Development Boards & Commissions


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City of San Antonio Development Boards & Commissions for Downtown Infill Development.

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Development Boards & Commissions

  1. 1. Development Boards andCommissions Infill Development Summit August 31, 2012 1
  2. 2. Development Process Master Land Use Zoning DevelopmentConsistency Plan (MDP) Plan Subdivision Permitting Review Plat CertificateConstruction Inspections of Begins Occupancy 2
  3. 3. Zoning CommissionUDC Provisions 11 members appointed by City Council by district for overlapping two-year terms Meetings held on First and Third Tuesday of each month at 1pm, 1901 South Alamo Street Contact: Micah Diaz, 207-5876 3
  4. 4. Zoning CommissionRezoning Process Property owners apply to rezone – Applicants encouraged to meet with Commissioner, Council Office, Neighborhood Association, and surrounding property owners Notification sent to properties within 200 feet (state requirement), neighborhood associations and planning team Public hearings on case, evidence presented – Motion is traditionally made by the Commissioner in whose district the case is located – Simple majority required to approve 4
  5. 5. Zoning CommissionRezoning Process Zoning Commission vote on a rezoning case is a recommendation to City Council Some of the factors taken into consideration: – Consistency with adopted Neighborhood Plan – Land use/development pattern in area – Impact on adjacent properties – Traffic, parking and infrastructure – Consistency with adjacent zoning (“spot zoning”) – Health, safety and welfare of the community 5
  6. 6. Planning CommissionCharter and UDC Provisions Nine members appointed at large by City Council for overlapping two year terms Regular meetings held on second and fourth Wednesday each month at 2pm, 1901 South Alamo Street Contact: Elizabeth Carol 207-7893 6
  7. 7. Planning CommissionResponsibilities Final approval body for: – Subdivision plats (including time extensions and deferrals) – Planned Unit Developments – Subdivision variances Appellate body for: – Vested rights determinations – Master Development Plans – Certificates of Determinations 7
  8. 8. Planning CommissionResponsibilities - cont’d Recommending body for: – CIMS (i.e. street closures, license agreements, land transactions) – UDC text amendments – Master Plan Amendments  Neighborhood Plans (land use)  Major Thoroughfares  Parks Plan  Annexation – SAWS (including impact fees, long range plan, and land transactions) 8
  9. 9. Subdivision AuthorityChapter 212 Local Gov’t Code Notification sent to owners within 200 feet for replats in single family/low density cases only Commission must act on a plat within 30 days of complete filing No action within 30 days constitutes automatic approval Mandates approval if plat conforms with all requirements (i.e. no variances) – Plats that conform to the code are heard on consent Commission can approve or disapprove a plat with variance after evaluating the request 9
  10. 10. Board of AdjustmentCity of San Antonio provisions Quasi-judicial board to address individual hardships related to the land (not an individual’s circumstance) 11 members by district 6 alternates Ex-parte communication prohibited Meets generally every three weeks on a Monday at 1pm, 1901 South Alamo Contact: Margaret Pahl, 207-8208 10
  11. 11. Board of AdjustmentChapter 211.008 – 211.010 211.008 governing body may establish a Board of Adjustment to make exceptions to the zoning ordinance that are: 1. Consistent with the general purpose and intent of the ordinance 2. In accordance with any applicable rules contained in the ordinance Must contain at least 5 members; may appoint alternate members Approval requires 75% of members 11
  12. 12. Board of AdjustmentProcedures Application submittal Notification sent to owners of property and registered neighborhood associations within 200 feet Board accepts testimony – Variance: must find unnecessary hardship and that spirit or ordinance will be observed – Authorized special exceptions: One operator barber/beauty salons, Non-commercial parking lots, residential relocations, ornamental iron front yard fences – Appeals: must find that that the administrative official erred in a zoning related requirement, decision or determination 9 members must support request to approve (75% rule) Board decision is final, appeals to District Court Construction permitting must commence within 6 months 1 year waiting period if denied 12
  13. 13. Board of Adjustment (by District) Planning Zoning Michael Gallagher (10), Chair Commission Commission Andrew Ozuna (8), Vice Chair (at large) (by District) Gene Camargo (Mayor)Jose Limon, Chair Bill Tiller (8), Chair Frank Quijano (1)Marcello Martinez, Vice Chair Orlando Salazar (4), Vice Chair Edward Hardemon (2)Rob Rodriguez, Chair Pro Tem Rick McNealy (9), Chair Pro Tem Helen Dutmer (3)Jody Sherrill Milton McFarland (10), Pro Tem George Britton (4)Chris Lindhorst Brenna Nava (Mayor) Vacancy (5)Lynda Billa Burke Mariana Ornelas (1) Jesse Zuniga (6)Dan Kossl Dan Martinez (2) Mary Rogers (7)Andrea Rodriguez Gerard Clancy (3) David Villyard (9)Donald Oroian Rachel Flores (5) Harold Atkinson (alt.) Christopher R. Martinez (6) Maria Cruz (alt.) Santos Villarreal (7) Paul Klein (alt.) Marian Moffat (alt.) Henry Rodriguez (alt.) 13 Steve Walkup (alt.)
