Off the radar-group_treatment!!!


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Off the radar-group_treatment!!!

  1. 1. By Rebbeca, Mica and Minyee
  2. 2. The treatmentFor the track ‘Off the radar’ will be performance and conceptual video with a spacey and 80’s revival theme. The music video will amplify and illustrates the lyrics. The music video will begin of several close ups of the instruments being played, especially the keyboard, while fast intercuts of the camera charging towards the band, on floor level. A midshot reveals a bare room with lighting focusing on the band and projector displaying a background of stars and northern lights. When vocals begin, (0.07) a beauty shot will be used of the lead artist, reflecting her sassy attitude. The close ups of the cuts of the instrument playing will continue as well as mid shots of the other band members and close ups of the main singer. The camera turns into the P.O.V of a cross hair appears on the singer’s face before the electronic beats begin. When the electronic beats begin, close ups and fast pace cuts will be used of the projections images of the northern lights, along with mid shots of the band playing, and a zoom in of the projector turning the screen into a whitewash. On the lyrics, ‘Have you taken your chemicals?’, (0.33)will reveal a mid/long shot of the band in wearing lab coats in a mock lab, with flasks and test tubes of bright colour liquid (coloured fizzy drinks) and bubbles coming from a flask. The band pretend to be doing an experiment when a band member suddenly drinks one causing the band to be confused. When the new verse begins, ‘You travelled..’ (0.44) it will smash cut back to a forced perspective of the singer taking two thirds of the camera while the guitarist, who can be seen in the background, is small by comparison. This is cut in a sequence where the band members in the background change, as well as beauty shots of the lead singer until the lead singer blows one of the band members away at 0.57.
  3. 3. The treatment At 0.57, various beauty shots of the band members are used with a handheld camera creating a swaying effect. At 1.05 a zooming out shot of the main singer by herself against a starry backdrop pointing at the camera. When the vocals begin to repeat the word radar is performed by each of the band member and quick flashes of the word ‘Radar’ appears on a black screen in red capitals letters. At 1.11 the drummer throws into a drumstick in the air which the camera follows. A match on action is shown of a glow stick falling in slow motion in a photography room. The band has glowing makeup and glowsticks in their hands. Several jump cuts are used of the band in different positions holding glowsticks and swinging neon objects in slow motion to create and fun/eerie atmosphere. Mirror effects of each band member dancing with the glowsticks etc and extremely close ups of the band in glowing makeup. At 1.31, it cuts back to a long shot of the band in the rooms with the projector. Various shots is shown of the band members performing, inc and a close up of a film on the tv screen. Close and mid shots. At 1.36, an extreme close up of the singer’s lips show and cuts quickly of close ups of instruments being played by the other band members and goes back and forth. At 1.41 a close up shot of the backing singer is shown. Longer takes are seen of the singer slowly zooming out, with close ups of the other band members faces performing. At 1.49 a mid shot is shown of the whole band performing with the starry background.
  4. 4. The treatment At 1.59, various shots with several fast pace cuts of the band members and props in the room while the room begins to start flashing red. A brief stop motion is also shown of a space ship flying into space. At 2.09 a shadow form of the lead singer is shown belting a long note. The rest of the band is also shown playing in shadow, intercutting with them playing normally while the red light continues to flash. The repetition of the word ‘Radar’ is sung by the whole band, including the band singing on the tv screen, the band holding glowsticks in the dark room and the word radar shown in red letters on a black screen repeatedly. At the end when the lead singer shout ‘1,2,3,4’ the camera splits into four with the band in holding a number 1,2,3,4 out of foam. A mid shot is shown of the whole band chucking the numbers on the floor and walking away. As the sound fades out, the video does like a tv being switched off.
  5. 5. Main idea (Generalised) Main influence will be Ladyhawke’s (back of the van) and the Mystery Jets' (Two doors down). Both includes 80’s theme that has inspired our music video. Ladyhawke’s in back of the van has a space/galaxy theme of stars and northern light. We would like to achieve by using videos clips from youtube of northern lights and stars and project it onto a screen or green screen it. We would also like to include a scene where the band are in a dark room and neon glows stick, conforming to the electronica genre.
