Multichannel inside - out


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See how you can adapt to your customers' workflow with the new multichannel content management system - Bee.

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Multichannel inside - out

  1. 1. Multichannel inside - out Multichannel from new perspective
  2. 2. Multichannel experience today• When we talk about multichannel, we usually think about the end user.• But what if we also allowed publishers to use the power of multichannel?• And what if we go even further and have more than just a mobile version of the content management platform they use?Read on…
  3. 3. Meet JohnJohn owns a smallphotography studioand wants to expandhis business online…
  4. 4. At the moment, John works like this… • He uses DropBox for backup • All his photos are stored there • He shares all his favourite photos on Picasa and Facebook, but only with his family and friends • His main distribution channel for customers is burned CDs.
  5. 5. …but he wants to turn his prospects…
  6. 6. …into customers.
  7. 7. The old solution could look like this:1. Create a website that shows John’s work lets him distribute photos to existing clients, and allows users contact him and order his services.2. Create a Facebook page to use as engagement vehicle.3. Create a YouTube account so John can gain an audience by publishing tips and tricks about photography.
  8. 8. But what would this mean?• John would need to learn about his new website and manage its CMS.• John would need to spend time managing his Facebook page through an App or Facebook’s website.• John would need to invest time and effort into learning how best to use YouTube as well as creating new tutorials for it.
  9. 9. We think the old solution is the wrong solution!!Although, John will now distribute through his site– and not burn CDs – he has to learn all aboutthis new technology.We’ve also created TWO NEW interfaces (CMSand You Tube) that John has to get grips with andmanage.So John as well building new community andworking out what to publish, he also has to learnhow to use new tools.
  10. 10. John’s new world…with the old solution Obsoleted tools John can distribute photos on his new website instead of burning CDs… New tools …but has two new tools/channels to learn and work with Website (CMS) Old tools
  11. 11. But there is a better way!
  12. 12. The New Solution with Bee1. Instead of creating and managing a new website to upload photos, we integrate it with DropBox.2. To make things easier we also integrate Facebook’s photo galleries with the website.3. And to make it really simple we integrate the YouTube account with the website too.
  13. 13. John’s new world…with BeeBy integrating new tools to existing workflow,we managed to create NO NEWINTERFACES at all.We haven’t change John’s daily routine butwe can now use the tools he already knowsto focus on tasks that will grow his business.
  14. 14. The New Solution! Obsoleted tools John can distribute photos on his new website instead of burning CD’s… Old tools New tools …and has no new tools to learn or service. Website (CMS)
  15. 15. Join the