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Evaluation Task three


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Evaluation Task three

  1. 1. What is distribution? A film distributor is a company or individual responsible for the marketing of a film. The distributor may set the release date of a film and the method by which a film is to be exhibited or made available for viewing: for example, directly to the public either theatrically or for home viewing (DVD, video-on-demand, download, television programs through broadcast syndication etc.). A distributor may do this directly, if the distributor owns the theaters or film distribution networks, or through theatrical exhibitors and other sub-distributors. A limited distributor may deal only with particular products, such as DVDs or Blu-ray, or may act in a particular country or market.
  2. 2. Some examples of distribution companies.
  3. 3. Type of film • The type film we have produced is a teen thriller, some examples of similar films by these distribution companies include – • Prom Night – Sony pictures • The uninvited – Paramount pictures • Joy ride – 20th century fox • The glass house – Columbia pictures • Captivity – Lionsgate I think these companies could be interested in our film, as they are known for putting out a lot of movies, including ones of the same genre and style as the one we have made.
  4. 4. Audiences • I think our film appeals to more than just UK audiences, due to most films that are similar to ours being produced in America or abroad. • The music used in the film is predominantly American there by appealing to a more broad audience. • I believe the film would appeal to British audiences the most due to the actors being English.
  5. 5. Distribution A good way to advertise our film would be to create a trailer to be shown on television, however this is very expensive. Other ways this can be done is by using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to try and get the word and trailer of our film distributed. Another example would be to film a reaction video to our film, however I do not think our thriller is the right kind of scary for that to be effective. I think the best way to advertise our film would be to make deals with companies like websites and magazines so they would post and advertisement of our film. In terms of release strategies, I think the best time for release would be around Halloween, seeing as it is a thriller and that is the season where people enjoy getting scared the most. Aside from getting the film released in cinemas, deals with sky box office and other such companies can be made to get the film out to a larger audience. Also companies such as Kickstarter could be considered.