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Research 2 eval


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Research 2 eval

  1. 1. How did you use the mediatechnologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Research Stage
  3. 3. For the research we used hardware and software to carryout this process.We used a stills camera ‘Fuji Film, F100’ to take images of research ofbooks we found useful in our Primary and Secondary Research.Here are a few of the books we explored further into. Thisis a screen shot from our documentary of us using imagesthat we have scanned from books and research pages.
  4. 4. We used Microsoft Word to create our target audience research questionnaires in part ofthe research process. Then from translating out questionnaire results onto the computer we put them into Microsoft Excel which is a programme that fits to type of work we were doing. It enabled us to create bar graphs, to show our results visually.
  5. 5. We also used Microsoft word to create sheets like our Running Orders, and Edit DecisionList, Shot decision list. We were able to create a table with the appropriate tools in this certain software, which was an advantage was we presented our work professionally and organised.
  6. 6. For the research process other software we used was programmes on the internet, Google,particular and specific websites to gather our information,. We also research a bit on the channel 4 website to gather important information we needed to contain our research for our Poster.
  7. 7. Construction ProcessFor hardware part of the construction stage we used a variety pieces of hardware. We used a stills camera to take images of our filming process. This was used to take images which gave evidence who was there fore the filming days. I also used to take a few images of our mise en scene demonstrating on my blog what the setting of our interviews were. For the poster advertisement the hardware I used was again this still camera. It was used to take images of the tarot cards which would be the main representive image in our Poster Advertisement. Here below are examples of the images we took with the stills camera.
  8. 8. For the filming process of the construction we used collegeVideo Camera, the Cannon to record our filming footage.
  9. 9. Using a tripod to put our In our interviews we used this microphone whichcamera on enabled us to keep connected to the camera. This was to ensure we got aa steady, straight, professional clear and precise sound in the interviews. There wereshot. From using the tripod we a few problems at first with the microphone howevercould also explore other after a few run through in our interviews we overcamecamera shots to use for the problems of the microphone muffling, by askingexample, high angles, low our interviewee to not use hand gestures as much.angles, crab and pan shots. This mostly happened in our Tea Leave interview.
  10. 10. The hardware we used in the Editing process of our construction of filming was a number of things. Firstly we used these headphones to edit our film with so we were able to hear clearly what we were doing, so it is privately for us.We used the radio Room to record our narration for the documentary and forour radio advert. For the construction of our Poster advertisement we used the stills camera to take images OF Tarot cards which was the represented image we planned.
  11. 11. SoftwareThe software we used for the Filming and Editingprocess was mainly Adobe Premiere. This software enabled us to develop and create our filming successful and professional. By using a variety of editing techniques it can create the correct atmosphere and make the documentary fluent in continuity and entertaining. Here is an example of us editing our film using the Adobe Premiere Software.
  12. 12. Other Software we used was mainly the internet.From the internet we could gather the music wewanted in our film by downloading them to thenimport into our Film in Adobe Premiere.Internet was also used to download some of ourArchive footage we planned to use in our film. Here isa screen shot of the Archive Footage we used in ourfilm from downloading it off the internet. We used mainly YouTube to download our archive footage off and Google to download our music.
  13. 13. Poster AdvertisementFor our construction/editing of our PosterAdvertisement we used a variety of differentmedia software.Firstly we used Photoshop on the computerto actually create our Advertisement Posterin. We were able to upload the images weneeded for example channel 4 logo and outmain image. We could then create anddevelop our poster advertisement usingappropriate tools, that wouldn’t be availableto us in Microsoft software. For exampleaccurately cut out an image and superimpose it onto another Here is a print screen from Photoshop software of us editing our Poster,
  14. 14. We used the internet to download images of the channel 4 logowhich we had to include in our Poster Advertisement.
  15. 15. QUESTION 1In order to answer question 1 I used a mixture of Videos, Images and Text.The videos I made were to talk about the different codes and conventions we explored Iwanted to video record myself so I could explain thoroughly rather than writing it down intext as my point may not have come across clearly.Other ways I made videos was so I could upload the music and narration onto my blogger.This demonstrating what my Narration sounded like when I comment on it and explainingwhy we choose that certain music. Here is a print screen of my editing my short video in Windows Movie Maker.
  16. 16. Question 2For question too I used a power point presentation to answer thisquestion. This included slides of me visually showing andcomparing my documentary to my Poster Advertisement. Here is a print screen of me creating my power point presentation with part of my evaluation on in answer to the second evaluation question.
  17. 17. I then recorded myself evaluating my Radio Advert. Once I had done this I put itinto Windows Movie Maker to make a short film which then I late uploaded toYouTube and my blogger. To record myself I used the hardware of a microphone to get a clear and precise recording.
  18. 18. Question 3For the third question I used a Prezi to present my evaluation. This allowed meto use text and visually show my evaluation creatively.
  19. 19. Question 4For the last question I used the software of windows movie maker because Irecorded myself making a short film of my evaluation. I then uploaded toYouTube where I then could put it on my blog. I used the hardware of a camera to record myself for these short videos I made.
  20. 20. I then used Power Point presentation to create asmall short film to visually piece together andexplain all the media technologies I used. Here is aprint screen of my creating my power pointpresentation.