  6. 6. Representation Mise-en-scene: Funky and retro 80’s revival with modern twists via outfits Unconventional indie band due to multicultural members Conventions of indie: Showing instruments, ie guitars etc. Electro elements via flashing lights, bright colours and costume eg skinny jeans Using quirky editing techniques such as stop and reverse motion to give band eccentric edge More upbeat and energetic due to crazy live performances in quirky places ie laudrenttes in East LDN Signed to indie label XL recordings with similar artists
  7. 7. Audience Secondary audience: 25-30 year old females who has fond memories of 80’s music and fashion, as track will remind them of this. As the 80’s revival is the current trend in music, this track should appeal to our primary and secondary audience. Be interested in dramas such as Skins, Misfits and This is England ‘86 Duran DuranCyndi Lauper Consume products such as web 2.0 sites such as Facebook and Tumblr Use technology such as Iphones and Blackberry. Also buy music from Itunes and HMV Watch iconic teen movies such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. Also watch indie movies such as Brick (2005) or more quirky films such as Scott Pilgrim vs the world (2010) Primary audience: 15-19 female teens who listen to Indie music. Similar artists they would listen to are New Young Pony Club, The Ting Tings and La Roux. Target Audiences
  8. 8. Cinematography  Use of beauty shots on lead vocals and close up/cut ins on guitars to define indie genre. Also long shots to show whole band performing. Dolly shot of whole band performing to add dynamic when changes from verse to bridge. Panning shots to reveal mise-en- scene of girls bedroom and boredoom. Advanced shots: Forced perspective: Gives an unusual element to the video and conforms to quirkeness of indie video Rule of thirds: On main performer for complete attention on artist Stopmotion: Use at certain segments of song to illustrate lyrics ie; ‘landed on the moon’
  9. 9. Cinematography Low and high angles Mid shotsLong shots Over the shoulder Compositing
  10. 10. Editing Axial cut Where we would film non stop of a scene while every once in a while would either zoom or moving the camera in or out. We would then editing the unneeded footage. Wipe (transition) Using the iris wipe to connect or follow the story Match cut Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey We would use intertexuality of a drum stick during the bridge of a song that turns into a glowstick Takes: Short and Long Pov 180 dergrees This rule will help keep continuity. Adds different dynamics Mirror effect Reverse motion: add quirky effect to video, in sections of video
  11. 11. Mise-en-scene 80’s revival/inspired, similar clothing that’s associated with the 80’s- reflects up- tempo electronic tones of the music . This is currently the trend in 2010 with artists such as La Roux and The Ting Tings new album. Bright colours, ‘pop’ colours, reflects energy of the track. Also use of patterns via background or clothing. Clothing and accessories Style and Form 80’s revival/inspiratio n such as playsuits and printed t-shirts
  12. 12. Props/ locations that will be used
  13. 13. Representation/locations used  Bright, ‘poppy’ colours- yellows, pinks, red, greens  Guitars, drums, keyboard, vocals  Using quirky editing techniques such as reverse and axel cuts  Use of make up, i.e. colored eye make up/glitter/accessories  A desolate room (warehouse?) to film performance shots (Southwark play house/studio?)  Science lab  Photography dark room.  Brick walls (Background for digi pack)  Bright colours (costume)  Bright lighting
  14. 14. Genre and music video conventions A genre for a niche market. (indie is becoming a mainstream genre) Young band members (17-19) that are mostly female this will challenge the representation of a indie band where its mostly male dominant Challenging-Mix gender and ethnicities Showing instruments, Indie/electro- conventions- Bright colors/neon this will be linking to the 80’s revival
  15. 15. Theories applied  This pitch in the video will uses the theory Post modernism, that 80’s revival is currently the trend for electro/pop music and inspiration from music videos from Mystery Jets and New Young Pony Club. Voyeurism in that the spectator is watching a girl’s daily life within the narrative.  Links to intertexuality with retro clothing, to remind audience of 1980’s.  Firth’s theory- that this video will be more narrative based.
  16. 16. Artist digipack: Ladyhawke  Ladyhawke digi pack is another idea we would possible use for our digi pack, the use of water colour sketches are effective but simple. Ladyhawke
  17. 17. Artist digipack: Vampire Weekend  Vampire Weekend is a indie rock/world beat/pop band that use photography with an faded effect Vampire weekend Typography has an 80’s feel with bright colours 80’s sense from the faded effect The band’s not in sight a random picture from a house party with the band name in the centre
  18. 18. Artist digipack: Mystery Jets Mystery Jets Using old things around the area to create a time effect Coloured themes of bright blue pink blues and orange etc Coloured bows link to the 80’s theme. The Mystery Jets, an all male group that are indie rock/ post punk Artistic by only the white background makes the viewer focus on the female feet and bow
  19. 19. Digi pack Idea’s for our digi pack We want to carry on with the bright colours throughout the digi pack Geomatric shapes and block colours. Back drops are going to be simple i.e brick walls, the audience will then focus more on the band and the text We could also carry on with the space theme for the front cover, with the background of northern lights with the bands name and image.