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The Importance of the Quality Operation & Maintenance manual


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If your in-house resource is struggling to produce their O&M manuals, if time constraints are stopping a smooth handover of documentation. Write My Manual can help you deliver.

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The Importance of the Quality Operation & Maintenance manual

  1. 1. The importance of the quality O&M Manual and the company that can provide the solution As buildings become more technically advanced, architects and clients are demanding more from main contractors and subcontractors in regards to their Operation and Maintenance manuals. A higher level of detail and improved quality of information is required to ensure they get the best level of facility / building management post construction. O&M Manuals are not only an integral part of building handover, but are a legal obligation to comply with 2007 CDM regulations. With the significant rise of “Green Construction” in the last 5 years; O&M manuals also need to comply with BREEAM and LEED requirements in the industry. The benefit of having a quality and detailed O&M manual is not only on the end user, but on the contractors submitting the information. A US study has shown that 65 to 85% of the cost of a new building is post construction; if this cost falls within the defect or warranty liability period, this cost can be transferred back to the installation contractor. Write My Manual are a new company to the construction industry specialising in authoring, coordinating and reviewing Operation and Maintenance manuals. With over 9 years’ experience within the construction industry, Write My Manual has a vast knowledge of architect and client expectations upon project handover. To find out more information about Write My Manual go to or contact