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Beachcerry Mobile Application Service


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Bespoke Mobile Application Development Services

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Beachcerry Mobile Application Service

  1. 1. We Speak your Mind!Mobile Phone Software DevelopmentPORTFOLIO
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONBeachCherry Software’s Mobile Application Development team isprofessional and proficient in mobile software applications devel-opment, providing tailor made application development solu-tions for some of the widely used and popular mobile devices likeiphone, ipad, Android and Windows Mobile based smartphones.In today’s day and age, utilization of Smartphone based applica-tions and software’s is imperative to the growth of any company.Our team is adept in providing bespoke solutions in Xcode, CocoaTouch Framework, JAVA based Android. With in-depth knowledgeand experience of IOS, Android SDK and API, to name a few, wecan provide our customers with solutions that save them valuabletime, effort and money thereby maximizing their ROI (Return onInvestment).We have developed applications ranging from asset tracking toadvertising, gaming to messaging and voice, GPS to multimedia.Some of the work we have done is included in our portfolio.
  3. 3. Project : CroatiaThis application is a Tourist Guide app for users in Croatia and Great Britain. The app is completely basedon the Core CMS implemented on the server side including the design layouts. Everything in the app ismanaged in Real-time through the server. The app contains various maps, navigation routes, Featuredlocations in a city, Advertisments and more. h e r h C STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 1
  4. 4. Project: GameBridgeA small 2D kids puzzle game with drag and drop Functionality as part of a larger app. h e r ry ch C STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 2
  5. 5. Project: MigralexMigralex is an app we developed for a Migrane specialist Doctor. This app helps his paitents torecord the Headache problem and the results of the treatments that follow. Users can read Doc-tors blog, contact him and maintain a diary in the app for appointments of patients. h e r ry c h CB e a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 3
  6. 6. Project: ParrotyParroty is an application where a user can combine various pictures and videos with an Audio clip. Its kindof a fun app where users can assign various voices to video and photos.FunctionalityPunch In and Punch OutCreate New taskStart Punch in and Punch outManage Task list “Under Development” STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 4
  7. 7. Project: Know your StuffUser can create an inventory of the items the own. All they need to do is take a picture of the item, fill inthe form with attributes like when it was purchased, cost, which place etc.. User can also store the infor-mation based on their location and rooms. h e r ry c h C STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 5
  8. 8. Project: Stematsky Bookstore This application is a Book store application. The application language is Hebrew and has right-to-left orientation. This application allows user to surf through various books and products, buy them from the application itself. It also contains integrated kids games developed by us.FunctionalityOnline Book PurchaseHebrew language with right-to-left OrientationUser registration and Cart Management h e r ry h C STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 6
  9. 9. Project: WIMBIMWimbim is where sports fans unite! It’s basically foursquare for sports fans. Wimbim provides sportsfans with real-time information about where to watch the game with other fans rooting for the sameteam.What does Wimbim mean? We adapted Wimbim from the Swahili word for wave, “wimbi”. We wereinspired by “the wave” that happens in stadiums during big games. Functionality Users “check-in” at venues using a mobile website, text messaging, or a device application. Users awarded via a Badge system The more places you checkin you earn badges and sites Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Gowalla h e r ry h C STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 7
  10. 10. Project: Poke MePoke Me is a iPhone and Android application for live-broadcast of video via iPhone and android devicesto the internet. The application is built using advanced socket programming at both server and deviceend. The video and audio frames are first captured and converted to lighter codecs in order to provideun-interrupted transmission. User can also store their video and upload later on the server with differ-ent attributes. h e r ry h C B STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 8
  11. 11. Project: QubeeyQubeey is a socio-celebrity company which asked Husker Infotech to develop iPhone and Androidapp based on its now famous Desktop Application. The application has various features like :Private Channels, Video , Live TV, Push Notifications, Qlone Shouts, Messaging, User Profiles, Com-ments , Photos, Activity Notifications and more e r y C h ch STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 9
  12. 12. Toll Free (USA): +1 866-823 0761 Toll Free (UK): +44 162.628-0000Head Quarters: India Office United States OfficeBeachCherry Corporation BeachCherry Software Private Limited 5600 Cornhusker HWY,Officentro Executivo “La Sabana Sur” 85/B, Amin Chambers, Lincoln, NE 68507Torre. No. 7,Pisco No.7, Sampatrao Colony,San Jose, Costa Rica Alkapuri, 5418 NW 79th Avenue,P.O. Box 1989-1000 Vadodara (Gujarat) WebBox 1452, India – 390020 Doral, Florida 33166-4122Registered Office: United StatesAptdo Postal 278-2300, Curridabat, San Jose 11801, Costa Rica