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Marketing your law firm | Solicitors Journal Live


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22nd May 2013 - Becky Campbell's presentation from SJ Live on marketing your law firm.

Published in: Technology
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Marketing your law firm | Solicitors Journal Live

  1. 1. Agenda• Your brand, appealing to your target audience• Your website, your 24/7 face of the business• Search marketing, standing out and being found in2013• Tracking technology to show ROI• Building a strategy to thrive
  2. 2. Brand
  3. 3. Why is brand so important?
  4. 4. Logo evolution
  5. 5. Logo evolution
  6. 6. Logo evolution
  7. 7. Logo application
  8. 8. Design to be Memorable
  9. 9. Design to Engage
  10. 10. Source: Social Marketing Forum, December 2010
  11. 11. Website DesignTrackable phonenumberClear brand identityLive chat is a tool that can beused to increase conversionsEngage with clientsthrough social mediaClear call-to-actionThe banner area isideal for highlightingoffers and services
  12. 12. Mobile DesignA mobile site is meant tobe designed to be easyto use and to containthe most keyinformation for users onthe go.A mobile site should nothave all pages fromyour website.
  13. 13. Mobile designBy 2014 more users will bebrowsing on a mobile device thandesktops.Mobile sites need to be easy to useand have a cut down version of themost important content.You can use your analytics to workout what pages are more importantto mobile users and the % of trafficyou are receiving from whichdevices.Source: Morgan Stanley, April 2010
  14. 14. Design Case Studies
  15. 15. Design Case Studies
  16. 16. Design Case Studies
  17. 17. Design – Niche WebsitesAcquiring new businesscan easily be forgottenwhen your firm is busybut it is imperative forgrowth and continuedsuccess.Looking at nichemicrosites that areheavily call to actionbased can be a brilliantsolution.
  18. 18. Design – Niche Website
  19. 19. Design – Niche Website
  20. 20. Search EngineOptimisation
  21. 21. Wayne to do streetviews
  22. 22. Source: International Telecommunication Union, November 2011
  23. 23. Source: International Telecommunication Union, November 2011Ofcom April 2013
  24. 24. Search Engine Market ShareUK – 90% UK – 5.3% UK – 2.3% UK – 1.5% UK – 0.7%Source: The E Word Feb 2013
  25. 25. Paid vs. Natural
  26. 26. SEO Positioning
  27. 27. Traffic Conversions ROIOnline Marketing does not need to be complicated
  28. 28. Our SEO Process…Planning, Research &AnalysisOn-SiteOptimisationOff-SiteOptimisationKeywordResearchMeasurement&Refinement
  29. 29. Planning, Research &AnalysisWe would audit the site to make surethe search engine Robots andSpiders can find what they are lookingfor.We‟ll also look at other potentialtechnical issues such as duplicatecontent and page load time.
  30. 30. Keyword Research
  31. 31. On-PageOn-PageOn-site SEO consists of optimising the actualcontent itselfWe‟ll look at meta tags, H tags and alt tagsWe‟ll then ensure that the content has justthe right keyword density so that the searchengines know exactly what the page is about
  32. 32. Off Site OptimisationTraditional MethodsPaid LinksDirectory SubmissionsSite Wide Blog LinksForum PostsReciprocal LinkingNew MethodsLink BaitingSocial Media SharingBlog Guest PostingInfographicsPress Releases
  33. 33. Results and AnalysisEverything we do istracked and monitoredto ensure the strategyis working anddelivering results.Our constant analysisallows us tocontinually plan whereto take the strategy tonext…
  34. 34. SEO is always changing…Over the past couple of months Google havemade some big changes to their algorithm.PandaPenguinThe „Over-Optimisation Update‟Essentially they have looked to de-value poor-quality links, penalise over-optimisation andlocalise their results.There has also been big signals that they areusing social media „shares‟ as a clear rankingsignal…
  35. 35. SEO – „Linkbaiting‟It‟s all about creating greatcontent other users wouldnaturally want to share orlink back to…InfographicsWhitepapersVideosSlide ShowsPress Releases
  36. 36. Infographics
  37. 37. InfographicsOn average we are exposed to the equivalent of 174newspapers full of information each day.99% of all sensory information is filtered out from the brainimmediately, infographics are in the 1% that is kept.90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual– with 50% of the brain being dedicated to visual.Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.People only remember 20% of what they read.
  38. 38. InfographicsIn 2 years, search volume for infographics has increasedby over 800%Publishers that use infographics on average grow in traffic12% more than those who don‟t.On average there are 17k tweets a day about infographics… your firms could occupy some of these!!
