my blogs & more… HEALTH:- This 1’s for the Ladies.In this slide show I’m going try to show YOU some information I’ve found very valuable… (I’m far from being a Dr. this is for YOUR interest & knowledge & my journey thus far )
  2. 2. Menopause!! Eeekk, such a word adds fear & apprehension in any women’s life! 55+ 40+ I’ve been busy researching & attempting to find an answer for this for YOU. What I’ve discovered is that – No matter how much money YOU have, or how great YOU eat, or what age group YOU 50+ are (yes, it can start at a early age). YOU will go through it in YOUR own way. So, keep reading & maybe YOU’LL get an insight!
  3. 3. So What Did I Discover? Well, in the first instance, I found that I had far too many tests! They gave different results each time, that it’s no wonder Dr’s. are at a loss to give YOU the correct outcome! I found out I was suppose to be over in estrogens – What that means is my body needed to be fed more estrogens!! No Way!!! My symptoms were not conducive with the results! Thus I started my journey to find an answer & hopefully this will enlighten YOU to find some answers to YOUR questions too! Avoid These: Avoid blue cohosh, vitex, saw palmetto berry, lavender, tea tree oil, liquorice, hops, rhodiola rose root, black cohosh, dong quai, red clover blossom and motherwort leaf as they all “INCREASE” levels of estrogens further lowering YOUR progesterone!!
  4. 4. LIST OF ESTROGENS Here is a list of estrogens:- Foods Containing ‘’Natural Estrogens ‘’ Note: Those is bold are also RICH in glutamate. Olive oil Alfalfa Olives Animal flesh Papaya Anise seed Parsley Apples Bakers yeast Peas Barley Peppers Beets Plums Carrots Pomegranates Cherries Potatoes Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) Pumpkin Clover Cowpeas (black- eyed peas) Red beans Cucumbers Red clover Dairy Foods Rhubarb Dates Rice (relatively high) Eggs Sage Eggplant Sesame seeds Fennel Flaxseeds Soybean sprouts Garlic Soybeans Hops Split peas Liquorice Sunflower seeds Oats Tomatoes Wheat Yams
  5. 5. FOODS THE INHIBIT ESTROGENS Estrogens Inhibiting Foods Suffering from breast cancer, PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, & other situations that estrogens might aggravate the following estrogens blocking foods may interest YOU. Berries Broccoli Buckwheat Cabbage Citrus Foods Corn Figs Fruits (except apples, cherries, dates, pomegranates) Grapes Green beans Melons Millet Onions Pears Pineapples Squashes Tapioca White rice Also, great info I read on a Drs website – If YOU want to really slow down YOUR estrogens in YOUR body utilise white flour – it acts just like a glue in YOUR body – Slows down absorption of the Estrogens in YOUR foods – Pretty incredible right?
  6. 6. HOW WILL YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE TOO MANY ESTROGENS? Estrogens Dominance Symptoms Endometriosis Premenstrual fluid The following symptoms are common retention, Weight Gain among those with estrogens Hair loss, Fibrocystic breasts dominance. What begins with mild Premenstrual headaches symptoms can often become moderate Depression, Polycystic ovary in the mild & severe by the time a syndrome, Menstrual cramps Fatigue, person reaches their mid-40s. If YOUR Migraines, Accelerated aging, Severe experiencing as few as 6 of these menstrual cramps, Miscarriage Heavy symptoms, it could be YOUR periods with clotting, Anxiety and experiencing some level of estrogens panic attacks, Joint and Muscle pain, dominance. Autoimmune disorders Decreased libido Fibromyalgia It Can be “MILD - MODERATE Insomnia and restless sleep, SEVERE” Impotency (Yes, “MEN” can have over Premenstrual breast tenderness estrogens too!) Dry eyes, Estrogens Irregular menstruation related cancers, Lowered libido Uterine fibroid tumours Prostate problems. Premenstrual mood swings, Breast STRESS can play a VERY big part in tumours, Thyroid dysfunction, the weight gain. It increases YOUR Infertility Adrenal gland fatigue Cortisol & that can ‘block’ weight loss Thickened uterine lining, Headaches teaching YOUR body to store fat rather than utilise, like it has a backup plan!
  7. 7. What I Discovered About Progesterone Now to the exciting part I found out. Of course I’m following the estrogen lowering foods, I also found that rubbing “Natural Progesterone Cream” on my ‘soft spots’ – NOT on YOUR breasts, or abdomen or muscle areas. It has assisted me with feeling so much better, with relief in my body of so many of those extra estrogens that I seem to be carrying around. It can be utilised both morning and night – Only challenge I found when I first started utilising it, was that it “make” YOU feel tired, if that happens rub a larger amount on at night & less in the morning till YOU get use to it. BENEFIT’S AT NIGHT IS --- Assists YOU sleeping so much better. Please check the next slide for which Progesterone Cream I’ve had success with (this is personal YOU may want to consider what’s going to be best for YOU!) Avoid These: Avoid blue cohosh, vitex, saw palmetto berry, lavender, tea tree oil, liquorice, hops, rhodiola rose root, black cohosh, dong quai, red clover blossom and motherwort leaf as they all increase levels of estrogens further lowering progesterone.
