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Ambient Device

  1. 1. Family Finder clockOli Cook, Leigh Lacy, Catherine Johnson, Dantong Zhu, Rebecca Eelbeck
  2. 2. First ideasAlarm clock / digital calendar-date/time/weather forecast.-the sound of the weather forecast or theday would wake you up on the alarm.-can change various settings to make itunique to you-itunes – change default alarm toneContinuation from 1000 floor elevator.-interior changes to the colour of the zoneof which you enter-the zone name appears in a banner acrossthe top of the walls in the lift
  3. 3. Pedometer-show up with location on screenas soon as you enter a differentlocation-image of the location would showon the backgroundLocation clock-for families with busy lifestyles-to show where each individual familymember is at a certain time
  4. 4. -face of family member who has changeslocation would appear on the backgroundof the clock-panel on the top would say exactly wherethey are etc -many different locations relative to each family: each family can change the places to whatever would suit them. -plug into a computer. Software to activate it. -the locations would fade out to nothing around the location of which is chosen and pointed at. Which would make it a lot neater.
  5. 5. Idea sketch mock up-central map which would change in relation to where each family member is.-showing an operating/programming panel-different general locations rather than specific ones-glass/plastic material-screen made out of LEDs
  6. 6. What it would need-Easy to read information display.-The information displayed on the family finder will have to easy to understand as it willhave a wide range of users, from young children to the elderly.-The display will have to be clear for users who may be visually impared and for theproduct to work as an ambient device it will have to be clear so that it is simple to use andquickly glance over at to get any information you require.-Easy to programme interface.-the product will have to be simple to use because otherwise the user will not want to useit.-We’re hoping to use a similar system to that of the Find My Friends app available oniPhones which uses GPRS to locate a user and tell you where they are in the world.
  7. 7. How it would work ‘Find friends’ appThe collection of the different locations would all be stored inthe ambient clock- as long as you had your phone with you.If you left your phone at one place and then went offsomewhere else, then your location would not be detectedcorrectly.Would only include the family members; no family friends etc.(unless the family wanted to, but it would defeat the purposeof a family location clock)
  8. 8. Security-clock turns its self off when no one appears to be at home. It will know thisbecause of the different locations of the family.-when a member of the family enters the house again it turns itself on; willonly do this if a member of that family enters the house. If the house gotbroken into, then the burglar would know the exact locations of thefamily, but as it would not turn on unless a family member was present theirlocations at that time should not be shown. This will also be the same forwhen the family are sleeping.
  9. 9. Idea development
  10. 10. -outer interface divided into 5 -arrows different colours. generic sections. To show -no limit to names and clearly and efficiently the arrows for the clock. different locations of people. An analog style clock will feature around the inner circle of the interface to provide users with the time as well as family members locations.-made from a cleartouch LED screen. -inner circle will act as a map showing the collection of different locations.
  11. 11. This is what would happen when a certain family member is selected. information isdisplayed about their location, time and even an image of the person. A map is available with a zoom option to help plan routes. Example scenario.