Marketing campaign strategies for the social & mobile world


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Sterling Library Class on June 24, 2013

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  • Mobile Mobile marketing can be very effective, for three important reasons: It lets you connect with customers through a medium that is always on; it is always available; and it is very personal. 
  • Marketing campaign strategies for the social & mobile world

    1. 1. for the Social & Mobile
    2. 2. Who Is Rebecca?• Local Google+ Ambassador• Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant• Teach social media courses for KishwaukeeCollege Continuing Education• Web Design & Development• eCommerce Project Manager• Google+ eBook (www.RebeccaWardlow)• Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. Social & Mobile Strengths• Instant communicationwith customers• Global reach• More cost-effectivethan traditionalmarketing• Great potential formarketing to go viral
    4. 4. Mobile Stats• 100M Smartphone Users in US• 86 Million people do shoppingon their smartphones• Only 14% of small businessowners have websites optimizedfor mobile use.• 88.1% of users in the US will dotheir research on products thisyear• 83.9% will buy something viaonline transaction• Average mobile user spends127 minutes per day on Apps“In the last 12 monthscustomers around the worldordered more than $1billion worth of productsfrom Amazon using amobile device.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO,Amazon
    5. 5. More Stats!• 330+ Million users onFacebook Mobile• Mobile users aregrowing 2x faster thandesktop users, and willpass them in 2013• 50% of all localsearches are done onmobile devices• 91% of mobile traffic issocializing, comparedto 79% on desktopImage source:
    6. 6. Mobile Phones & Users91% of mobile userskeep their phone within3 feet of themselves,at all timesImage source:
    7. 7. Poor Mobile Experience Can Hurt Business• 74% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for a web page to load on mobile devices• 46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if the site did not workproperly• 71% mobile use expect web pages to load as quick or faster than on their desktopcomputer
    8. 8. Optimize Your ContentRemember to optimize your content for mobileinteraction and navigationSpecific, clear call to actionSimplify opt-in formsBe finger-friendlyTest. Test again. Test some more.
    9. 9. Facebook Mobile-Local• 330+ Million users onFacebook Mobile• Mobile searchers makelocal buying decisionbased on theendorsements andactivity of Facebookfriends, rather thanrandom user reviews insearch results or onFoursquare & Yelp.
    10. 10. Facebook Mobile-Local• Optimize yourFacebook presence byencouraging check-ins,offering incentives forreviews, buildingengagement on yourfan page and addingthe like button to yourwebsite & other onlinepresences.
    11. 11. Encourage check-ins
    12. 12. Encourage Recommendations
    13. 13. Facebook Text-To-LikeLet’s test it out... textLike GetSocialSolutionsto 326651. Offer bonus to people making apurchase in your store2. Put up a sign that asks customersto do it.3. Put graphic/signage on productsor receipts as people check out.
    14. 14. Google+ Local
    15. 15. Google Search
    16. 16. 1Reviewayearago
    17. 17. Side-by-Side
    18. 18. Side-by-Side
    19. 19. Where are Google+ Reviews?
    20. 20. Social & Mobile Tools• Multimedia MessagingService (MMS)• Click-to-Call• Mobile Applications• QR codes & in-storesignage• Put your Mobile AppURL in front of yourcustomers (printmaterials)
    21. 21. Your Mobile & Social Reach• 649,600 people who live within 50 miles ofMalta, IL (age 18 and older) are on Facebook• 452,217 people on LinkedIn (AdvancedSearch 60115 within 35 mi)• 145,372 people on Google+ within 40 miles ofMalta, IL
    22. 22. Desktop vs. Mobile on a Mobile device
    23. 23. Check Mobile Site Load Times• Open your mobile page upin Google Chrome, right-click on it and choose“Inspect Element”• Click on the Network icon inthe window pane that popsup• Refresh the page andChrome will display a nice,informative timeline witheach page element & loadtime• If page loads in less than 5-seconds, you’re golden!
    24. 24. Get Started Today!Make mobile website creation a priorityMobile URLs are sometimes a subdomain of the website’s URL: up ways to easily connect with customersAllow users to connect with you via text messaging. Let them join contact lists forwebsite updates, deals, discounts and other news. Give them a reason to continuepatronizing your site, product or service.Mobile AdvertisingCurrently light competition. Start soon to establish your small business’ place and getan early advantage over other small businessesEncourage Facebook Check-InsEncourage Google+ Check-InsEncourage Reviews & Recommendations
    25. 25. How To Launch A Mobile CampaignStep 1: Ask yourself these questions• What is the objective of this campaign?• Who is your target audience?• How long will this campaign run?• Are you using other media to support or supplement yourmobile plan?Step 2: Budgeting & Scheduling• When do you need the campaign to start?• How much money do you intend on spending on mobilemedia?• How much do you intend to spend on other forms ofmedia?• How many messages are you planning to send?
    26. 26. How To Launch A Mobile CampaignStep 3: Content and Production• What kind of message do you want to use in this campaign?• How will you distribute your message?• Who will produce the message content or mobileapplication?• Who will test the campaign?Step 4: Final elements• Who will organize and coordinate multiple mediaimplementation?• Where will you get your customer contacts?• What will be measured?
    27. 27. SurveyYour feedback is valuable! Please help us improveour presentations and offerings. We appreciateyou taking the time to take this brief survey.
    28. 28. Questions & AnswersCONNECT WITH REBECCA onother social media platforms...•• Google+• Twitter• Facebook• Pinterest