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Shopper trends ownlabel


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Shopper trends ownlabel

  1. 1. Shoppers feel buying own label makes them a smart shopper OWN LABEL AFFECT SHOPPER BEHAVIOUR How does SO... WHO ARE OWN LABELSHOPPERS? VALUE OWN LABEL PREMIUM OWN LABEL Families are the heaviest consumers of value own label Over 55s are the most likely purchase premium “MIX AND MATCH” VALUE OWN LABEL AND PREMIUM OWN LABEL “MIX AND MATCH” ACROSS BOTH OWN LABEL AND BRANDED 78%68% SHOPPER BEHAVIOUR VALUE V’S QUALITY SEARCHING FOR VALUE IN OWN LABEL NO NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PREMIUM AND VALUE OWN LABEL. 30% BELIEVE PREMIUM OWN LABEL SHOULD BE MORE INNOVATIVE THAN STANDARD RANGES SHOPPERS MAKE PRICE COMPARISONS WHEN COMPLETING THEIR GROCERY SHOPPING. 8/10 SEARCHING FOR QUALITY IN OWNLABEL 51%WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW OWN LABEL PRODUCTS ARE MADE 45%AVOID RETAILERS WITH POOR QUALITY OWN LABEL QUALITY IS ‘A CRUCIAL SELLING POINT FOR OWN LABEL’ – THIS EXPLAINS WHY ALDI’S SPECIALLY SELECTED, LIDL DELUXE AND THE NEW WAITROSE 1 ARE ALL IN STRONG GROWTH THINK OWN LABEL PRODUCTS ARE SIMILAR TO BRANDED67% THE EXPERT OPINION ‘Innovation by rivals, along with the “parasitical” own label development by Aldi and Lidl, has left Asda and Morrisons trailing in their competitors’ wake’ – Clive Black, Head of Research at Shore Capital Retail Week – Analysis: Why grocers’ private labels have ‘never been more important’, 5th April 2016 INNOVATION ‘The value message has become the most overused in retail. Customers are looking for an experience, and authenticity is key.’ – Kim van Elkan, MD of Hornall Anderson The Grocer – Own label under fire, 16th April 2016 VALUE Quality is absolutely essential to own label. Price should not be at the expense of quality if a grocer wants to retain customers. QUALITY Infographic created by CPM Source: Mintel:‘Private label food and non alcoholic drink’November 2015, Food Navigator: UK consumers think private label products and national brands are the same, says Canadean – March 2013, IGD: Brands vs Private Label in food discounters – August 2015.