Top 7 Ways To Build & Market Your Business On Google+


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  • eBook “15 Google+ Tips for Small Business Owners”
  • #1 Facebook #2 Google+ #3 YouTube #4 Twitter according to ForbesGoogle+ users are loyal60% of users logged in daily80% engage weekly
  • Share your story. I share a little about myself, how people can connect with me, products I’ve developed, what’s on my blog, my passion, links to external social media and my website. My passion is to help businesses understand how to use Google+ to create an online presence that will build relationships with potential and existing customers.
  • Include engaging cover photo and profile imagecover photo Is 2120px by 1192px.Profile pic 250 pixels x 250 pixels.
  • Authorship is an individuals content – “This is mine” Connects individuals to their content
  • Google Authorship lets Google know the content you write can be trusted to provide value to customerYahoo scrapes public Google+ dataUse Google Author Stats in Webmaster ToolsConnect with influencers — Get in a habit of re-sharing content from your friends and thought leaders. “+1″ their posts and make intelligent comments. Write interesting posts on Google+ and quote these influencers by name. Build upon the content they’ve already created — add to or challenge their work in a re-share.Continue to create and publish great content — This is what you will ultimately be judged upon, and is the core driver of the qualitative history of a writer that’s behind Author Rank. Keep writing and publishing those thoughtful, useful blog posts and building your authoritative bank of content.
  • What happens, people will check you out, and by extension check out your business. Now imagine that person telling their friends, family, co-workers about how you helped solve their problem or issue. You just created the RIPPLE effect.
  • Upper right corner of any post ~ hover over and get down arrow. Click for drop-down options – View RipplesRipples allows you to see who’s sharing your content throughout Google+
  • Communities thrive around relationships, activities and growth through various events and posts. You can establish “trust”Weekly hangouts, special events, contests and workshopsReward customer engagement to spark interaction and show appreciation4 Types of Communities:Public group that anyone can join and post.Public group where only moderators can post, but anyone can view or comment.Private group (members only) that can be discovered by search.Private group (members only) hidden from search.
  • Think About your Brand: What makes your business unique and what do you want to convey to your customers and followersWhat are your goals? Find new customers, build your brand & relationships with current customers, promote events and special offersKnow your customer – What gets them excited? What will keep them engaged? Post images & videos, host Hangouts On Air, share exMark your calendar – decide how often and what type of content you want to post each day. Plan it out and write it down.
  • By posting about and linking to specific products and services on your website form your Google+ page, you will notice SEO results increase in your website analytics.Google Plus Publisher markup shows your Business company info (usually Google Plus Business Page and Google Places Map) on the right hand side of the search results. This is called Google Plus Direct Connect. When someone searchers for your brand online Google connects your website’s URL with your Google Plus Business Page and shows both in the search results. Consistent, interesting & eye-catching postsInfluencers – know who they key players of your industry/niche are. Are they on Google+? Observe them, reach out to them or even partner with them.Ripples allows you to see who’s sharing your content throughout Google+What’s Hot = topics and users who are getting the most traction on Google+ at that time. This will change often.Google+ Search to find posts, people, pages & moreCross promote on other social networks, emails, ad & print materialsHangouts – provide your customers with a new way to have insight into your business, conversations with your staff andIdentify your purpose & set goalsLearning about the conversations happening on the webConnecting with peers or networkingScott Monty does a great job of mixing personal & business posts on his personal page. He adds +Ford Motor Company to connect himself to the Ford business page.
  • At a minimum, verify your page and ensure the information is accurate, complete and optimized for search. You can do this by clicking the “Manage this page” link on your listing or by searching for your business here. Once that’s done it’s a matter of maintaining content and monitoring reviews over time.Maintain content and monitor reviews
  • four tabs at the top of the page—About, Posts, Photos and Videos. Go to and click Manage this page on the page you’d like to verify.Click Verify your business beneath your address.
