Texas revolution


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Texas revolution

  1. 1. • 1st battle of the Texas Revolution • Nickname is “The Lexington of Texas” because of the similarities between this battle and the first battle of the American Revolution •Texans WON!!!
  2. 2. • A week after Gonzales, Texans take the Presidio at Goliad • They realize they may actually be able to beat the huge Mexican Army • They decide to go to San Antonio– the biggest town in TX with the most soldiers The Mission at Goliad
  3. 3. The Army of the People’s March to San Antonio (Late Oct., 1835) • Everybody goes back to Gonzales to organize • Stephen F. Austin and other leaders gather a bunch of Texans (American and Tejano) to march to San Antonio • They start their march and call their group the “Army of the People” • Texans have about 400 soldiers when they get to SA • General Cos has about 750 soldiers in SA
  4. 4. The Siege of San Antonio • A siege is where one army is inside a fort or city and the other army tries to block all supplies and people from getting in or out • Mexicans were inside the Alamo and the Texans surrounded them • It started in on Oct. 29 and lasted FOREVER!! (At least that’s what the Texan volunteers started to think) General Cos and Mexican soldiers in the Alamo
  5. 5. • Remember? They had called for this meeting at the end of Ch. 8 • 58 delegates from 14 towns meet • Write a “Declaration”… NOT of independence… it just tries to explain their actions to MX • they are loyal citizens of Mexico • they would support the Constitution of 1824 • fighting only to defend themselves from Santa Anna • ask all Mexican citizens to fight for a democracy (SA was a dictator)
  6. 6. The Grass Fight: Nov. 26, 1835 • There had been very little military activity in Oct. and Nov. because sieges were BORING • A TX scout named “Deaf” Smith heard that the MX Army had some cavalry and mule train headed to San Antonio • Some of the Texans, thinking it has silver for Cos’ soldiers ATTACK!!! • It ends up to be just grass for their horses! • This is the final straw… the siege is called off and the Texans start packing to go home
  7. 7. San Felipe Consultation of 1835 1835 The Battle of Gonzales The Battle at Goliad March of the Army of the People Siege of Bexar Consultation of 1835 The Grass Fight Battle of San Antonio Cos surrenders and returns to Mexico