  14. 14. Appeals and Advisory Board(Building-Related & Fire Code Boardof Appeals and Advisory Board) Considers appeals of orders, determinations or decisions of the Building Official or Fire Chief – Building, electric, plumbing, mechanical, fire codes and sign & billboard ordinance 17 members and 17 alternates by discipline Simple majority to approve an appeal 14
  15. 15. Appeals and Advisory Board(Building-Related & Fire Code Boardof Appeals and Advisory Board) Meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of the months of January, April, July and October at 9am, 1901 South Alamo May call a meeting within 14 days after receiving an appeal Contact: Mimi Camargo 207-8237 15
  16. 16. Appeals and Advisory Board Members  Members – cont’d – Rodney Olivier, Chair – Paul Kinnison – Christoper Garcia, Vice – Mike Leonard Chair – Michael O’Day – Davy Beicker – Michael Rust – James Caccamese – Peter Sitterle – Jimmy Hurley – Bryan Smith – Nancy Jackson – Amin Tohmaz – Robert Jalnos – Jack Uptmore – Timothy Kerley 16
  17. 17. Development Boards andCommissions Infill Development Summit August 10, 2012 17
  18. 18. WelcomeThe Interactive Development Process Manual outlines a series of steps designed toguide you through the process of developing your land, through constructing a buildingand occupying your building. Your first contact should be the Cliff Morton DevelopmentBusiness Service Center also known as the “One Stop”, where you can obtaininformation, and forms, ask questions and file applications for permits. You can cover asignificant amount of the development process for most projects with just one call orvisit.The purpose of the Interactive Development Process Manual and the One Stop is tosimplify the construction and development application and review process and to allowindividuals to conduct their transactions on-line or at one location. It provides a singlelocation where citizens, contractors and developers can obtain the information andforms necessary to pursue zoning, land use, development, platting or construction. It isa service provided by the City of San Antonio to facilitate the development process in acustomer friendly manner.Purpose of this Interactive ManualThe purpose of this Interactive Development Process Manual is to explain the variousprocesses related to starting the land development and building construction process inthe City of San Antonio and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). This document isintended to summarize relevant ordinances, but is not a substitute for the ordinances. Ifany conflict arises between the statements in this manual and an ordinance, theordinance will prevail.The development process is dynamic and subject to periodic revisions as the needarises. This manual is intended to provide as much certainty and clarity as possible inthe development and construction process.This manual presents tasks in the sequences necessary if you were starting with a rawundeveloped, the incorrect zoning, and an improperly platted tract of land. Your projectmay allow you to start in the middle of the manual or towards the end if you are simplyapplying for a Certificate of Occupancy.When contemplating the improvements or development of a piece of property, youshould consider many factors before purchasing the property to determine what thedevelopment requirements are that will affect your ability to complete your project. ADue Diligence check list has been provided in the first chapter, that will help youevaluate your property.We are committed to working with you in the development of your projectRoderick J. Sanchez, AICP, CBO, Director
  19. 19. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS MAYOR Julián Castro CITY COUNCIL MEMBERSDistrict 1 Diego M. Bernal District 6 Ray LopezDistrict 2 Ivy R. Taylor District 7 Cris MedinaDistrict 3 Leticia Ozuna District 8 W. Reed WilliamsDistrict 4 Rey Saldana District 9 Elisa ChanDistrict 5 David Medina, Jr. District 10 Carlton Soules CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE Sheryl L. Sculley, City Manager David Ellison, Assistant City Manager DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT Roderick J. Sanchez, AICP, CBO, Director John Jacks, Assistant Director Marc A. Castro, Assistant Director Michael Shannon, P.E., C.B.O., Interim Assistant Director
