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Content Marketing for Nonprofits & Associations


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Is your association/nonprofit looking to content marketing to tell your story and engage members? This presentation covers some of the challenges and opportunities awaiting you. Presented at Content Marketing World 2012 in Columbus, Ohio.

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits & Associations

  1. Content Marketing forNonprofits & Associations Becky Rasmussen AMR Management Services @Becky_Rasmussen • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. Association Professionals Through the Ages - mKSvgmpVJFk #cmworld
  3. Associations SHOULD be great content marketers … = We have a wealth of content #cmworld
  4. If you took a content inventory, what would you find? • 224 magazine issues • 117 newsletter issues • 29 conventions • 33 marketing conferences • 13 webinars • 17 videos • 1,000s of photos • 55 blog posts • 1,030 tweets • 300 Facebook posts #cmworld
  5. e-books Research Journals Ebooks Learning Benchmarking Centers Books Blogs Listservs White papers Videos Articles Webinars Private social ConferencesWebsites networks Print newsletters Magazines Mobile Apps Podcasts Infographics Enewsletters Online Communities #cmworld
  6. Associations SHOULD be great content marketers … We have established relationships #cmworld
  7. Associations SHOULD be great content marketers … We have a foundation of #cmworld
  8. So what holds us back? #cmworld
  9. Challenges• Our wealth of content• Established relationships• Foundation of trust But that’s not all … #cmworld
  10. Challenges Association Membership Model #cmworld
  11. What does yourassociation “sell”? #cmworld
  12. Information Association Expert Knowledge Members #cmworld
  13. ChallengesStructure & Resources • Boards • Volunteers • Staff #cmworld
  14. ASSOCIATION content should:• Advance your mission• Address member needs and pain points• Position the association as a trusted resource• Target a specific audience• Provide a call to action• Tell an engaging story #cmworld
  15. Advance your missionTo protect and advocate for the farm-grown Christmas Tree industry #cmworld
  16. Address Member Needs and Pain PointsWhat can you do for your members that they can’t do for themselves?How is the content you provide going to help them improve their business or advance their career? #cmworld
  17. Address Member Needs and Pain Points #cmworld
  18. Position your association as a trusted resource #cmworld
  19. Position your association as a trusted resource #cmworld
  20. Target a specific audience Bob Steve• Manages 3,600 acres of trees • Small Choose & Cut farm• Pacific Northwest • Gulf Coast of Alabama• Sells to big box stores • Offers tours, Santa, train• Biggest concern is rising rides freight costs • Biggest concern is weather• Gets news online • Prefers print #cmworld
  21. Target a specific audience #cmworld
  22. Provide a call to action #cmworld
  23. Provide a call to action1ST CALLPurchase additional content, click to learn more, sign up, signin, subscribe, connect, engage, vote, contact, share, talk, “like”, comment, visit website, etc.2nd CALLJoin association, register for event, contribute/donate, volunteerAre you aiming for a relationship or a transaction? #cmworld
  24. Tell an engaging story Professional Innkeepers Association - FNilW0_YX0 #cmworld
  25. Tell an engaging story U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance 6FimIfalA&index=19&feature=plcp #cmworld
  26. Tell an engaging story(or help your members tell theirs) #cmworld
  27. And most importantly …Focus on what works for your association and members. #cmworld
  28. What are yourassociation content challenges? #cmworld