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Audience demographic 1

  1. 1. Changing Modes . Audience research MOOD BOARD
  2. 2. Target audience Changing Modes . Audience research AGE: 15-19 years (secondary to sixth form) predominantly white females (however secondary audience is multicultural females) Will be into the artist fashion which is the 80’s renovation the 80’s will have renovate movies, toys, gadgets, fashion and music. Well known artist that they listen too: Ting Tings, Blur and Kate Nash Interest in sub genres of indie: pop, electronica, and rock i.e. operator please is indie pop/rock
  3. 3. Listen to older bands from different era such as the cure and the smiths from the 80’s. Also uses technology to consume mp3 players and Ipods. However also like to buy music in physical format ie. Cds from music outlets HMV. Indie pop ect music will be in indie movies for example Nick and Norah infinite playlist with After hours by the we are scientist song. Target audience uses Use a lot of technology i.e web2.0- active audience, to find new music, ie Youtube and other social networks helps niche artists. Going online to buy merchandise of bands they are fans of (ie, t- shirts and badges) , going to their concerts. Shop around trendy high street (topshop and H&M) and vintage markets/shops. More quirky/individual style.
  4. 4. The Bands audience Secondary source Checkerphil:2 years ago I love ChangingModes! carlalex7 3 years ago flash gordon - secret agent - melodrama. pop rock withzanytwists. change is good! msongs 3 years ago wow, catchytrack, let it be on the roof then ontomultiple places. cute. voiceofthegods 3 years ago Youguysrock!!! BakedDecision 3 years ago Their myspace site the Changing Modes . Audience research
  5. 5. Changing Modes . Audience research The Bands audience Secondary source voiceofthegods:2 years ago Camillia, you rock so hard!!! You all fit each other so wellin this band. eyesnsize:2 years ago I've known Oromaner now for 14years. This is his best group performance ever! The new singer has strong soul! -rogercanal moromaner:3 years ago Yes, I've seen them live. It's like watching a psychadellic vaudeville show. rbkyomama 3 years ago verycool band and the video is very hot, fun, with wonderful energy
  6. 6. What the target audience want from the video? This will be a word scrabble from our focus research
  7. 7. How we will cater to the target audience? Band wearing trendy clothing- that aspires audience to have silmiar clothing, (ie headband the lead singer is wearing) Wearing outfits that conform to indie genre, ie colour skinny jeans. Fast, upbeat music and youthful band that is silmiar to target audience age- they can relate to them. Catchy lyrics- repetition of lyrics can be printed on merchandise for audience to buy. Can be sold on website, and synergy with quirky clothes. First 100 people to buy record get a signed cd of the single/album.