Becky Goodwin Resume May 2010


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Business Analyst/Implementation/Training specialist/Aflac Consultant

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Becky Goodwin Resume May 2010

  1. 1. B E C K Y G O O D W I N Enterprise Content Management Specialist P R O F I L E My achievements as a project team lead, contributing to successful project outcomes has resulted in a reputation of delivering an enterprise solution which surpasses the expectations of the organization and its’ stake holders. I am a proven subject matter expert and analyst in the areas of HR, E-Finance, E-Pharmacy, HIPAA, MMIS, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal and State policies, procedures, and industry standards. My skills in achieving User ‘buy in’ has played a major contribution to the collaborative success of enterprise projects. Objective and comprehensive listening, exact communication, detailed analytical skills, respect for new ideas, and expectations of integrity are some of my stronger attributes when participating on successful leadership and team building projects. As a major player in the successful pioneering and implementation of the “Paperless Office” in 33 localVirginia agencies, I was most instrumental in the paradigm shift in the culture in how DSS agencies currently do business. The experience of being a road warrior leading the daily “hands on” training of the user afforded me a “real life” work experience and invaluable insight in training needs, project challenges, User acceptance and buy-in. The knowledge gained from 5 years of building a “user created” ECM system gave me experti skills in problem solving, change management and successful implementation outcomes of ECM systems.This kind of knowledge and experience cannot be gained in a classroom or white paper. I have a keen ability to quickly capture business rules, policies, procedures, workflow, functional requirements and resolve User and technical roadblocks to a successful implementation. E X P E R I E N C E 2 0 0 8 R I C H M O N D B E H AV I O R A L H E A LT H A U T H O R I T Y, R I C H M O N D , VA Training Consultant/Business Analyst Identified and documented functional requirements for the implementation of an enterprise system which incorporated HR, E-Finance, E-Pharmacy, Crisis, Case Management and Reporting. Developed user readiness surveys, business process models, vendor selection guide and a training implementation plan beyond the assigned project’s Statement ofWork. Supported RFP development process. Liaison between software vendors and stakeholder. 2 0 0 6 - 2 0 0 8 V I R G I N I A D E PA R T M E N T O F S O C I A L S E RV I C E S , R I C H M O N D , VA Training Consultant/Business Analyst Project Lead Trainer for ChildWins (electronic case management project). Successfully directed all aspects of training as well as solely trained a complex 13 system search application (SPIDeR) to approximately 3000 local and state staff resulting in approximately 85% increase in use of SPIDeR application.
  2. 2. B E C K Y G O O D W I N Trained DataWarehouse statewide, (a complex reporting and statistical application), resulting in approximately 80% increase to application usage. Suggested a business solution to make a policy and procedure change versus an IT development solution which proved to result in an estimated $1 million (1,000.000.00) savings for the StateVDSS IT department. Reduced training expenses by effectively reducing the standard training travel staff of 2 trainers to 1, meetingVDSS training goals and standards. Developed DW curriculum in several versions to accommodate User needs. Developed & updated multiple versions of the DW training user manuals. Represented StateVDSS by serving on various local committees. Served as liaison to user, administrator, developers and program managers, suggesting improvements to existing functionality and training techniques. Suggested updated training resources such as the use of curriculum development software (Articulate). Used & excelled in technical writing skills using Microsoft Business Office Suite products, Camtasia, and Snag It, Supported SIT and UAT testing of state applications. Conducted training of SPIDeR and Data Warehouse to state and local administrators,VDSS Help Desk and program managers in classroom, individual and onsite settings. Identified and scheduled training locations, environment and timeframe to facilitate successful sessions. Classroom training developed to accommodate self-guided training for posting toVDSS training website. Conducted "Train the Trainer" sessions statewide supporting a “super user” concept. Lead "Super User" workgroups in training software, hardware installs, troubleshooting, detailed application knowledge, and the handling of business intelligence rules for transition to a state multiple search application. (SPIDeR). Conducted workshops on topics such as “Train the Trainer” and “Super Users” for DSS staff. 2 0 0 6 - 2 0 0 8 P O RT S M O U T H D E PA RT M E N T O F S O C I A L S E RV I C E S , P O RT S M O U T H , VA Training Consultant/Implementation/Business Analyst Installation of Electronic Filing System and Reporting software, scanners, printers. Developed training materials and IT operator manuals. Trained over 200 employees independently. Facilitated focus groups consisting of 15 staff members. Page 2 P O Box 112, Scottsville, VA 24590 (434)983-4797
