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The Uss Rankin Reunion


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After almost 44 years of service, the U.S.S. RANKIN is celebrating its 20 anniversary as an artificial reef off the coast of Stuart, Florida.
Over 60 veterans who served aboard the U.S.S. RANKIN will be in Stuart the first week of November 2008 to pay tribute to the ship at its final resting place.
Some of the former crew members live here on the Treasure Coast.
For more about the U.S.S. RANKIN please visit:

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  • Hello Charles
    So nice to hear from you!
    The presentation was created for the Rankin Reunion and it contains underwater video.
    If you like, I would be very happy to send you a copy of the original presentation.
    I work for Martin County and the Artificial Reef Program.

    I heard that there is also a granddaughter of Charles living in Stuart.
    Do you know of her?

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  • Charles is my grandfather...... Im Charles IV...nice to find something on him.
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The Uss Rankin Reunion

  1. 1. November 1, 2008 Martin County, Florida WELCOMES and THANKS the MEN and WOMEN who served aboard the U.S.S. RANKIN 1945 - 1977
  3. 11. The Rankin, was designed by Charles B. Petzold Naval Architect who retired to Stuart in 1979. Charles was present for the deployment in 1988.
  4. 13. USS RANKIN
  5. 14. U.S.S. RANKIN 2003 DIVE VIDEO RANDY JORDAN Emerald Charters
  6. 16. USS Rankin Port Hull Mid-ship Intact
  7. 17. USS Rankin Stand Pipe Near Bow
  8. 18. USS Rankin Bow Overview
  9. 19. USS Rankin Snook School Near Stern
  10. 20. USS Rankin Stern & Ledges Overview
  11. 21. USS Rankin Stern Sea Floor Overview
  12. 22. USS Rankin Stern Gun Plan View
  13. 23. USS Rankin Stern Sea Floor Overview
  14. 26. U.S.S. RANKIN 2005 DIVE VIDEO KERRY DILLON Sea Rover Services
  15. 27. VIDEO – 7 MINUTES
  16. 40. U.S.S. RANKIN The U.S.S. RANKIN is now a beautiful reef serving Martin County far into the future. THANK YOU VETERANS!