Become A Game Tester Formula Review. Get Paid To Play Video Games


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If you spend just 3 hours a day playing video games, Become A Game Tester Formula going to show you how to have all your rent and bills take care of THEMSELVES while you have some serious fun playing the newest game titles BEFORE they even hit the stores!

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Become A Game Tester Formula Review. Get Paid To Play Video Games

  1. 1. Become A Game Tester FormulaIf you spend just 3 hours a day playing video games, Become AGame Tester Formula going to show you how to have all yourrent and bills take care of THEMSELVES while you have someserious fun playing the newest game titles BEFORE they even hitthe stores! Click Here To Download Become A Game Tester FormulaAs a Video Game Tester, You:GET PAID to test the NEWEST, MOST POPULAR releases fromcompanies like Blizzard, CAPCOM, EA Games, Microsoft, Nintendoand more - months before anyone else!"WORK" FROM HOME and game as little or as much as you WANT- completely around your own schedule! The more games youplay, the more you get paid!Pay your RENT and ALL YOUR BILLS by spending as much timegaming as you do now - only playing the newest games to beJUST developed!KEEP all the games you test! Imagine how much you can save onvideo game costs alone!GET ACCESS to all of the hidden cheat codes, level secrets anddeveloper codes ONLY game testers ever find out about!
  2. 2. Get REAL experience for FURTHER game industry careers! Askany major game company for a job as a game developer ordesigner - and theyll ask you how many years youve spenttesting their games!Get essential high-level CONNECTIONS. No level of education willget your foot in the door in the video game industry unless you"know people". If youre passionate about games - game testersnetwork and make the best high-level private connections!The 3 requirements you need to BECOME a game tester are:You should be 15 or older in order to get paid for the gaming andtesting.You need either a computer you already play games on - or aconsole youll prefer playing games on (Xbox 360, Playstation 3,etc).You gotta love video games. Thats an obvious one!You don"t need a degree in marketing or design to do this! Heck,you dont even need to finish high school!Become A Game Tester Formula will show you how to:Create the perfect resume. There are a FEW MAJOR requirementsthat game companies look for in every application yet all applyinggamers miss.. Ill show you how to cover each of theserequirements to create the PERFECT resume the company islooking to hire every time!Find game testing facilities NEAR YOU. As soon as you create theperfect resume - Ill show you exactly where to get started,whether you prefer working at the EA Games HQ, a local testingfacility - or right from the comfort of your couch!Contact the RIGHT people. If you call the company reception andask for information on game testing for the company - you wontget anywhere. Ill give you insider information on contacting theQuality Assurance department whos IN CHARGE of hiring gametesters - and what you need to say to get hired every time!How to "walk the walk" from day one. Ill teach you everythingyou need to know on how to perform in your game testing job.
  3. 3. Act like a pro from the beginning - and the company will call YOUto test their next game - I guarantee it!Youll also get:FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to the Game Tester Job Search Database.This database is updated daily by major game companies EAGERto find more testers! Youll be notified via email EVERY TIME anew testing job is available so you get a crack at it first!My full 150+ and growing company contact list - the GOLDENdirectory to getting game testing gigs with a single phone call!Fast and Reliable email support! All your questions will beanswered within 24 hours to ensure you never have to wait for ananswer!Youll get everything you need in order to be getting paid to testyour first game next week!Heres a preview of what youll find in our daily-updated membersarea:Daily email updates of the newest game testing jobs available -right in your email box!My personal compiled list of 154 game development companies -EVERY ONE of them in constant need of new game testers everyday!Step-by-step lessons, guides and action plans to teach you howto become a real tester by next week!The BIG SECRET to getting hired for any testing job, even if youdont have any experience and are not 18 years old.The action-plan formulas designed to get you your first gametesting job paying $15-30 per hour inside of a week!How to get yourself into the perfect "game tester mindset" andscore the job every time!How to get THE NEWEST RELEASES mailed straight to you - evenif theyre not coming out for months!Comprehensive list of the major qualities every company isDESPERATELY SEEKING in its testers! (Even if they publicallydeny it - theyll hire you based on WHATS IN THIS LIST)How to use your creative input to help MOLD and CHANGE thenewest release that youre testing!ALL the major warning signs that the job youre chasing is BADNEWS and that you should abandon it ASAP! All the "RED ALERT"
  4. 4. topics you should NEVER go into during your interview - and howto avoid them!One SECRET fact about WHY companies need game testers sodesperately today - and how you can use it to get hired 100% ofthe time!A guide to "talking the talk" - what the major concerns of thedeveloper interviewing you are - and what to say to them tomake YOU stand out from EVERY other gamer.All this just a taste of what youll learn in our members area...Get FULL ACCESS To The Members Area NOW!! Click Here To Download Become A Game Tester Formula