  3. 3. B E C K Y G O O D W I N Analyzed agency’s business processes, documenting requirements and workflow in preparation for installation and training. Collaborated with various project stake-holders. 2 0 0 1 - 2 0 0 6 E - Z F I L E R S Y S T E M S , L L C , F R O N T R O YA L , VA Training Director/Implementation/Business Analyst Lead business and workflow consultant. Director ofTraining for 8 traveling trainers, managing technical and non-technical training projects. Developed courseware for various learning environments to include classroom, individual, and onsite. Managed day to day training needs of 33 local DSS agencies and 8 traveling EZ-Filer trainers. Developed various versions of User’s manual to accommodate multiple versions of EZ-Filer software. Used various training techniques to accommodate various user learning levels, medically and physically challenged users. Road Warrior, 100% travel Major contributor to the development of Long Term Care,Auxiliary Grant and State and Local Hospitalization applications Conceived and modeled the following software functions for EZ-Filer product; Reporting, Case To Do List,Worker Tasks, and Case Summary, making the product more competitive and functional. Install hardware such as PC’s, Scanners, printers, Signature pads, Assisted in company’s marketing events TrainedVoice Recognition software, Dragon Naturally Speaking 7.0. Expertise in interpreting Local, State and Federal program policies. Workflow specialist, created business process for the Medicaid “Smart Card” concept. Maintained inventory control for technical and non-technical supplies for Ez-Filer training staff. 1 9 9 6 - 2 0 0 6 U VA M E D I C A I D U N I T, U N I V E R S I T Y O F V I R G I N I A H E A LT H S C I E N C E S C E N T E R , C H A R L O T T E S V I L L E , VA Medicaid Benefits Specialist Accepted and Processed Medicaid applications for major healthcare facility. Enrolled Medicaid applications for 121Virginia DSS agencies, meeting compliance of each agency. Frequent use of MMIS, ADAPT, A2K1 and Medi-Manager systems. Specialist in Medicaid policy and procedures, interpreting and applying policy daily. Page 3 P O Box 112, Scottsville, VA 24590 (434)983-4797
  4. 4. B E C K Y G O O D W I N Collaborated with external agencies such as employers, insurance agencies, financial institutions, Social Security Administration, etc for application processing. Collaborated with UVA staff to include, Finance Dept, Patient Financial Service, Social Workers, multiple language interpreters, administrators, gathering data to assist in payment of claims. . Served on agency committee to install Electronic Filing System in unit. business and workflow consultant. Director/Implementation/Business Analyst 1 9 8 5 - 1 9 9 6 B U C K I N G H A M D E P T. O F S O C I A L S E RV I C E S , B U C K I N G H A M C O U R T H O U S E , V I R G I N I A Sr. Benefits Specialist Maintained caseload for generic caseload to include TANF, FS and Medicaid. Processed applications for TANF,FS and Medicaid Developed program “cheat sheets” and “quick reference guides” to assist in payment calculations. Daily use of MMIS system. Collaborated with the Dept. of Medical Assistance for policy clarifications, interpretations. Supervised TANF/FS/Medicaid eligibility staff. Performed multiple clerical duties. Documented client financial data Meet weekly and monthly deadlines to include monthly reporting of caseload activity. Weekly visits to client Interpreted and applied Federal and State policy. S K I L L S Training Highly effective in scoping overall training needs and the needed resources of enterprise training project. Professional with an ability to present training to diverse populations. Experience in technical writing such as courseware, presentations, user manuals. Experienced in the development and delivery of training curriculums. Ability to determine and accommodate various user training levels and challenges. Page 4 P O Box 112, Scottsville, VA 24590 (434)983-4797
  5. 5. B E C K Y G O O D W I N Skilled in managing training teams covering large and small projects. Experienced in organizing and delivering statewide training. Quickly learn of new software and software training tools. Analytical Strong analytical skills used in business analysis for a variety of industries. Ability to identify and document user requirements. Keen problem solving skills allowing rapid assimilation and resolution of complex problems. Planning Extensive team management experience covering large and small projects.. Familiar with general project management practices, including the use of project management software/tools. Demonstrates good organizational and delegation skills and efficient, effective time management. Communications Skilled in building strong relationships with project stake-holders, peers and team members. Ability to market a project to successfully obtain organizational buy-in. Experienced presentation skills. Works well with people. Knows how to listen, inspire, motivate and collaborate. Excellent written and oral communication skills with the ability to communicate appropriately in business and technical situations at all levels of the organizations. Testing Working knowledge of industry standard software testing methodologies, tools, processes, and /practices. Ability to develop and execute test plans. T O O L S Microsoft Business Tools: MS Word Excel PowerPoint Page 5 P O Box 112, Scottsville, VA 24590 (434)983-4797
  6. 6. B E C K Y G O O D W I N Visio Camtasia Smart-draw Snag It Requisite Pro Mac PC Apple I-Works Photoshop Share-Point R E F E R R A L S Page 6 P O Box 112, Scottsville, VA 24590 (434)983-4797
  7. 7. B E C K Y G O O D W I N Visio Camtasia Smart-draw Snag It Requisite Pro Mac PC Apple I-Works Photoshop Share-Point R E F E R R A L S Page 6 P O Box 112, Scottsville, VA 24590 (434)983-4797