  39. 39. Egress Case StudyWe created this infographic for Egress basedon statistics that were taken from a survey theypublished in SC Magazine.We then reached out to key figures within theindustry to see if they would publish the blogWe promoted it through social mediaOur aim was to increase traffic, raiseawareness and create quality backlinks to theEgress website
  40. 40. Egress Case StudyThis graph shows how many pageviews the infographic hasreceived since its launchThe Infographic was spotted by Legal IT Africa and was usedto promote their event
  41. 41. BloggingBlogs are a great opportunity to create lots of good, usefulcontent.Blogs allow your team to individually have a voice and to becomethought leaders within their fields.Blogs start conversations and give constant reason for newcontent.Blogs work best if you create „champions‟ within the team that arein charge of writing a couple of posts each week… e.g.Commentary on big cases that are in the newsHints and tips on specific areas of law
  42. 42. SEO – Blogging Vs. NewsNewsNews articles are often longerthan blog postsNews stories announcelaunches, events etc…News articles are more seriousBloggingOften „opinion-based‟Blogs can provide „tips‟Blog posts can be short andsnappyCan be more „personal‟ andfun
  43. 43. Waterfront case study
  44. 44. SEO – SlideshareFounded in 2006,SlideShare is theworld‟s largestcommunity for sharingpresentations.It is within the top 200visited sites in theworld, with over 130million pageviewseach month.
  45. 45. SEO – SlideshareCreate decks of slides simplifying areas of yourbusinessFor example:Your legal guide to setting up a businessYour guide to protecting your brandTarget your niche business sectors with decks ofslides on how you can help them and why you arespecialists in that field.Run Webinars targeted at niche business sectors andthen share the slides on SlideShare
  46. 46. SEO – WebinarsUsing the same principle of the slidesharepresentations, you could start to run webinars – aswebinars are a fantastic, cheap way to engage withan audience.These could be on any topics relevant to the businessand they become a soft sales techniqueThese same slides/video of webinar can be sharedonline.
  47. 47. SEO – VideoVideo is a fantastic way to getgood, quality content out therethat users will digest andremember.Online video viewers reached170 million at the end of 2012Google owns YouTube –therefore great for SEO.YouTube is the 2nd largestsearch engine
  48. 48. SEO – Video
  49. 49. Google+Google+ isGoogle‟s answerto FacebookGoogle+ currentlyhas 500 millionusersGoogle+ acquiredits first 10 millionusers faster thanFacebook andTwitter!
  50. 50. Google+ Vs. its competitorsGoogle+ has 359 million active monthly usersFacebook has 1.1 billion active monthly users and 665 milliondaily active usersTwitter has 500 million users, 288 million active monthly usersLinkedIn 200 million users, 2 new users join every secondYouTube has 4 billion views per day, 6 billion hours worth ofvideo a month
  51. 51. Google+ Business PageWall PostsIntegration withGoogle+ LocalProfile PictureEventsCirclesCover Photo
  52. 52. Google+ Personal PageWall PostsCirclesProfile PictureEventsPhotosCover Photo
  53. 53. Google+Terminology„Circles‟ – On Google+ you can divide the people you follow into„circles‟ and they can also add you to their circles„Hangouts‟ – Allow you to talk with multiple people„Trends‟ – As with Twitter various topics can „trend‟„Local‟ – Businesses are linked to their Google+ Local profile thoughtheir Google+ page
  54. 54. How to Utilize Google+ ForBusinesses…
  55. 55. Why Google?Google has merged „GooglePlaces‟ with „Google+‟ tocreate Google+ LocalThis is a handy tool for localbusinessesGoogle acquired „Zagat‟ - atool for online ratings andreviews
  56. 56. Why Google?“Moving forward, Zagat will be acornerstone of our local offering –delighting people with theirimpressive array of reviews,ratings and insights, whileenabling people everywhere tofind extraordinary (and ordinary)experiences around the cornerand around the world.”
  57. 57. Why Google?Thereviews, powered byZagat, help to buildtrustReviews are beingutilised more andmore online…thinkTripAdvisor!
  58. 58. Why Google?Google+ Local listingshelp to increase websitetrafficIf you don‟t rank in thelocal listings then you willbe missing out on vitaltraffic and leadsGoogle+ Local listingsdirect traffic into Google+
  59. 59. Using Google+Google Hangouts
  60. 60. Using Google+Google HangoutsChat face-to-face with up to 10 peopleYou are able to connect via a computer, smartphone ortabletYou can host virtual meeting – you can utilise tools such asGoogle docs and share your screenYou can then broadcast your conversation to the world!
