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Corporate Efficiency through ECM


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Do more with less. Obtain operational excellence through digitization and understand the benefits of company wide implementation of an ECM system.

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Corporate Efficiency through ECM

  1. 1. Corporate Efficiency through ECM Do more with less. Obtain operational excellence through digitization and understand the benefits of company wide implementation of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. A BearingPoint Accelerator
  2. 2. Contents Market Drivers Our Approach Client Benefits References Contact Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator
  3. 3. Market Drivers Omni-sales channel presence for an effective customer-centric approach Data-Management: What data do companies need at their disposal or need to collect? What data is necessary for enhanced customer segmentation, improved distribution efficiency and more accurate value-adding service? A systematic process analysis to determine media breaks, data requirements, triggering elements and interfaces Workflow tools to digitize complex and comprehensive processes and documents Determination of superior processes for digitization due to a maturity level analysis along with the technical architecture/ functional model Review & monitor systems as well as flexible approaches within the business model An optimized customer-centric innovation management approach leads to advanced new service solutions Digitization Business IT/Operations Customer Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator
  4. 4. Market Drivers The market expectations and conditions have changed Customers expect organizations to deliver products & services with a seamless user experience Around-the-clock data availability & accessibility on both sides Real-time fulfillment with zero errors An enhanced IT-Infrastructure is necessary for a competitive market position 24/7 Connectivity Cloud-computing Business processes and operating models are subject to constant transformations and optimizations Change management Collaboration Most market leaders had first-mover advantages due to a well-developed digitized business model > The digitization of the business is necessary to remain competitive! BUT HOW? Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator
  5. 5. Market Drivers Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator Benefits Collaboration Control Costs Compliance Continuity Customer Service Data protection Document retrieval Save time & increase quality Storage, operating, support Minimize Risk Flexibility Communication Environment Productivity Speed 24/7/365Real-time Online Work flow Automation & Standardization Regulations, Standards Ease of use (Sharing) ECM An Enterprise Content Management system is the foundation of a digital workspace What is an ECM? ECM combines structured und unstructured content in one environment. For example, it stores all relevant data in a centralized or in several combined databases to facilitate the management of information and documents. It supports your company / organization with various technical tools and digital functions to fully exploit the potential and added value in daily business. ECM includes: • Taxonomy and Metadata • Business Process Management • Collaboration • Content Analytics • Scanning and Capture • Information Governance • Electronic Records Management • Document Management • Output Management
  6. 6. Project outline for the implementation of an ECM, to create a digital workspace (schematic representation) The successful introduction of an enterprise content management requires a structured approach; basic questions are to be clarified A preliminary study to effectively prepare the company wide roll- out of an ECM and clarify key questions; this preparatory work is the foundation for future decision-making and project implementation. Introduction of a pilot use case (department or process) to determine and record the requirements and the design of the ECM as well as to kick off pilot testing; other departments will be included throughout the validation process. In order to succeed, profound development, testing and training will take place before going live. The initiation of the company-wide, structured roll-out of the ECM based on the insights gained from the pilot phase. Department-specific characteristics (incl. inventory files) and processes will be taken into account during in depth analysis discussions. Each employee will be trained; inventory files will be scanned appropriately. At project closure, know-how will be transferred to the line function to ensure continuous support of all employees. Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator Our Approach Key Activities Time frame Approx. 3 months Approx. 4 months Approx. 6 -12 months (depends on the amount of employees and departments) Preliminary study to clarify fundamental questions Project management Change management Pilot Go-Live Phases
  7. 7. Client Benefits Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator Securing acceptance, validity and legal capacity Benefits: •• The introduction of an enterprise content management increases efficiency & flexibility while reducing costs •• Possible implementation of teleworking jobs > improvement of work life balance •• The attractiveness as business partner and employer will be increased •• A well-established business set-up enhances future cooperation with third parties •• Process execution can be strongly accelerated •• Saving all data in one system improves knowledge transfer in case of employee transfer or illness •• Increase work efficiency to counteract the demographic development Automatic storage of documents derived from core systems Establishing efficient IT systems & processes Scanning and filing of documents Digitalization of business processes Creation and processing of digital documents and data
