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Beacon Motorcycles in Nottingham 0115 973 5577 are stockists of motorcycle clothing, leather motorcycle clothing, textile motorcycle clothing, motorcycle gloves, Held clothing, Sinnis and other motorcycles

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Motorcycle clothing

  1. 1. Motorcycle Clothing motorcycle helmets, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle jackets and motorcycle boots
  2. 2. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety Whether you have just found your dream bike or are just getting ready to start shopping around, you’ll soon find that there is an overabundance of motorcycle clothing and accessories to complete your experience. It has been said that there are almost as many options for different types of motorcycle clothing as there are for clothing in general. With so many different options, it can be confusing and almost mind-boggling to try to figure out what you’ll need and what will be most appropriate for your particular bike and riding experience.
  3. 3. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety The good news is that with the advent of the internet, shopping for motorcycle clothing and accessories has never been easier or more convenient. By using the Web, you can shop around and compare prices, shipping costs and times, etc. Before you start shopping, read on to have an idea of some of the basics and what to look for.
  4. 4. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Jacket Your needs in terms of a motorcycle jacket will vary a bit depending on certain factors. The main factors will be the geographical area of where you live and/or ride, and whether you need maximum comfort for longer rides or just something easy for quick commutes. Consider your lifestyle and how your new motorcycle will fit into it.
  5. 5. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Jacket A leather motorcycle jacket is classic and also very good for protection. However, jackets made from animal hide can be expensive and get very hot, especially during longer rides. Another suitable material for riding jackets is Cordura, which is reinforced fabric. If you choose this option, you’ll want to make sure the impact areas (shoulders, back, elbows) are padded.
  6. 6. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Jacket You will want to choose a motorcycle jacket that can be versatile enough to use through a wide range of weather conditions. Look for a jacket that contains a zip-out liner (available as a vest liner or full liner) and also vents that can provide good air movement during hot days.
  7. 7. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Helmet The helmet is by far the single most crucial piece of motorcycle gear and it’s importance should not be overlooked. The job of the motorcycle helmet is to save your life should something go wrong. There are different types of motorcycle helmets with different levels of padding, shapes, styles, etc. Below is a list of some of the more popular ones.
  8. 8. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Helmet Beanie (Pudding Bowl) This type of helmet is easy to put on and take off, but provides only the minimum amount of protection for the head (mostly the top of the head). The Beanie (or Pudding Bowl) helmet is designed not to obstruct any part of your peripheral vision or your hearing, but long rides can be loud if you only wear a Beanie helmet.
  9. 9. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Helmet Half Helmet This type of helmet protects the top and sides of the head, and in many cases also the ears. The Half Helmet protects more protection than the Pudding Bowl and is still very easy to put on and take off.
  10. 10. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Helmet Open-Faced Helmet This type of helmet protects the head, neck, ears and eyes. Though putting on and taking off the Helmet is not as easy as with other helmet types, many things (taking a drink, eating a bite, shooting a photo) can be done by simply lifting up the face shield.
  11. 11. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Helmet Full-face Helmet The Full-face Helmet provides the most comprehensive protection for the head, neck, eyes, ears and face. This type of helmet also protects you from elements such as wind, rain, dust, leaves, particles and insects. Putting on and taking off this type of helmet is a bit more cumbersome, especially if you wear glasses. Also, sounds may be muffled while you have it on. The Full-face helmet is usually more expensive than other types of helmets, but well worth it.
  12. 12. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Helmet Flip-up Helmet The Flip-up Helmet provides much of the protection that the Full-face Helmet provides, while making it easier to put on and take off without having to slide the entire helmet on over your head.
  13. 13. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Gloves Motorcycle gloves are another important safety garment that you should invest in before you even take that first ride. Because most of us tend to reach forward with our palms down when we fall, not using good gloves can increase your chances of loosing some skin and blood should you take a fall.
  14. 14. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Gloves There are many different styles, materials, levels of protection and temperature ranges available in motorcycle gloves . The vast majority of gloves designed for use with motorcycles are made from leather or other textiles. Look for motorcycle gloves that will be comfortable and provide the level of comfort and protection you’ll need for your rides. Good riding gloves should be snug and not bulky, and allow you to extend and contract your fingers freely.
  15. 15. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Boots Motorcycle boots are interesting in that most motorcycle riders agree that it is safer to ride while wearing boots, but there is no real standard for boots in terms of street riding. One thing that can be agreed upon is that you should never ride a motorcycle wearing flip-flops, sandals, running shoes (or any shoes made of rubber) as none of these will protect your whole foot in the case of an accident.
  16. 16. Motorcycle Clothing For Your Safety : Boots Motorcycle boots for racing and dirt-biking can be very expensive and exceed the scope of your needs. A good pair of boots for riding will be tough and durable, made of leather or another suitable material, completely cover the ball of your ankle, and have good traction.
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