  20. 20. Interactive Development Process ManualChapter 1 Define Project: Does your project need a permit? Due Diligence ChecklistChapter 2 Site Information: Have you identified any site constraints with your project? Zoning Master Development Plans PlattingChapter 3 Building Plan Review and Permits: Does your project comply with building and land development codes? Commercial Information Commercial Application Submittals Commercial Plan Review Permits Residential Plan Review PermitsChapter 4 Trade Permits and Inspections: Are you ready for an inspection? Commercial Trade Permits Commercial Inspections Commercial Special Inspections Residential Trade Permits Residential Inspections Residential Required CertificationsChapter 5 Occupancy: COO and Utility Releases may be picked up after all inspections passed. Commercial ResidentialChapter 6 Miscellaneous Permits, Licenses and Registration: Information for contractors and property owners. Miscellaneous Permits Site Plan Information Licenses and RegistrationsChapter 7 Appendix Board of Adjustment - Variances Other Boards of Appeals Code Modification Request and Administrative Exceptions Contact Information Department Organizational Chart Fee Schedule Glossary of Terms Helpful Links Rights Determination
  21. 21. Interactive Development Process Manual - Step-by-StepNavigate the process for developing property in San Antonio by clicking on the numbered steps below. Learnthe Citys Development Services Department requirements and procedures from concept to completion foryour project. Find out the key elements involved, tips to expedite the process, and quick access to theresources you will need along the way. APPENDIX
  22. 22. Development Process Directory Development Services Plan Review Center City Development OfficeName Work # Name Work #Chamberlin Richard 7-8281 DSD Engineer Gonzalez Ramiro 7-3960 ICRIPAguilar Johnny 7-0131 Sidewalk/traffic Houston Lori 7-2129 Assistant DirectorBaum James 7-0126 Minor Plans (Supervisor)Collins Kevin 7-2871 School Team (Supervisor) Fire DepartmentEspinoza Andrew 7-0152 Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Supervisor Name Work #Fasone Vincent 7-8478 Sr. Bldg/Commercial Crayton Earl 7-7966 Assistant Chief - Fire PreventionGallegos Jennifer 7-8056 Sr. Fire Protection Engineer Jenkins Randy 7-7967 District Chief - Fire PreventionKastner Crystal 7-4681 Commercial & Residential Supervisor Guzman Shirley 7-0013 Mobile Food VendingMunoz Rosario 7-0146 Admin/Plans ManagementSanchez Jacob 7-0161 Tree-Landscape-Irrigation review HistoricYork Allen 7-8297 Plans Coordinator/ Preliminary Plan Reviews Name Work #Young Rachel 7-0141 Permits/Certificates of Occupancy Glover Anna 7-7925 Principal Planner Hindes Kay 7-7306 City Archaeologist Development Services Land Development Peterson Shanon 7-8316 Historic Preservation OfficerName Work # Historic Cell - 215-9274Carol Elizabeth 7-7893 Planning Commission, MDP, PUDs, PlatsDiaz Micah 7-5876 Zoning Commission Planning and Community Development Rights Determination, Fair Notice, Addressing,Davila Andreina 7-8315 Street Renaming Name Work #Pahl Margaret 7-8208 Board of Adjustment Nino Rudy 7-8389 Planning Manager - Urban DesignRamirez Melissa 7-7038 Planning Manager - Land Entitlements Taylor Michael 7-0145 FBZD, Urban Design DistrictsSpurgin Andrew 7-8229 Planning Manager - Zoning Wallace Trish 7-0217 Major Thoroughfare Plan Amendments /Taylor Matthew 7-0139 Nonconforming Use & Zoning Verification Urban Design Districts Cell - 215-9126 Development Services Building Inspections Public Works Stormwater EngineeringName Work # Name Work #Carrillo Ramiro 7-8314 Chief Building Inspector Meyers Craig 7-0335 Senior Stormwater EngineerKreutziger Gary 7-8286 Chief Electrical Inspector Mueth Eric 7-8494 Senior Engineering AssociateVasquez Jesse 7-8242 Chief HTG & A/C Inspector Santiago Sabrina 7-0182 Senior Engineering AssociateRhode David 7-8279 Chief Plumbing InspectorCortez Sylvia 7-2750 Chief Building Inspector(Combination) Public Works Traffic EngineeringTucker Jack 7-2806 Chief Construction Inspector De la Cruz Christina 7-7732 Senior Traffic Engineer - TIABird Mark 7-0278 City Arborist Martinez Victor 7-8494 Senior Engineering Tech - TIA Useful NumbersSigns 207-8289 Health - Mary Jo Macias 207-0014 - Mobile Food VendingSAWS 207-0011 Health 207- 0153Economic Development 207-3900 AddressingCPS 353-2256 Residential 207-0012County Permits 335-6700 Commercial 207-0259
