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From the Tractor to Twitter: Content Marketing Lessons from the World of Agriculture


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Ever feel like the social media party got started while your organization was still in the barn? In recent years, many agricultural associations have faced an aging membership base, lagging technology adoption, and negative public perceptions. Find out how a few organizations plowed through these obstacles, planted the seeds of content innovation, and reaped a harvest that turned their associations into industry thought leaders. Presented at the 2012 ASAE Meeting in Dallas in cooperation with Hugh Whaley of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance.

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From the Tractor to Twitter: Content Marketing Lessons from the World of Agriculture

  1. 1. From the Tractor to Twitter:Content MarketingStrategies from the World of Ag Monday, Aug. 13, 2012 1:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. Hub Tag: #ASAE12 LR2
  2. 2. No tractor required …
  3. 3. Content is the blue-collar branch of marketing. - Eloqua
  4. 4. So, What Is Content Marketing? Fancy Definition: Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating anddistributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearlydefined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action. - Content Marketing Institute
  5. 5. Simply Put … “To be THEWorld’s Leading Expert in Your Niche Everywhere Your Members Are” - Joe Pulizzi, Junta42/CMI
  6. 6. The Origin of Content Marketing 1931 “Celebrating Today’s Farmer” Published today in English, Spanish & Russian
  7. 7. And Today …
  8. 8. • Hugh talks here about challenges and opportunities facing ag industry, perceptions, etc. … some may or may not be similar to other industries
  9. 9. Planting the Seeds of Content Lesson #1: Know Your Soil (or in this case, your audience)
  10. 10. Primary Source of News Source: Steve Drake, The Drake Forum
  11. 11. With no one media sourceranking more than 18%, what vehicle would you pick?
  12. 12. Work Communication Primary Work Communication Email Text Phone Call In-person All of the above Source: The Drake Forum
  13. 13. It’s Not About You
  14. 14. Know Your Audience Bob Steve• Manages 3,600 acres of • Small Choose & Cut trees farm• Pacific Northwest • Gulf Coast of Alabama• Sells to big box stores • Offers• Biggest concern is rising tours, Santa, train rides freight costs • Biggest concern is• Gets news online weather • Prefers print
  15. 15. Planting the Seeds of Content Lesson #2: Diversify Think Outside Your Members
  16. 16. Hugh talks here about other contentconsumers –, consumers, policymakersBackground info on USFRA and its strategy
  17. 17. Planting the Seeds of Content Lesson #3: Map Your Fields Set Goals for Your Content
  18. 18. Look at Your Content ModelContent for the sake of content?• Relevance to your mission• Specific goal or purpose• Clear call to action• Scheduled vs. on-demand• Universal vs. customized message• Editorial calendar
  19. 19. Content vs. Tools vs.
  20. 20. How Does Ag Stack Up?
  21. 21. • Hugh talks here about USFRA tactics – Food Dialogues, setting benchmarks for measurement
  22. 22. Planting the Seeds of ContentLesson #4: Don’t Plant More than You Can Tend It’s Not an All-or-Nothing Proposition
  23. 23. Do One Thing Really Well #AgChat • Started in April 2009 • Weekly moderated chat via Twitter • Nearly 24,000 followers • Launched AgChat Foundation
  24. 24. Make the Most of Content Reducing Antibiotic Residues
  25. 25. Content Marketing starts and ends withtelling a good story that is relevant to your audience.
  26. 26. Do what works for your association and members.
  27. 27. Planting the Seeds of ContentLesson #5: Everyone Helps at Harvest TimeContent Marketing has to be someone’s job – and everyone’s job.
  28. 28. Hugh talks about ways to engagemembers/industry in the process – Farmer Mobilization teamSeek out partners with similar challenges
  29. 29. If Nothing Else… Be human. Tell stories. Share ideas. Take risks. Listen.
  30. 30. QUESTIONS? What’s your association’sinnovation stumbling block?
  31. 31. Contact Info:Becky RasmussenAssistant DirectorAMR Management Services – NationalChristmas Tree Association636/ WhaleyGeneral ManagerAMR Management Services – U.S. Farmers &Ranchers Alliance636/