  8. 8. Which Progesterone Cream I Utilise! The one I find the BEST (for me) is USP Natural Progesterone. It should be approx 450 to 500 milligrams per ounce! (apparently they utilise the root of the wild yam – NOT the fruit… It’s more conducive for YOUR body to work with!) Also YOU’VE got to rotate the areas YOU put it on to avoid saturation in one spot. Now FOODS & HERBS with Progesterone…
  9. 9. Foods & Herbs With Progesterone  Progesterone is essentially an animal hormone.  So the list is:-  Eggs – egg yolk has the most. (be careful if YOU have high cholesterol)  Dairy products – Cheese, Milk (Cow’s milk has the most)  Chicken – (MUST be Hormone free)  Zinc rich foods – Shellfish, Turkey, Red meats (MUST be Hormone free)  Ok – Now I’m saying “Hormone Free” as the whole reason is YOUR attempting to either eliminate Or slow down too much estrogens in YOUR diet!  B6 Rich foods – Walnuts, Whole Grains, Fortified Cereals  Eat all these in MODERATION  YOU should ALWAYS consult YOUR Dr. if YOUR on HRT to make sure they are happy with YOUR consumption.  HERBS --- Macca Root Powder it’s a Andaptogen & helps the body & mind with stress. Turmeric, thyme & oregano.
  10. 10. How Our Body System Works… The endocrine system consists of: The hypothalamus and pituitary gland, also known as the “master glands” because they control much of the other endocrine gland functions. The thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism, temperature, and weight. The adrenal glands, which moderate mental and physical stress. The reproductive organs or, gonads (testes/ovaries), which produce sex hormones including testosterone, estrogens, and progesterone. The pancreas, responsible for blood sugar regulation and enzyme production. The pineal gland, responsible for secreting melatonin, the “sleep” hormone. Chemicals disrupted can promote weight gain and obesity they can increase the number of fat cells a person has. This can change the amount of calories burned when resting, affecting energy balance & the metabolisms of ghrelin and leptin, the chemicals which control hunger and satiety (feeling of fullness)
  11. 11. Xenoestrogens/Obesogens – What the Heck Are They?... Xenoestrogen hormone drugs are also given to animals to increase their growth and fatten them for our consumption. Our water supply also contains Xenoestrogens residues. Examples of Xenoestrogens/Obesogens that many of us encounter every day include: Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides found on conventional produce and in tap water. Instead, try to buy organic, or at least wash your produce thoroughly. Be sure to drink pure filtered water. Conventionally raised meat and dairy which often contain hormones and antibiotics. Instead, buy organic or hormone and anti-biotic free. Plastic cans and bottles, many of which contain Biphenyl-A (BPA). Instead, use glass jars or metal (try to avoid aluminium) water bottles. Avoid leaving plastic water bottles in the sun or exposing to heat, especially microwaves. (Utilise “GLASS containers” instead) Non-stick Pans (Teflon pans), which contain Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Instead, use cast iron or hard anodized aluminium (processed so that aluminium cannot leech into food). Vinyl products and air fresheners, which contain Phthalates. Instead, use natural products. Creams and lotions containing estrogenic ingredients like paraben’s. Instead use natural products and oils. Utilise all natural EDC free creams. Common cleaning chemicals which omit toxic fumes. Instead use natural, non- toxic formulas. You can even make your own cleaning supplies.
  12. 12. Something Else!... YOU may or may not gain weight around YOUR middle section. Most women do! What I found was taking “Flaxseed Oil” tabs (or YOU can put Flaxseed oil in YOUR salads) Or CLA can assist with keeping it in check! I take 3 of the 1000mg Flaxseed tabs in morning & 3 at night (it also assists in the joint stiffness YOU can sometimes experience). It’s been my observation from myself & friends, that if YOU keep YOUR Omega 3’s high in YOUR diet…. YOU will keep YOUR system coping a great deal better OR increase YOUR Cold water fish, eating 3 to 5 meals@ week at least! Also… take Vit D it assists with YOUR bones (which seem also to go brittle during this period) Sugar/Carbohydrates = Cortisol….. This happens in the adrenal glands. What happens when going through Menopause YOU may find YOU crave sweets, chocolates, chips, carbohydrates… its YOUR in-balance of the hormones creating the craving in YOUR system…. A great assistance for that is take B5 (now YOU should be taking a Multi B, making sure YOUR B5 is high in dosage) OR purchase B5 separately making sure to take a Multi B at the same time. I personally like a Multi B with ginseng! Sugar Free Vit C is GREAT for keeping YOUR skin & immune system flourishing at this time… I’m personally taking 2000mgs@day.. (be careful sometimes YOU can get an upset stomach taking high doses of Vit C)…
  13. 13. In Conclusion… Menopause is totally Natural… YOU can remain taking YOUR chemicals… being confused… foggy even… OR YOU can make a much more informed decision… In my mind, I know my body is made of a natural balance… it’s going through a change of the way it processes my body functions…. I choose a Natural, thought out, investigated & months & months of research I’ve completed to come to the above understanding & appreciation… That YOU are the Master of YOUR body… YOUR inner knowing will always lead YOU to the correct answer… Listen with intent… if YOUR in pain, inflamed/bloated after eating some foods, remove them from YOUR diet… YOUR body is very clever & it gives YOU signs to listen to it crying out to YOU for YOUR attention… As we are all individuals… some of this will definitely work for YOU & some will just be trial & error…. So…. My question to YOU….. When do YOU start?....
  14. 14. Take the Time to Take Care of YOU… Thank YOU for reading my information… My aim is to assist YOU in YOUR journey & I hope this knowledge I’ve been so fortune enough to gather for YOU will assist YOU going forward…. That it may help eliminate some of the confusion YOU may be feeling…. If YOU like what you’ve been enlightened with… Tweet it OR like it on Facebook… YOU can join me on I look forward to hearing from YOU & how YOU have taken back control over YOUR very important healing & health… take care