Original pictures from the preliminary tasks


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Original pictures from the preliminary tasks

  1. 1. Original pictures from the preliminary tasks <br />
  2. 2. These pictures are the pictures taken from my magazine cover and film poster- Initially I wanted to use stills from the film but due to the camera and video equipment being of a low quality this way was not effective, especially due to the quality being reduced furthermore for print-  screening a still which was originally in motion. I took these pictures around college- some around the college premises some using a white back screen in the class room. I feel I have experimented greatly with these pictures. <br />
  3. 3. These variety of pictures were taken for the film poster. I wanted a simple shot of my main subjects face and these pictures taken from my selection portray the way I have experimented with different angles and shot distances such as mid shots and close ups. The pictures at the top show the model to be weak and inferior as the shot was taken from an upwards angle- this is something I didn’t want to connote as I believe our main protagonist would be a final girl. I really like the bottom two pictures , they are extreme close ups of my models face, I like the way I have cut her face in a strange and non conventional way I feel it gives the picture a sense of disfigurement. I have experimented with my model having her eyes closed and open as I like the peaceful look to having her eyes open but also for a poster eyes open would entice the audience. <br />
  4. 4. I feel this pictures are more aesthetically pleasing compared to my more simple photos which I have chosen to used on my poster. I have included horror conventions; mirrors and reflections, whilst taking this pictures. I really like these shots but when experimenting with my magazine cover and poster I found it hard for them to look effective. I tried to change the picture to black and white and play around with the original lighting but they appeared to still not look right. The shots were ‘to busy’ for a poster or magazine cover. The shot of the corridor, was my original poster image I really like the composition of this picture and it also contains horror conventions as corridors are considered to be creepy. My main protagonist was in the background which I feel was a main drawback for this picture as the audience can not relate and identify with her character which is a important component when making a poster. <br />
  5. 5. These pictures were taken in the class room with a white backdrop as the background, I also used a studio light to create more realistic lighting and to give more emphasis on the main focal point. I really like this pictures, I decided to pick mid shot as a shot distance as after looking at many magazine covers I felt this was the most appropriate and the most effective looking. I then focused on the models expression, we tried several including a happy look, an expression-less look and some where the model did not look at the camera. When looing at the results from this shoot I instantly ruled out the pictures where the model was not looking directly at the camera as a good magazine convention to have is the person on the front cover looking at the audience as it entices them. I then had to pick from a more light hearted expression and a more serious one, as this was a horror front cover I decided to pick the more serious one. <br />
  6. 6. These are the two pictures I have decided to use for my poster and my magazine front cover. I have heavily edited them in photo shop so that fit well with the theme of horror. <br />