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Cashing in on energy efficiencies bgnh


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Cashing in on energy efficiencies bgnh

  1. 1. PresenPresen tsts Cashing In on Energy Efficiency Facilitator: Martin Orio Panelists: Melissa Aho, President, Ultra Geothermal, Inc. Jack Bingham, Owner, Seacoast Energy Alternatives, Inc. Paul Button, Owner, Energy Audits Unlimited, LLC  
  2. 2. Water EnergyWater Energy Distributors, Inc.Distributors, Inc.Martin Orio Marketing Director: Water Energy Distributors, Inc. 2 Starwood Drive Hampstead, NH 03841 Office: 603.329.8122 E-mail:
  3. 3. Energy Audits Unlimited,Energy Audits Unlimited, LLCLLCPaul Button Owner: Energy Audits Unlimited, LLC 85 Yvette St, Manchester NH 03102 Office: 603.617.2469 Cell: 603.836.4402 E-mail:
  4. 4. About theAbout the Company:Company:Energy Audits Unlimited (EAU) is a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Affiliate Organization offering Basic Auditor and Envelope Professional Training. Paul is a BPI-certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, a BPI Instructor and BPI written and field exam Proctor.
  5. 5. Points to be Covered:Points to be Covered: Getting an energy audit is the first step toward saving on energy costs. Energy audits do not save money…the actions taken after the audit is performed is where the money is saved. An audit will take the guesswork out of weatherization projects. All weatherization companies are insulation companies, but not all insulation companies understand weatherization. Windows are the last thing we talk about – there are many other things you can do that will make a bigger impact.
  6. 6. Ultra Geothermal, Inc.Ultra Geothermal, Inc. Melissa Aho President: Ultra Geothermal, Inc. 358 Route 4, Barrington NH 03825 Office: 603.868.7878 Cell: 603.380.6126 E-mail:
  7. 7. Ultra Geothermal can bring green energy opportunities to customers by providing all aspects of your geothermal project installed by our staff of certified Designers, Installers, and Service Technicians. We have over 600 systems installed for consumers that are interested in reducing their carbon impact and creating a healthier living environment for themselves. Melissa is an accredited Geothermal Designer, Installer & Loop Designer certified through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). About theAbout the Company:Company:
  8. 8. Points to be Covered:Points to be Covered: Geothermal heat pumps can obtain a COP (Coefficient of Performance) rating as high as 4.6 - 5.0. Energy Star Standards is 3.6 COP 50-60% of your domestic hot water needs can be supplied by a de-superheater that is directly connected to your electric H2O Heater.  When properly installed; a ground source heat pump can reduce your heating & cooling costs by up to 60% Look at all renewable energy sources to see which is the best fit for you. Geothermal is promoted by EPA and DOE as “today’s most efficient heating and cooling solution”.
  9. 9. Seacoast EnergySeacoast Energy Alternatives, Inc.Alternatives, Inc.Jack Bingham Owner: Seacoast Energy Alternatives, Inc. 187 New Rochester Road, Dover NH 03820 Office: 603.749.9550 E-mail:
  10. 10. Seacoast Energy Alternatives offers a vast array of innovative, energy saving items, from solar hot water and electric systems, to super-efficient on demand hot water heaters, to small wind turbines. Every single item at SEA is a sustainable version of an everyday product. Jack Bingham has brought a plethora of affordable alternative energy choices to our region. “Regardless of your attitude toward the environment, there is absolutely no benefit to wasting resources.” About theAbout the Company:Company:
  11. 11. Points to be Covered:Points to be Covered: Solar Electric Systems can provide 30 years or more of trouble free electricity even at today's 12% efficiency. Solar Hot Water is 65-75% efficient & can provide 80% or more domestic hot water. Solar Hot Water Heating can now provide up to 85% of a home's heating requirements with only the cost of running a few pumps. There are countless other ways to save energy from light bulbs & appliances to Plug-in Hybrid conversions. A Home energy audit is something everyone should do. Think incrementally; Act continuously
  12. 12. Questions that YouQuestions that You Have??Have?? At this time we would like to invite you to ask any questions of the panelists through the Panel Facilitator, Martin.