  61. 61. Google AuthorshipBy implementing therel=author tag on yourblog you can be anauthority source in yourfield and generatelistings such as those tothe left
  62. 62. Google AuthorshipFirstly, it helps your content to stand out in the searchresults pagesIt helps to improve your site‟s click through rateIt‟s widely believed that Google will be implementing„AuthorRank‟ very soon which will affect searchengine rankingsIt works alongside Google+ and encourages people tojoin your „circle‟
  63. 63. Google AuthorshipOur blogs are linkedto our Google+profilesThis means that the„rich snippets‟ like theone below arebeginning to appear inthe search engineresults pages – theimage helps toincrease the clickthrough rate
  64. 64. Google AuthorRankAnother algorithm to consider?AuthorRankAvg. PR+1s/Sharesper postComments per PostPosting Frequency# of „circlers‟Google+engagement levelAuthority ofpublishing sites
  65. 65. SEO Case Studies
  66. 66. SEO Case Studies
  67. 67. What is PPC?
  68. 68. PPC – What’s it good for?Offers/PromotionsTo compensate for low SEO trafficTo target new marketsSeasonal trends
  69. 69. TerminologyCampaign This defines the daily budget, language, geographic scope and networkswhere ads are displayed.Ad An individual ad within the AdGroupAdGroup A group of ads within a campaignImpressions The number of times your ad has been seenCPC Cost per clickCTR Click through rateCost/Conv Cost per conversionBroad Match Google matches ads based on any words within the phase searchedBroad MatchModifierBy inseting a ‘+’ before each word in the phrase that must be includedwithin the users search term, Google also substitutes misspellings andsimilar wordsPhrase Match Ad is only shown if the phrase is included within the users searchNegative Keywords Best example of this is ‘Free’
  70. 70. Setting up a campaign…KeywordResearchKeywordResearch isvitally importantto any paidsearchcampaign.The keywordtool allows youto research theestimated CPC’sand Volume.
  71. 71. Creating a CampaignSelect thenetwork foryour campaign
  72. 72. Setting up a campaign…DevicesWhen settingup a campaignyou can choosewhich deviceyour ads aredisplayed on.Best practicewould be to setup targetedcampaigns perdevice.
  73. 73. Setting up acampaign…LocationsGoogleAdWords allowsyou to targetyour campaignsby location.This reallyimportant forbeing morespecific withyour targeting.This also helpscontrol budget.
  74. 74. Good AdCopy
  75. 75. Ad Preview ToolThis tool allowsyou to test howyou ads appeardepending onlocation anddevice.
  76. 76. Setting up acampaign…AdExtensions
  77. 77. BiddingYou can setdaily budgetsand maximumCPC’s for yourkeywords at anAdGroup levelto control yourspending.
  78. 78. Setting up a campaign…AdRotationGoogle AdWordsallows you tooptimise howyour ads shownto offer the bestreturn oninvestment.
  79. 79. Setting up a campaign…SchedulingGoogleAdWords allowsyou to scheduleyour ads toshow them atthe mostefficient times.
  80. 80. Conversion TrackingReally importantto track all ofyour campaignswithin the biggerpicture of youroverall analyticsto comparetraffic sources.Conversions canbe tracked asgoals inanalytics.
  81. 81. Linking AnalyticsReally importantto track all ofyour campaignswithin the biggerpicture of youroverall analyticsto comparetraffic sources.Conversions canbe tracked asgoals inanalytics.
  82. 82. Telephone TrackingTracking conversions is very important, but the telephonecalls must not be forgotten.We use intelligent URLs to dynamically change the phonenumber when a user comes from PPC.Google do have a paid solution for this.
  83. 83. Campaign AnalysisCamapaign andAdGroupmonitoring isreallyimportant:CTRConv. RateAv. PositionLost RankLost Budget
  84. 84. AdGroup AnalysisMonitoringindividualkeywords andad copyperformance isreally importantto make sureyou are notwasting budget.
  85. 85. Quality ScoreQualityScoreCTRLanding PageHistoricalPerformanceOtherRelevancyFactorsAd RelevancyKeywordRelevancy
  86. 86. AdRankQuality Score Max CPC Ad RankHigh quality score accounts are rewarded by payingcheaper CPCsPaying less per click improves efficiency of search spendand increases ROIThis means more traffic at a cheaper cost
  87. 87. Landing PagesSource: Social Marketing Forum, December 2010
  88. 88. Landing Pages
  89. 89. Display NetworkCreate all types of ads -text, image, interactive andvideo ads.Place those ads on websitesthat are relevant to whatyou’re selling.Show those ads to thepeople that are likely to bemost interested.Manage and track yourbudget, campaigns andresults as you go.
