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Halloween contest - 1st and 2nd prizes


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Halloween contest - 1st and 2nd prizes

  1. 1. HALLOWEEN CONTEST ---- 1ST PRIZE This story is about an intensive friendship between a boy named Joey and his white dog named Ghost. These two friends were very close and they had lots of adventures in the countryside. Everybody liked Ghost and a person named Farmer Green particularly appreciated the friendship between Joey and his dog. One day, they were hunting squirrels and Ghost barked to Joey because it wanted to protect its friend from a large black snake that was next to a rock near him. On the next day, Joey woke up, he couldn’t find Ghost.His father told him that Ghost had died because it was too old.Joey was heartbroken. He couldn’t believe that Ghost, his best friend, would never come back.One day, Joey ventured farther than he had ever gone before. Suddenly, he lost his footing andlanded on a ledge below and he hurt his leg. He yelled for help but nobody could hear him.Farmer Green was working in his field, when he saw a white dog running towards him. Thisdog was exactly like Ghost. The dog barked, grabbed the man’s trousers in its mouth and triedto pull him along. Farmer Green followed the dog but suddenly it disappeared. The only thingthat the farmer could hear was Joey yelling for help. The farmer saw Joey in danger and heused a vine to rescue the boy.Farmer Green was taking Joey to his home when Joey told him that the dog that Farmer Greenwas talking about wasn’t Ghost, because it had died a month ago.The moral of the story is that: in our lives, friendship is the best treasure that we can have.Tiago Filipe Pinto Aires 9D Nº25Image link :
  2. 2. HALLOWEEN CONTEST ---- 2nd PRIZEThe NeighbourOne day, a man and his two sons went fishing but never came back. The wife searched forthem and found the father and the eldest son stabbed in a river. She came back home andtold her neighbour what she had seen. She helped her dig a grave for the husband and theson. When the graves were finished, the neighbour offered herself to go to the widow’shouse and get some blankets to wrap the dead bodies. One hour later, the neighbour hadn’tcome back yet. The mother went to the house to see what had happened. She found thedecapitated head of her youngest son on her bed. The neighbour had disappeared.