  • Survey
  • Top 7 Ways To Build & Market Your Business On Google+

    1. 1. #SSRW
    2. 2. #SSRW Who Is Rebecca? Local Google+ Ambassador Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Teach social media courses for Kishwaukee College Continuing Education Web Design & Development since 1998 eCommerce Project Manager Google+ eBook ( Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. #SSRW Why You Should Care About Google+ “Google+ is Google itself. We’re extending it across all that we do – search, ads, Chrome, Andro id, Maps, YouTube – so that each of those services contributes to our understanding of who YOU are.” ~ Bradley Horowitz, VP products for Google+ Ranked #2 359M active users 70% of people start the search for your business on Google Google+ Is Indexed by Google Google+ users are loyal
    4. 4. #SSRW Google+ Is Business Google+ is Business. A referral from Google+ is worth an average of $10.78, compared to a Facebook referral at $2.35 and a Twitter referral at $1.62. Email shares were the most valuable at $17.93. Source:
    5. 5. #SSRW 1) Your Profile – About Section
    6. 6. #SSRW 1) Optimize Your ‘About’ Section Share your story Include keywords & links in your story Fill out every blank, let people know who you are Don’t limit yourself! Leave things as public as possible. Potential business opportunity SEO sensitive Personal About Page Story Work Contact Info Education Basic Information Links Business About Page Story Contact Info Links
    7. 7. #SSRW 2) Google Authorship
    8. 8. #SSRW 2) Claim Google Authorship Your photo shows up in search Increase click-thru rates Immediate impact on SEO results Connect with Influencers Continue to create and publish great content authorship Use a recognizable head shot Author byline on each page of your content “By Rebecca Wardlow” <link rel=“author” href=“[profile url]”> Verify your email on the same domain as your content
    9. 9. #SSRW 3) Start Networking Talk with people, don’t talk at people Help solve people’s problems or issues Provide free advice or tips without request, expectation, reci procation or compensation Connect with others who have same passions you do
    10. 10. #SSRW 3) Use Google+ Ripples
    11. 11. #SSRW 4) Google+ Communities
    12. 12. #SSRW 4) Join / Create Google+ Community Like groups in Facebook Great place to find people with great opportunities Small circles of people (just like real life) People are sharing articles of interest not selling Share to community only
    13. 13. #SSRW 5) Integrate With Website Increase traffic to your Website with Google+ Google+ Website buttons, links, badges, sni ppets .com/+/plugins/share/ Google+ Comments plug-in for Blogger and WordPress
    14. 14. #SSRW 6) Posting Tips Before you begin: Think about your brand Set goals Know your customer Mark your calendar Posting Tips: Lead posts with your target keywords Mention people with + or @ in front of name Ask a question or include a call to action Add photo or video to post
    15. 15. #SSRW 6) Posting Cheat Sheet
    16. 16. #SSRW 7) Use Your Business Page Request verification fication?rd=1 Add Google+ Publisher Markup Post interesting content & be consistent (2-3 posts per day) Engage your influencers Use Ripples, What’s Hot & Search Cross-promote Offer exclusive news, contests or deals Answer questions Offer solutions Create awareness & trust
    17. 17. #SSRW 8) Get Listed in Google+ Local Previous known as Google Places Allows users discover and share places Users can see recommendations based their circles, past reviews and location Users can publish reviews and photos of their favorite place(s) Important Note: Select “Local Business or Place” category when setting up your page Users cannot view reviews/ratings or review from a Google+ page UNLESS it has been merged with the Local Business Page.
    18. 18. #SSRW 8) Local Pages vs Google+ Pages Local pages include: Business description Contact details Location Photos Reviews & Ratings Identifiable by 2 tabs at the top of the page: “About” and “Photos” Is this your business? Manage this page Google+ pages offer interactive social features: Build followers Share and comment on posts Engage with users and other businesses. Identifiable by four tabs at the top of the page: About, Posts, Photos and Videos.
    19. 19. #SSRW 8) Merging Local > Google+ Page How to merge: 1. Claim Google+ Local Page 2. Create Google+ Business Page (must be local business/place category) 3. Verify Google+ Business page Request postcard to be send via mail. 4. Enter PIN # and you are done. Once your pages are merged: Links in Search, Maps and Google+ will link to G+ Page Followers can interact socially with your brand Merged Google+ Local pages are identifiable by a verified checkmark below the four tabs at the top of the page
    20. 20. #SSRW 9) Host Google+ Hangout Google+ Hangout Add person to chat Similar to iMessage Up to 11 people in text chat Instantly add video chat Screen Share ability Share YouTube videos Share document and all can work on it together Team collaboration Hangouts on Air Live Broadcast Stream your hangout publicly on Google+, your YouTube channel, and your website. Save instantly to YouTube Share to the World Create your own show online Video training Customer Service
    21. 21. #SSRW 10) Create Vanity URL Create a vanity URL for personal profile, business page and communities Visit to setup your vanity URL is shortened to…
    22. 22. G+ Social Power is your roadmap to leveraging the power of Google+ to build your brand, get more traffic, generate leads and make more sales! Who is this training for? • Entrepreneurs • Marketers • Business Owners • Google+ Beginners thru Advanced Users • There’s something for everyone to learn! Get Access to 6 Modules (29 Videos) Module 1: Overview of the Google+ Platform Module 2: Getting Started on Google+ Module 3: Google+ Page Management and Awareness Building Module 4: Optimizing Your Google+ Page for Google Module 5: Photos Module 6: Engaging Customers with Google+ Hangouts $297 value JOIN TODAY After August 6, 2013 the price will increase to $97
    23. 23. #SSRW Connect With Me CONNECT WITH REBECCA on other social media platforms... • Website • Google+ dlow7 • Twitter dlow7 • Facebook etSocialSolutions • Pinterest m/SocialSolutions