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Textual analysis of music video


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Textual analysis of music video

  1. 1. Conventions of a house music video House music is extremely popular in night clubs and over the years has become essen7ally a hallmark to nightlife and culture. Star7ng in the 1980’s house music started off originally in Chicago, gradually moving over into the UK in the late 80’s, it became well known for its electronic sound and up beat tempo. As 7me has gone on, House music has grown and developed into various sub genres such as progressive house, acid house, and electric house. With this, house music has become increasingly ,mainstream and began to hold a constant place in the charts as well as major singers incorpora7ng it into their own tracks. In addi7on to this, due to house music popularity within the club scene, the vast majority of music videos within the genre typically include the following… • Dancing (conven7onally women dressed in revealing ouNits), • Drinking alcohol, • Flashing lights, • And bright colours.
  2. 2. Analysis of a house music video Steve aoki ft waka floka flame Rage the night away
  3. 3. analysis The opening shot of the video is of a birds eye angle over a futuris7c, Sci-­‐Fi style city. This not only automa7cally tells the audience when and where the video is set, but also fits in with the electronic sounds within the song. In addi7on the directors use of the bright neon colours, gives the video an up beat feel, which imitates the beats in the song as well as, fiTng in perfectly with the club atmosphere that the song is played in. In addi7on to this seTng, the audience are shown a group of girls dancing in front of a screen, which changes colour with a flashing strobe light set behind, this again fits in with the night club culture that house is so popular in, thus aVrac7ng the target audience. Finally, audience is also shown the singer, Waka Flocka Flame, standing in front of a green backdrop with CGI shapes moving about. This gives a lot more movement to the scene making it seem lively and energe7c, mimicking the song.
  4. 4. analysis Steve Aoki, the Dj, appears mul7ple 7mes throughout the video in a space age style, white armour suit (Pictured below). This has connota7ons of him being powerful, due to the armour appearance and due to the fact that he is one of the highest grossing and well known Dj’s currently therefore it highlights his posi7on in the industry as well as, aptly fiTng in with the futuris7c seTng and electric beats within the song. Likewise, the rapper in the song wears a brown leather jacket and grills on his teeth, which fits in with the conven7ons of a modern rapper and thus making him iden7fiable to the audience.
  5. 5. analysis Dancers are typically a major feature in house music videos and this one is no excep7on. Rage the Night Away, features a total of three main dancers as well as four back up dancers, which only feature in a number of scenes. The main dancers however, are shown to be wearing very revealing crop tops and skirts with slits in the side or high waisted hot pants. These have been specifically chosen as they give connota7ons of the nightclub scene but also allows the director to open up the viewing audience as it will aVract men. In addi7on, the dancers have very over the top make up, as this again connotes the night club scene but also has the futuris7c feel that is being put across in the video due to the outlandishness of the weathers and bright colours.
  6. 6. analysis Rage the Night Away, features a lot of short takes and jump cuts. This has been done by the director as it gives the video an edgy and lively feel, which mirrors the songs energe7c beats. This in turn links with the conven7ons of house music as it mimics the dancing and wildness of the nightclub scene. When the bass drops in the song the speed of the clips increases drama7cally, thus once again portraying this connota7on. Likewise, the video’s storyline consists of a woman going to see the Dj about a par7cular device which transports you into a dream realm where she is surrounded by bright colourful screens and two dancers, therefore by incorpora7ng these jump cuts and short takes the director is mimicking the storyline as well as the song itself.