  23. 23. BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS PLANNING COMMISSIONThe Planning Commission is comprised of nine (9) members appointedby the City Council for staggered two-year terms. Members mustreside in the City of San Antonio. Members receive compensation of$20.00 per meeting, not to exceed $1,040 per annum. TheCommission advises the City Council on the Master Plan for thephysical development of San Antonio. The Commission also providesrecommendations on capital improvements, and administersregulations on subdivisions and platting, to include the Extra-TerritorialJurisdiction. Meetings are held twice a month on the second and fourthWednesdays at 2:00 PM at the Cliff Morton Development and BusinessServices Center, 1901 South Alamo, 1st Floor. Meeting duration isusually four to five hours. For more information, please go to Sandra Gonzalez & Melissa Quiroz - (210) 207-0261 Appointed DateName District Date ExpiresCouncilmember REY SALDAÑA Mayoral 11/03/2011 05/31/2013 AtMs. LYNDA BILLA-BURKE 12/04/2008 10/12/2012 Large AtMr. DANIEL D. KOSSL 01/12/2012 10/06/2013 Large AtMr. JOSE R. LIMON 07/29/2004 10/12/2012 LargeMr. MARCELLO DIEGO At 12/04/2008 10/12/2012MARTINEZ Large AtMr. DONALD OROIAN 01/12/2012 10/06/2013 Large AtMr. ROBERTO R. RODRIGUEZ 12/16/2010 10/12/2012 Large
  24. 24. Ms. ANDREA "ANDI" F. At 05/29/2008 10/12/2012RODRIGUEZ Large AtMr. JODY RAY SHERRILL 10/29/2009 10/06/2013 Large AtVACANCY 10/06/2013 LargeTotal Members for Planning Commission: 9
  25. 25. BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS ZONING COMMISSIONThe Zoning Commission is comprised of 11 members appointed byMayor and each City Councilmember for two-year terms. Membersserve at the will of the City Council until replaced. Members arecompensated $20.00 per meeting not to exceed $1,040 per annum.The Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations tothe City Council on zoning district boundary changes and regulations inzoning districts. Meetings are held twice-monthly on the first and thirdTuesdays at 1:00 PM in the Cliff Morton Development and BusinessServices Center, 1901 South Alamo Street, 1st Floor. For moreinformation, please go to Melissa Quiroz - (210) 207-0239 Appointed DateName District Date ExpiresMs. MARIANA ORNELAS District 1 10/21/2010 05/31/2013Mr. DANIEL C. MARTINEZ District 2 04/14/2011 05/31/2013Mr. GERARD P. CLANCY District 3 09/29/2011 05/31/2013Mr. ORLANDO SALAZAR District 4 04/07/2011 05/31/2013Ms. RACHEL FLORES District 5 09/29/2011 05/31/2013Mr. CHRISTOPHER R. District 6 10/04/2001 05/31/2013MARTINEZMr. SANTOS H. VILLARREAL District 7 06/14/2012 05/31/2013Mr. BILLY J. TILLER District 8 08/06/2009 05/31/2013Mr. FREDERICK J. MCNEALY District 9 03/31/2011 05/31/2013 DistrictMr. MILTON R. MCFARLAND 09/18/2008 05/31/2013 10Ms. BRENNA G. NAVA Mayoral 02/04/2010 06/30/2010Total Members for Zoning Commission: 11
  26. 26. BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTThe Zoning Board of Adjustment is comprised of 11 membersappointed by the Mayor and each City Councilmember and six (6)alternates appointed at-large for two-year terms. Members receive$20.00 per meeting, not to exceed $1,040 per annum. The Boardhears variances and appeals related to the enforcement of Chapter 28,Signs and Billboards and Chapter 35, the Unified Development Code(UDC). The concurring vote of nine (9) members of the Board isnecessary to approve a variance. The Board adopts a schedule ofmeetings each calendar year. Meetings are held at the Board Room ofthe Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center, 1901South Alamo, 1st Floor. For more information, please go to Sandra Gonzalez - (210) 207-0110 Appointed DateName District Date Expires Mr. FRANK A. QUIJANO District 1 06/14/2012 05/31/2013 Mr. EDWARD HARVEY District 2 03/01/2007 05/31/2013HARDEMON Ms. HELEN K. DUTMER District 3 02/23/2007 05/31/2013 Mr. GEORGE LYNN BRITTON District 4 01/15/2009 05/31/2013 VACANCY District 5 05/31/2013 Mr. JESSE ZUNIGA District 6 03/04/2010 05/31/2013 Mrs. MARY E. ROGERS District 7 01/27/2005 05/31/2013 Mr. ANDREW MATTHEW District 8 03/29/2007 05/31/2013OZUNA Mr. DAVID MICHAEL District 9 02/14/2002 05/31/2013VILLYARD DistrictMr. MICHAEL R. GALLAGHER 01/09/2003 05/31/2013 10Mr. GENE CAMARGO Mayoral 11/18/2004 05/31/2011
  27. 27. Mr. HAROLD O. ATKINSON At Large 10/29/2009 05/31/2011Ms. MARIA D. CRUZ At Large 06/01/2006 05/31/2011Mr. PAUL EDWARD KLEIN At Large 10/29/2009 05/31/2011Ms. MARIAN M. MOFFAT At Large 06/01/2006 05/31/2011Mr. HENRY RODRIGUEZ At Large 08/21/2003 05/31/2011VACANCY At LargeMr. STEVE G. WALKUP At Large 10/29/2009 05/31/2011Total Members for Zoning Board of Adjustment: 17