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Digital Maturity Asessment


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BearingPoint provides a systematic approach to measuring an organization's digital readiness and identifies the steps needed to achieve digital excellence.

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Digital Maturity Asessment

  1. 1. > Digital Maturity Assessment   A BearingPoint Accelerator BearingPoint provides a systematic approach to measuring an organization’s digital readiness and identifies the steps needed to achieve digital excellence
  2. 2. Contents Market Drivers Our Approach Client Benefits References Contact CLIENT BENEFITSOUR APPROACHMARKET DRIVERS REFERENCES CONTACT< > Digital Maturity Assessment | A BearingPoint Accelerator
  3. 3. Digital Maturity Assessment | A BearingPoint Accelerator CLIENT BENEFITSOUR APPROACHMARKET DRIVERS REFERENCES CONTACT< > Market Drivers As digitalization shifts customer needs across all industries it offers new revenue streams and possibilities for growth Challenges • Digital transformation threatens existing business models and changes interactions with customers in B2C and B2B contexts • The segmentation of customers and the choice of fitting technologies become more complex • Tried-and-tested processes and long-standing ways of communication require change to become faster and more agile • Many organizations struggle with transferring organizational culture and knowledge into this new era Trends • Customers approach an organization through various channels and require real-time information throughout the whole customer lifecycle • New synergies and cooperation possibilities between industries emerge • A holistic omni-channel experience in B2C industries requires the alignment of marketing, sales and logistics activities as well as the synchronization of information across all IT applications and information systems • Decision power in B2B industries shifts to the end customer and the necessity of human interaction in service delivery is reduced
  4. 4. CLIENT BENEFITSOUR APPROACHMARKET DRIVERS REFERENCES CONTACT< > Digital Maturity Assessment | A BearingPoint Accelerator BearingPoint Unique Selling Propositions • We offer an independent assessment and neutral rating • We provide a mixed method approach to analyze your digital maturity status • Our approach produces a clear outlook and feasible practical recommendations • We can draw upon long-term cross-industry experience in digitalization and omni-channel projects to benchmark your digital maturity • We are experienced not only in changing technology and processes, but also mindset and organizational culture Specific and individualized approach which covers important dimensions of digital maturity Our Approach The Digital Maturity Assessment tool helps to set the digital agenda and prepare organizations for changes in customer centricity, culture and technology CHANGE STRATEGY INNOVATION CUSTOMER QUALITY PROCESS TECHNOLOGY HR OMNI CHNANNEL
  5. 5. CLIENT BENEFITSOUR APPROACHMARKET DRIVERS REFERENCES CONTACT< > Digital Maturity Assessment | A BearingPoint Accelerator Step 1: Initialization • Goal setting and action plan • Assessment of company structure, market position as well as condition of the industry • Assessment of company culture and history • Choice of DMA method set • Individualized method • Choice of assessment participants > Individualized Approach Step 2: Assessment • Setup of chosen method set and working environment • Information about approach to participants • Acquisition of data through online surveys, interviews and workshops • Documentation of results > Assessment Results Step 3: Analysis • Analysis of acquired data • Identification of challenges and threats • Identification of obstacles rooted in strategy, processes and technology • Analysis of ability to innovate and share experiences • Aggregation of results for AS-IS situation • Benchmarking (if required) > Digital Maturity Rating Step 4: Recommendations • Revealing gaps between perceived level of digital maturity and status quo • Discussion of assessment results and future steps • Derivation of quick wins based on the conducted analysis • Definition of a first roadmap to digital excellence > Digital Agenda Our Approach A proven way for assessing and developing your digital maturity level enables you to take the steps towards digital excellence that fit your industry and organization GOAL SETTING MIXED METHOD APPROACH STEPS FORWARD SCOPING ANALYSIS
  6. 6. CLIENT BENEFITSOUR APPROACHMARKET DRIVERS REFERENCES CONTACT< > Digital Maturity Assessment | A BearingPoint Accelerator The Digital Maturity Assessment tool can be applied to various situations • The DMA supports the shared understanding and definition of digital challenges • Our method is the first step to new service development in a more digitalized organization • The DMA critically assesses empowerment, experience sharing and digital focus within an organization • The DMA may accelerate IT aspects of the M&A processes Holistic assessment of your as-is situation and future requirements • 360° view – assessing various stakeholder requirements for a more digitalized organization • Consulting leading practices – cross-industry experience and know-how from various project contexts • Next steps – clear and feasible recommendations Making the most out of your already existing digital potential • Neutral assessment supports prioritization of measures and increases transparency in decisions • The participative approach used reduces uncertainty and fosters change Client Benefits BearingPoint offers you the first successful step for taking your organization towards digital and omni-channel excellence
  7. 7. CLIENT BENEFITSOUR APPROACHMARKET DRIVERS REFERENCES CONTACT< > Digital Maturity Assessment | A BearingPoint Accelerator References BearingPoint has supported various B2C and B2B organizations by assessing their digital maturity levels and in taking the next steps towards a holistic digital agenda • Competitors offer a more personalized omni-channel approach • Number of digital projects and motivation to change differ between regions Worldwide provider of building solutions • Creation of common understanding of market drivers • Introduction of a digital agenda and experience-sharing across the whole organization • Digitalization among clients started to erode core business • No consistent management of product lifecycle and product data International supplier of chemical products • Strategy evolvement and roadmap to achieve a higher service level • Concrete steps to improved product data management and a holistic IT landscape with stronger partnering between business and IT • Identification of highly mature omni-channel retailers to integrate an 1 hour delivery service in major European cities Retail service company • Comprehensive overview of potential omni-channel retail clients and recommendations for a service integration approach regarding selected retailers • New competitors (e.g. Flixbus, Uber) are a threat to a public transport company • Improvement of competitiveness ins required • An internal split between core and new business has to be aligned Transportation company • Establishment of a common understanding of the digital maturity and existing gaps • Prioritization of strategic focus areas for business and product development • Development of a roadmap to shape digital governance Challenge • Market trends such as autonomous driving and connected car services produce a threat to the B2B supplier • A traditional mindset and conservative hierarchical structures do not meet new market requirements Client Global automotive supplier Solution • Concrete steps on how to transfer leading practice insights from other industries • First steps towards a holistic change management that does not neglect the value of the company’s history
  8. 8. Contact CLIENT BENEFITSOUR APPROACHMARKET DRIVERS REFERENCES CONTACT< Digital Maturity Assessment | A BearingPoint Accelerator About BearingPoint BearingPoint consultants understand that the world of business changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions. Our clients, whether in commercial or financial industries or in government, experience real results when they work with us. We combine industry, operational and technology skills with relevant proprietary and other assets in order to tailor solutions for each client’s individual challenges. This adaptive approach is at the heart of our culture and has led to long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading companies and organizations. Our global consulting network of 9,700 people serves clients in more than 70 countries and engages with them for measurable results and long-lasting success. For more information, please visit: © 2017 BearingPoint. All rights reserved Ulf Sänger Senior Manager BearingPoint Switzerland Alexander Broj Partner BearingPoint Germany