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Bechirot's Motto..."Prevention through Education" Bechirot is a non-for profit organization that teaches life skills in interactive, experiential workshops

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Bechirot Slide Show

  1. 1. Before children become “Kids-at-Risk” They are just kids We want them to stay that way!!!
  2. 2. Communication is what works. Bechirot teaches children to communicate appropriately in spoken and unspoken ways, and to hear and read the signals given by others. When children know what is really going on they can respond accordingly. This skill will take them anywhere they want to go as grownups.
  3. 3. Self Knowledge = Happiness We all want our kids to be happy. We can achieve that! The first step toward true contentment is “self awareness”; it must come from within. Bechirot empowers children with a positive “self-image” and helps them develop the skills they need to make choices that make them happy & secure.
  4. 4. ll feelings Despondency. Depression. Sadness. Misery….terms often used to describe a teen’s feelings. Bechirot stops these negative emotions well before the teenage years, and works to eradicate them from adolescents before the paths they choose cause them even more pain.
  5. 5. pportunities Are always there… Bechirot works with young people to help them recognize both positive and negative opportunities. Self Growth or Self Destruction Which would you choose?
  6. 6. The most important people Outside our immediate family are a child’s friends.
  7. 7. To be part of the action ; to fit in; to be welcomed; to share…this is what matters to children. But how do we choose which group is the right one for our kids?
  8. 8. As adults, our relationships take on a new dimension. However, we are a product of our childhood, and the company we keep as grownups very often depends on the closeness we developed with friends and family when we were young. Bechirot strengthens family ties and close interaction with parents and children.
  9. 9. Teacher Training The Teacher is always right… But are they? Bechirot trains teachers to recognize issues in the classroom and playground. Teachers use their training to diffuse potentially volatile situations and reinforce principles of wise choices.
  10. 10. I t’s all about thekids!!!! Children don’t like to be told what to do; they should be in control of their own destiny. It is up to us to give them the knowledge to effectively change and regulate their responses so they can fulfill THEIR mission: to be the best they can be. That includes living a healthy productive life. That’s Bechirot’s goal…. The choices they make based on the choices they are given.
  11. 11. Mission statement We give children the support and skills necessary to make healthy choices for themselves. We will work with schools and other community organizations to create student and parent workshops that empower students, parents, and their teachers to examine the choices children are confronted with on a daily basis and provide tools necessary to change the lives of our youth by teaching them to make healthy lifestyle decisions.
  12. 12. Executive Director – Ruth Sanders Clinical Director – Shlomo Lieberman LCSW Educational Director – Benzion Twerski PhD 718-362-9008 Music by Yaakov Chesed Photos by Ariella Neren