Twitter power part 1


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Beginner presentation for new Twitter peeps at Sterling Library

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  • 29% of those 18-24 use Twitter to follow their favorite company (future clients/buyers)53% of people recommend companies, services, products and people
  • Twitter power part 1

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Who Is Rebecca? Local Google+ Ambassador Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Teach social media courses for Kishwaukee College Continuing Education Web Design & Development eCommerce Project Manager Google+ eBook ( Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. Twitter Stats 200M monthly active users 175M tweets sent each day Avg. user has sent 307 tweets 11 new accounts created every second It takes less than 1 week for Twitter users to send 1 Billion tweets! 182% increase in mobile users
    4. 4. How Can You Use Twitter? Generating TRAFFIC to your website BRANDING your company and products LISTENING to what is being said about your company or industry PROMOTE & SHARE your blog content, special offers, events & more REACH new people daily Share and get the latest NEWS NETWORKING with others who share your passion
    5. 5. Join Twitter Go to -> Join today Walk through steps of creating an account User Name -> something that identifies what you are and feeds into your branding Suggestions of people to follow Interests Friends -> search contacts in other places Share photos on Twitter Confirmation Email address -> you need to confirm
    6. 6. Twitter Account Settings Account This is where you can: change your Twitter name @rwardlow7 Set email address Time Zone Tweet location Privacy Deactivate Account
    7. 7. Password Update or change your Twitter password
    8. 8. Mobile Download the Twitter App Set phone number Text notifications Sleep setting
    9. 9. Email Notifications Set Notifications for: Activity related to you and your tweets Activity from your network Updates from Twitter
    10. 10. Profile Settings Set your profile image Set your header image Enter your name Add your location Enter your website URL Add your bio Post tweets from Twitter to Facebook profile
    11. 11. Design Customize the way Twitter looks for you and how your profile looks for others Pick a premade theme Customize your own theme
    12. 12. Apps Applications that I have granted permission to access my Twitter account. You can revoke access from this page.
    13. 13. Widgets
    14. 14. Twitter Lingo Tweet – a 140 character post on Twitter Mentions - when someone mentions you specifically @yourusername RT - retweet RTs by others, RTs by you, your tweets RT’d DM = Messages – direct message to you (only you and the person who sent it can see this message)
    15. 15. A Tweet
    16. 16. 10 Types of Tweets 1. The Honesty Tweet – people may love or hate what you have to say but it still creates a strong emotional response. For example: "I hate people who just fish for compliments ugh." 2. The Feeling Tweet – remember, the point of Twitter is to engage your audience. An example of a "feeling tweet" might be something like this…"Feeling tweet-ledee or tweet-ledumb?"
    17. 17. 10 Types of Tweets 3. The Have You Ever Tweet – people love to talk about themselves! Give them an opportunity to do so and watch what happens! Have you ever is an opened ended scenario that can be approached from almost any subject! Lead with a question and see where it takes you.
    18. 18. 10 Types of Tweets 4. The What's Best Tweet – again, another tweet that is asking for a response. Great way to see what your audience is tuned into as far as different products, services, etc. 5. The That's Just Funny Tweet – as with the honesty tweet, this one is subjective but will always illicit an emotional response. What you feel is funny may not appeal to all but it will certainly connect you with others that do think your tweet is funny.
    19. 19. 10 Types of Tweets 6. The Quotable Tweet – one of my personal favorites! This one speaks for itself. 7. The Resource Sharing Tweet – find a great article or a resource that you know your target audience could benefit from? Share it! People will love you for it! 8. The Venting Tweet – everyone needs to let off steam once in a while and; chances are, if you are going through some frustration, someone out there has been there. Again, this type of tweet will encourage people to sympathize with what is going on with you.
    20. 20. @Symbol @ symbol before the Twitter username of someone you want to reply to When the @(username) is the first word of a tweet, that means only followers of both you and the other user can see the tweeted reply. The user name(s) in the tweet will become hyperlinks that will link you to the user profile
    21. 21. Ways to use @ To Everyone Message are sent to ALL followers of person mentioned and the sender of the message Thanks for connecting with me @rwardlow7. Let’s connect on #Facebook .@rwardlow7 have you heard about the new #Google+ feature?
    22. 22. Ways to use @ Message is sent to only people who are following both the person mentioned (@rwardlow7) and the sender of the message. @rwardlow7 Facebook. Without a doubt
    23. 23. # (Hashtag) Used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet Place the # in front of the keyword The #keyword becomes a hyperlink and clickable
    24. 24. Hot To Get RT’d RT @rwardlow7 The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. -- William James So true @rwardlow7: You always pass failure on the way to success. - Mickey Rooney” Use 120 characters or less Leaving room for other to add comments and RT Be Social, Connect & Engage When RT’ing keep it relevant Tweet about breaking news, industry news Include links ( Use Hashtags Mention other Twitter users
    25. 25. Your Timeline This is real-time stream that shows tweets from all those you are following Also know as your home stream.
    26. 26. Messages (DM) Direct message to you (only you and the person who sent it can see this message) DM – short code to place in front of a tweet to send as a direct message Ask questions in your DM / Ask for input "Great to connect with you here on Twitter. Do you use social media for business or pleasure?” Try to develop a question or input that revolves around your niche
    27. 27. Your Profile
    28. 28. Twitter Lists Your goal should be to build a quality list of followers who are interested in and who will be interested in you and your business Go to your profile > click Lists Two types of Lists: Subscribe To Member of
    29. 29. Favorites You can add any tweet to your favorite list Hover over tweet Click on Favorite
    30. 30. Your Following People YOU follow. Organize these people into LISTS Use drop-down to place into List
    31. 31. Your Followers People who follow YOU! Click Follow button to follow them back Use drop-down to place into List
    32. 32. Who To Follow (profile page) Go to your profile > scroll down Look in left column for “Who To Follow’
    33. 33. Trend Box Shows the HOT topics Based on # times RT'd
    34. 34. Twitter Search Search on Twitter, use keywords and search in real time "Twitter tips", "Wordpress tips" -> save this search
    35. 35. @Connect Displays most recent interactions and mentions A great way to know who you should respond to
    36. 36. #Discover What’s happening tailored for you Based of your connections
    37. 37. Activity To find activity go to # Discover and look in left navigation
    38. 38. Who To Follow To find who to follow go to # Discover and look in left navigation Twitter accounts suggested for you based on who you follow and more.
    39. 39. Find Friends To find ‘find friends’ go to # Discover and look in left navigation Import contact from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, A OL Search Twitter for people Invite friends via email People you may know
    40. 40. Browse Categories To find ‘browse categories’ go to # Discover and look in left navigation Select topics you are interested in Follow people you want to hear from
    41. 41. Survey Your feedback is valuable! Please help us improve our presentations and offerings. We appreciate you taking the time to take this brief survey.
    42. 42. Questions & Answers CONNECT WITH REBECCA on other social media platforms... • Website • Google+ dlow7 • Twitter dlow7 • Facebook etSocialSolutions • Pinterest m/SocialSolutions