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Hillsborough Yoga & Healing Arts Pitch


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This presentation was used for a 24-hour marketing competition at UNC Chapel Hill called "Crash Campaign." My team, the Burrito Agency, won our client with this interactive social media campaign. We had no marketing budget to work with, and our ideas are going to be used by the yoga studio owner.

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Hillsborough Yoga & Healing Arts Pitch

  1. 1. Hillsborough Yoga & Healing Arts The Burrito Agency
  2. 2. the Burrito Agency… what? “A whole lotta content delivered to you fast and fresh!”
  3. 3. The Research 53% had been to Hillsborough, NC Only 6% had heard of HYHA *Qualtrics Survey
  4. 4. Facebook: 95% Instagram: 81% Twitter: 42% *Qualtrics Survey
  5. 5. 45% would be willing to drive 15 minutes to get to an exercise class *Qualtrics Survey
  6. 6. 78% get information about exercise classes and deals through word-of-mouth *Qualtrics Survey
  7. 7. *Statista
  8. 8. Takeaways Most people practice yoga for physical and overall wellness reasons
  9. 9. Takeaways The yoga industry affects more than 70 million Americans
  10. 10. Takeaways Yoga is talked about a lot, but Hillsborough Yoga has no share of voice
  11. 11. Takeaways Millennials are willing to try new things and be adventurous
  12. 12. Takeaways Millennials want brands to engage and interact with them
  13. 13. Takeaways People value peer recommendation and word-of-mouth over traditional advertising
  14. 14. Challenge Get consumers to share and talk about Hillsborough Yoga and Healing Arts to establish it as an interactive brand.
  15. 15. Consumer Disconnect Returning client’s brand connection ends when they leave the building
  16. 16. Who are we talking to?
  17. 17. The Granola-Crunchy Collegiates
  18. 18. The Doctor’s Orders Exercisers
  19. 19. Insight Word-of-mouth isn’t just word-of-mouth anymore.
  20. 20. Empower yourself.
  21. 21. Engage your community.
  22. 22. Energize your body.
  23. 23. Facebook
  24. 24. Instagram
  25. 25. Twitter
  26. 26. Blog
  27. 27. Website
  28. 28. Physical Handouts
  29. 29. Concluding Remarks
  30. 30. Questions? Comments? Nachos?