  90. 90. PPC in the mobile age…Google’s mobile revenues havebeen growing year on year for PPCSmartphones occupy 6.9% ofAdwords clicksTablets occupy 2.3% of AdwordsclicksCTRs are higher on mobiles andtablet devices
  91. 91. PPC – Case Study “London Law Firm”On average within a month the law firm receives175 leadsA lead is a phone call or contact form – the firmoffers a „free initial chat‟This is a conversion rate of 15%Generating a PPC lead at approximately £10 perlead
  92. 92. Social
  93. 93. Facebook is themost well knownand most usedsocial network.There are currently1 billion peopleregistered toFacebookFacebook is more ofa branding tool thana lead generationtoolFacebook
  94. 94. Google +Social networks arebecomingincreasingly popularand Google want toensure that theykeep their share ofthe audienceIf users are loggedinto Google + theywill start to see theirsearches becomemore personalised+ Pages are startingshow in the SERPs
  95. 95. Twitter is a fantasticway to engage withcurrent and potentialusersIt offers you a platformto discuss industry-related newsThere are strong signalsthat ‘shares’ on Twitterare starting to influenceranking positionsTwitter
  96. 96. 1 in every 20 users thatleave Google go directly toYouTube, showing thepower that the site hasYouTube could offer afriendly modern face to thebusiness, potentiallycreating short videosThis could open yourwebsite up to a newaudience and create greaterengagement on the new siteas videos do keep users onthe website longer.YouTubeSource:, June 2012
  97. 97. In June 2012 there were morethan 200 million professionalson LinkedIn worldwideLinkedIn is good fornetworking, and opening uppotential commercialopportunitiesPeople often look forrecommendations onLinkedIn, meaning that it’simportant that your staff aresigned upLinkedIn can also be used tobroadcast news and updatesLinkedIn
  98. 98. When engaging with socialmedia…It is KEY to manageyour reputation.Keep an eye onwhat people aresaying…A bad commentcan be turnedinto a positive!
  99. 99. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  100. 100. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  101. 101. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  102. 102. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  103. 103. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  104. 104. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  105. 105. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  106. 106. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  107. 107. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  108. 108. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  109. 109. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  110. 110. Top 200 Social EngagementStudy
  111. 111. Why Send Email Campaigns?Email is important for the customer lifecycleEmail campaigns enable you to engagewith your client baseEmail campaigns are great for brandawareness, seasonal offers andpromotions
  112. 112. Email MarketingIncludingsocial sharingtools in anemailincreases clickthrough ratesby 55%Research from GetResponse
  113. 113. Email Marketing - TrackingOur email marketing dashboard allows clientsto see email results and manage theirdatabase.
  114. 114. Case Studies
  115. 115. Trackingto ensureROI
  116. 116. Constant Measurement andRefinement
  117. 117. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a service that enables you to trackkey visitor statistics such as:VisitsUnique VisitsTime on SiteAverage Page ViewsBounce Rate
  118. 118. Google AnalyticsYou can view these key metrics via this simpledashboard…
  119. 119. Google AnalyticsFurther to this you can drill deeper into thisdata:You can filter visits by traffic sourceYou can filter visits by device/location/operatingsystem etc…You can track conversions as „goals‟You can now track visits that are generated throughsocial networks too…
  120. 120. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a great tool for tracking youronline marketing campaigns. For example,Being able to see which keywords generated trafficfor your website is vital if you‟re looking to run asearch engine optimisation campaign!
  121. 121. Rank TrackingOur SEO softwareallows us to trackweekly thefluctuations inranking positions forkeywords and alsoto monitor thetechnicalperformance of thewebsite.
  122. 122. Telephone TrackingWe have partnered with a software provider so that wecan track phone calls down to the keyword the usersearched.This software allows us to close the gap betweenusers that fill in a contact form and users that pick upthe phone.
  123. 123. Telephone TrackingStep 1Visitor finds yourwebsite and a uniquephone number isautomatically shownto themStep 2The visitor calls theirunique phone numberwhich is shown tothem throughout theduration of their visit.Step 3We link their visitordata to their phonecall, identifying whichmarketing activity hasled them to pick up thephoneStep 4You get access to all thephone call, visitor andkeyword data, whichyou can use to optimiseyour marketing and todrive more leads
  124. 124. How we can helpWe specialise in…
  125. 125. Who are Reflect Digital?