digital media growth by: becca o'd


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digital media growth by: becca o'd

  1. 1. digital media growth by: becca o’donovan image: Bruce Pastor - flickr
  2. 2. in the 1950s , the development of the internet began its journey through the 20 th Century image: Rayna C - flickr
  3. 3. that the internet began to have such a distinct impact on culture but it wasn’t until the 1990s , image: Razor512 - flickr
  4. 4. which was when e-mail and the WWW emerged its way into society image: Horia Varlan - flickr
  5. 5. but clearly, that wasn’t enough image: Katrina Nicole - flickr
  6. 6. the has internet continued to grow , and is now driven by even greater amounts of online information and knowledge , by commerce , by entertainment , and by social networking image: Chichacha - flickr
  7. 7. where this kind of innovation wasn’t around nowadays, it’s hard to understand a time image: Helico - flickr
  8. 8. we have progressed to a time where alternative methods to using digital media in the eyes of Generation Y are viewed as archaic image: Maguis & David - flickr
  9. 9. we want instant we want fast we want efficient image: Florin Draghici - flickr
  10. 10. but is this demand for unlimited access hindering our ability to explore outside our to digital media digital comfort zone ? image: Jake Windsor - Facebook
  11. 11. Let’s look at it this way… image: Dominique Godbout - flickr
  12. 12. the average teenager spends 31 hours online every week image: Naan - flickr
  13. 13. ½ hour spent searching weight loss and dieting 2 hours spent watching porn 2 hours spent surfing YouTube image: Zoovroo- flickr
  14. 14. 12 hours spent catching up on social media 3 ½ hours spent IM-ing friends image: Trexx - flickr
  15. 15. but with all said and done, researchers suggest that overuse of the digital media can lead negative side effects will this stop anyone from consuming the media around us? image: Ronnie W - flickr
  16. 16. we look forward to the new technologies to come we’ve become so submerged in the digital media realm, that rather than looking back, image: evoo73- flickr
  17. 17. the latest buzz before we go… image: Hammershaug - flickr
  18. 18. & mobile phones may be to blame” “ scientists may have found the cause of the world’s sudden dwindling population of bees – image: Gabofr - flickr
  19. 19. studies as far back as 2008 have found that bees are repelled by mobile phone signals image: Nurpax- flickr
  20. 20. without bees, human survival would be virtually impossible as we rely on bees as an integral and necessary part of our agricultural and ecosystems to produce honey, and more importantly, pollinate our crops image: - flickr
  21. 21. so the question is… image: dsbnola - flickr
  22. 22. Would you sacrifice your mobile device for the bee population, and in turn, the survival of future generations to come? image: Weird Beard - flickr
  23. 23. credits: of-31-hours-online.html image: Naughty Architect - flickr
  24. 24. image: Vistamommy - flickr