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Child slavery


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Published in: Education
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Child slavery

  1. 1. B A S E D I N T O “ C H A G A ” S H O R T S T O R I E M A D E B Y : B E A T R I Z C U N H A 9 º B N O . 6 Child slavery
  2. 2. Unfortunately is real… Real or Just on “Chaga”
  3. 3. USA AFRICA All children are slaves? What these kids did to deserve some study and other work?
  4. 4. Child slavery in our chocolate Child labour is very used by chocolate factories, most on cocoa productions.
  5. 5. Child slavery used in cocoa production: No child slavery used in cocoa production:  Toblerone  Nestlé  Mars Confectionary also M & M's, Snickers, Twix  Kraft  Ben & Jerry„s  Hershey  …  Caffarel  Chocolates El Rey  Clif Bar  Colombina  … Fortunately not by all brands
  6. 6. Child slavery is used not only on cocoa productions… cotton tobacco tecnologie underwear
  7. 7. What can we do to help stop child slavery?  Don't buy things from brands that use it  Collaborate in campaigns against it (like “Stop the traffik”)  Sensitize others
  8. 8. Always remember this... Everytime we buy some thing made by slaves we are accepting and agreeing with slavery. Child slavery (as all kind of slavery) is a CRIME, do you want be part of it?
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