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13 October - Canklow Woods bfl report


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Canklow Woods, BFL Report- 13.10.10

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13 October - Canklow Woods bfl report

  1. 1.   Uzma  Sattar   Rotherham  Metropolian  Borough  Council   Neighbourhood  Investment  Service   Reresby  House  Bow  Bridge  Close   Templeborough  Rotherham     S60  1BY     Friday  25th  September  2009     Dear  Uzma     Re:    Canklow  Woods  Housing  Development:  58/CAR/ROTH     Thank  you  very  much  for  entering  Canklow  Woods  Housing  Development  for  the   Building  for  Life  Awards.       I  am  very  pleased  to  give  you  the  good  news  that  your  development  Canklow   Woods  Housing  Development  has  achieved  a  Building  for  Life  Silver  Standard.     Canklow  Woods  Housing  Development  scored  15  of  the  20  Building  for  Life   criteria.  This  score  breaks  down  into  the  following  categories:     Environment  &  Community   Streets,  Parking  &  Pedestrianisation    Community  facilities:   0.5   Buildings  priority  over  roads:   0    Accommodation  mix:   1   Well  integrated  car  parking:   0.5    Tenure  mix:   1   Pedestrian,  cycle,  vehicles:   0.5    Public  transport:     1   Integrate  with  context:   1.0     1   1.0    Environmental  impact:     1   Good  0.5   overlook:   0.5   Subtotal:   4.5       Subtotal:   2.5   Character   Design  &  Construction   Specific  design:   1   Public  space  &  maintenance:   0   Exploits  existing  context:   1   Architectural  quality:   1   Distinct  character:   1   Adaptable  spaces:   0.5   Way  finding:   1   Advances  in  construction:   1   Well-­‐structured  layout:   0.5   Statutory  minima:   1   Subtotal:   4.5       Subtotal:   3.5    
  2. 2. The  assessors’  view  was  that  Canklow  Woods  Housing  Development  is  somewhat   spoiled  by  huge  amount  of  railing  and  bollards,  but  a  good  example  of  providing   replacement  housing  in  a  renewal  area  that  offers  something  'new'  and  'different'   to  what  was  there  before.       Unspectacular,  perhaps,  but  successful  in  its  simple  approach  and  provided  good   quality  housing  at  a  range  of  sizes.       We  will  be  providing  a  Building  for  Life  plaque  which  you  may  use  immediately  for   publicity  on  the  scheme  itself.  This  will  arrive  shortly.  Please  contact  for  assistance  with  other  promotional  materials,  such  as   the  Building  for  Life  logo.     In  addition  to  being  awarded  a  Building  for  Life  Standard,  Canklow  Woods  Housing   Development  will  be  advanced  to  be  considered  by  our  high  profile  panel  of   judges  for  a  2009  Building  for  Life  award.  Our  judges  select  exceptional  schemes   from  those  that  have  achieved  a  Standard  who  are  then  announced  at  a  Building   for  Life  Award  ceremony  in  December,  to  which  you’ll  be  receiving  an  invite  to   shortly.  The  judging  will  take  place  in  the  next  month  and  if  Canklow  Woods   Housing  Development  has  been  recognised  with  a  Building  for  Life  award  we  will   get  in  touch  with  you.     Once  again,  the  Building  for  Life  partners  would  like  to  congratulate  you  and  all   those  involved  in  the  development  on  your  success.         Yours  sincerely         Wayne  Hemingway  MBE   Chair  of  Building  for  Life