Twitter Power Part 2


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Learn How to Effectively Use Twitter to Gain New Followers, Get More Traffic, and Make More Sales! Twitter is a Marketer’s Dream in the pursuit of ideal clients, with over 200 million users who are searching for information, looking to connect, and build relationships. Internet users are craving a great company to buy from! Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or motivated professional, you need to understand how maximize yourself on Twitter…

Part 2 of this hands-on training will cover:
· Tips & Tricks To Getting More Followers
· How to Manage Your Twitter Account
· How To Use Lists To Narrow The Noise
· What To Do To Make Sure You Get ReTweeted Over and Over Again
· Great Twitter Resources

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Twitter Power Part 2

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  2. 2. Who Is Rebecca? Local Google+ Ambassador Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Teach social media courses for Kishwaukee College Continuing Education Web Design & Development eCommerce Project Manager Google+ eBook ( Proud mom of 5 kids
  3. 3. Twitter Lingo Tweet – a 140 character post on Twitter Mentions - when someone mentions you specifically @yourusername RT - retweet RTs by others, RTs by you, your tweets RT’d DM = Messages – direct message to you (only you and the person who sent it can see this message)
  4. 4. Ways to use @ To Everyone Message are sent to ALL followers of person mentioned and the sender of the message Thanks for connecting with me @rwardlow7. Let’s connect on #Facebook .@rwardlow7 have you heard about the new #Google+ feature?
  5. 5. Ways to use @ Message is sent to only people who are following both the person mentioned (@rwardlow7) and the sender of the message. @rwardlow7 Facebook. Without a doubt
  6. 6. # (Hashtag) Used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet Place the # in front of the keyword The #keyword becomes a hyperlink and clickable
  7. 7. Messages (DM) Direct message to you (only you and the person who sent it can see this message) DM – short code to place in front of a tweet to send as a direct message Ask questions in your DM / Ask for input "Great to connect with you here on Twitter. Do you use social media for business or pleasure?” Try to develop a question or input that revolves around your niche
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Google URL Shortner
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. SocialBro
  13. 13. Tweepi
  14. 14. Following a #hashtag conversation
  15. 15. Tweet Chat Solutions Source
  16. 16.
  17. 17. BufferApp
  18. 18. Tweet Deck
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. TwitterFeed
  22. 22. What Time Should I Tweet?
  23. 23. Survey Your feedback is valuable! Please help us improve our presentations and offerings. We appreciate you taking the time to take this brief survey.
  24. 24. Questions & Answers CONNECT WITH REBECCA on other social media platforms... • Website • Google+ dlow7 • Twitter dlow7 • Facebook etSocialSolutions • Pinterest m/SocialSolutions