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Culture clash within the classroom


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Culture clash within the classroom

  2. 2. NAPLAN "National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy". All students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 have to complete the tests. Aim of NAPLAN: test students progress and ability in reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all areas of mathematics. Picture: Cameron Richardson Source: The Daily Telegraph, retrieved from administer-tests/story-fn6b3v4f-1226054383305
  3. 3. HOW THE DATA IS USED-Assessment to use for teaching purposes-MySchool rankings and school performance-Teacher performanceCogan, J. (2011, May 10). What next in the struggle against naplan?. independent media centre australia. Retrieved from retrieved from: Point Roll (2011).
  4. 4. THE ‘GAP’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students scores are below that of other students at every year level and in all three key domains. The gaps ranged from 16.7 percentage points to 30.2 percentage points. This graph is an example of the gap. It represents the NAPLAN results of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in year 3 across the three domains.Figure 7.7       Achievement of Year 3 students at or above minimum standard, by NAPLAN key domains, by Indigenous status                          Australia, 2009 (per cent). Retrieved from 2.html ACARA. (2011). National report on schooling in australia 2009. Retrieved from http:// 2.html
  5. 5. CLOSING THE GAPCouncil of Australian Government(COAG) National Indigenous Reformtarget:halve the gap for Indigenous students in reading, writingand numeracy by 2018NALAN data used to examine progressSchools choose programs to be implementedHow do schools decide which programs to use?Programs and strategies that are inclusive? OR programs andstrategies that improve NAPLAN data?Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training. (2008). Closing the gap education strategy. Retrieved from website:
  6. 6. CONFERENCE PAPER OUTLINE An Education History from Both Sides Reasons for ‘the gap’ Examining the preferred learning styles of Indigenous students Strategies and programs inclusive of Indigenous learning styles and culture Indigenous Learning Styles versus NAPLAN Conclusion and Recommendations