  8. 8. Client Benefits Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator • Digitizing the entire inbox • Partially automated document distribution on employee level • Digital inbox confirmation (e.g. for registered mail) • Paper based inbox • Physical document distribution via personnel • Non-interrupting media integration of surrounding systems (incl. SAP and mail system); Master data synchronization • Illustration of technical workflows; flexible tracking files in the system for ad hoc workflows • Illustration of technical audit actions compliant with signature regulation/ competencies • Multiple systems in use without synchronization • Paper based tracking files • Several versions with signature needed • Legally compliant filing of documents • Location-independent and simultaneous access possible • Mobile access (e.g. Ipad) • Recording and versioning of every process step • Mass storage of files • Location restricted access • Costly and time inefficient procedures Project outcome Inbox Processing Filing Initial situation
  9. 9. Client Benefits Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator Example of an optimized workflow within an ECM ECM solutions: •• …enable effcient workflow processing and faster approval/rejection procedures of documents •• …increase transparent progress tracking (e.g. through status) •• …enable access for mobile devices, laptops and other electronic devices •• …support compliance documentation & ensure correct data transfers. Full transparency within the workflow is achieved Clerk Start of the workflow 2nd Digital approval/rejection 3rd Digital approval/rejection Final approval 1st Digital approval/rejection In case of absence of the Team-leader or work overload Team leader Assistant team leader Department leader Unit leader CEO
  10. 10. References BearingPoint Skills Exemplary References Our Enterprise Content Management Service delivers consulting regarding the combination of structured and unstructured content to ensure corporate efficiency and compliance. It covers capabilities to deliver Taxonomy and Metadata, Business Process Management, Collaboration, Content Analytics, Scanning and Capture, Information Governance, Electronic Records Management, Document Management, Output Management, Knowledge Management. Methodology • Customized methodology toolbox incl. creative innovation techniques • Proven approach for the identification of digitization potentials regarding processes and workflows • A tailored digitization concept in line with the concrete requirements for end-to-end processes • Collaborative approach including internal project team resources (business and IT) Prototyping / Pilot Testing • Target-Design of pilot solution • Prototypical and early implementation of ECM-solutions • Implementation plan for transforming operations into a digital workplace based on ECM including integration of workflows Change Management • High user value and user acceptance ratio • Go-live support • Consideration of user specific requirements • Balancing the goals of high standardization as well as considering department-specific requirements • Comprehensive documentation of project deliverables and handover to the (line) organisation •• Support of a German federal state in terms of roll-out of IT-based process handling (ITgvB) for regional authorities •• Specification and implementation of a firm-wide electronic file system at several development banks. Besides a high degree of standardization, BearingPoint focused on the early creation of a productive pilot. As a result, the project team established suitable IT systems, processes and organizational arrangements for a practical and cost efficient electronic file system implementation •• Design of document management and archiving services for global automotive companies, software selection, deployment of roll out into different solutions and countries •• Design of several digital workplaces for various departments of banking and insurance market leaders, review of existing solutions, requirements engineering Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator Public Sector Clients Commercial Sector Clients Banking Sector Clients Insurance Sector Clients
  11. 11. Ammar Jamal Partner BearingPoint Germany Stefan Zimmermann Partner BearingPoint Germany About BearingPoint BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. The company operates in three units: Consulting, Solutions and Ventures. Consulting covers the advisory business; Solutions provides the tools for successful digital transformation, regulatory technology and advanced analytics; Ventures drives the financing and development of start-ups. BearingPoint’s clients include many of the world’s leading companies and organizations. The firm has a global consulting network with more than 10,000 people and supports clients in over 75 countries, engaging with them to achieve measurable and sustainable success. For more information, please visit: Homepage: LinkedIn: Twitter: @BearingPoint Contact © 2018 BearingPoint. All rights reserved Corporate Efficiency through ECM | A BearingPoint Accelerator